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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Prayer Resources

Prayer opens the door, and God is waiting patiently on the other side of that door, at all times, in all situations, to join with you. Prayer can be thought of as any communication directed to God. It doesn't matter what we pray for or how we pray, the simple act of talking to God opens the door to a dialogue with God. The following prayer resources are an opportunity for you to join with God and deepen your experience of peace, love, and connection in your life.

What Is Prayer?

Prayer is one of the greatest tools one can have in the world because it opens the door to a dialogue with God. Prayer means that you are beginning a dialogue with the One Who created you, the One who never left you, and you are reestablishing that connection within your mind, within your heart, and giving yourself the opportunity to have a deeper experience with Source.

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It is easy to misunderstand prayer, how to use it, and its purpose and function while living in the world. Regardless of what one prays for, prayer has only one true function. Regardless of what one seeks, prayer can only be used in one way. It does not matter to whom you pray, how you pray, or why you pray, God is the only Source, and your prayer opens the door to Him.

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Ultimately, every prayer is for the Whole, for the Sonship, for God’s Child. When you pray for yourself, you are ultimately praying for all. When you pray for another, you are ultimately praying for yourself. If you say a prayer for someone else, you are giving the gift of that prayer to all of God’s Children because your instant of remembering God, venturing into Truth, and being in Reality is the gift you give to the Whole when you do it. Every moment that each perceived child of God experiences Truth is a moment that everyone can have that Truth.

Inspirational Christian Prayers

A list of short inspirational Christian healing prayers.

A List of Positive Affirmations

A list of short inspirational Christian healing affirmations.

How to Hear God's Voice

Learn our simple 5-Step Process for quieting your mind, feeling the presence of God within you, sharing your questions and prayers with God, and then clearly hearing God's loving and reassuring replies within you.

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