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To Love another as yourself is the highest form of Love you can experience. It is the Love your Father has for you as he looks upon Himself in all that you do.


When you truly love another without conditions, you will always know what to say or how to treat them, just as I do you.


God is incapable of anything but Love. Therefore, it is impossible that you could ever do anything that could keep God from loving you.


When you let your Light shine, you light the way for others. This is very easy to do since no bushel has ever been made that could ever cover a Light as bright as yours.


The Holy Spirit is a constant companion on your journey. If you want some good company along the way, get to know the One who guides you.


Love in the mind sees Love in the world. Love in the world means Love in the mind.


It is not possible to make a mistake, though it is possible to mistake an opportunity for a problem.


Judging is not a problem. Judging is innocent. When you judge your judgment and believe it, that is when judging becomes a problem for you.


When True Peace is your only goal, you will always know what to do.


Love, laugh, sing, play. If you want to heal your mind, do these things every day, and there will be very little left to heal.


When you come to realize the gift of What Is, you will see that nothing need be changed.


In the Presence of Love, all that isn’t Love falls away, just as darkness disappears in the Light.


Being the Presence of Love is easier than you might think. One need not ever discern, but only Love.


Can there be any mistakes? If you think there can be, then you will surely see them.


God’s Voice offers that which you truly seek; contentedness, peace, love, and the constant reminder of who you really are.


Witness My Presence in your life. The more you do, the more present I will be. The more present I am, the more you will come to see that I Am the only Presence there is.


Beloved Child, your humor is my own. Let us laugh out loud together and celebrate our Oneness. When you hear your own laugh, you are hearing My Voice.


Love your neighbor as yourself. In so doing, you restore yourself to the One that I Am.


When you give another the freedom to follow their path, you’ll discover what your true path has always been.


To say that you are a Child of God, is to admit to yourself, “I am as God created. I am the alpha and the omega, and nothing I could ever do can change that Reality.”


God’s Love is the Source of Who you are. God’s Love cannot change, and neither can You.


Love is always the answer. The forms may vary, but the answer is always Love. When only Love is exists, what else could the answer be?


When you doubt what you hear, know that I am with you. Feel my Presence, and ask again.


When you know Truth within you, you can see Truth in the world, no matter what another may tell you is happening.


God’s Love is given to you, unending, unchanged, and unconditional, and only a thought keeps you from it.


When you truly know the Love that you are, there are no barriers to expressing it.


Can you allow the Love of God to be your entire Reality? It would be easier than the effort it takes to uphold the reality you now experience.


When you look deeply into the eyes of another, you will see My Vision gazing back at you.


When you love another for who they are, whatever they do or think is irrelevant. Welcome to the Reality of God.


When you know Who You Are, you are not a stranger in a strange land. You are Home with God.


If you make a friend of fear, what is there to be afraid of?


There is no right or wrong way about anything when you follow the Holy Spirit's way.


What could Love fear? What could Love forgive? What could Love deny? Remember that you are Love, and ask those questions again.


Peace and Love are your natural state. Only how you relate to a thought can take those away.


When you are free of sin, you will be free of misperception. Misperception is the only sin there is, and it does not exist in the Mind of God.


When one fears the thoughts within his mind, he fears the one who created them. When you see all things as innocent, you will see yourself as innocent too.


It seems easier to trust what you know, but what you know keeps you a prisoner in your mind.


If you want the world to be a better place, extend Love to it. See its perfection, its innocence, its beautiful purpose. What a gift it offers!


See Holiness in the one in front of you, and you will know why you are here.


Know that you are loved by extending your love into the world.


Know that My Hand is always here waiting patiently for you to embrace It.


When you reach inward to the Presence of God, you open a portal for God’s Love to pour forth into the world.


Extending Love to all that is becomes easy when you do not discriminate where God’s Love shall flow.


When you befriend the ego, rather than fear it, you take your power back from it.


Know the stillness of your heart. For it is in this stillness that God’s Voice can be heard.


Stillness is the state of mind of one who does not know. It is the state of mind where true knowledge exists.


When you walk with the eyes of Christ in the world, you see the beautiful expression of God that you are wherever you go and in all that you see.


Know your Divinity, not as something you become, but as something you are.


When you feel the Holy Spirit within you, you are in your Right-Mind. Open your mouth and let your true Self speak.


To hear God’s Voice is an act of courage. It is a willingness to hear what you do not know, and a willingness to know what you already are.


When you do not know, give thanks. You are in a state of mind of unlimited possibility.


When you hear God’s Voice as the Voice of your heart, you are free to follow your heart without reservation.


Whether to be right or happy, that is the question. Neither can be a mistake, but only one can bring True Peace.


There is no other path but Love. Follow Love where it leads you and you can trust where you are going.


A thought within the Mind of God can never leave Itself. You are a thought within the Mind of God, and you have never left your Self.


When you look through eyes of Love, you see a world of Love beaming back at you.


Shun the world, and you will never be free. Close your eyes to the world and see it instead with the Holy Spirit’s Vision and you will be free.


When you close your eyes, you are saying to yourself, 'I am ready to listen. Please show me the way.' Close your eyes right now, and I will point the way Home.


When you know that you and I are One, you can take a deep breath, exhale, and know that nothing need be done.


When you put your faith in God and let your body do what it does, you can rest assured that you are being God’s Voice in the world.


You know you are hearing My Voice when what you think, say, and do brings peace to your heart.


There is no difference between love and healing. They are one and the same. They are each accomplished by the other in the mind.


Soften your heart to the one in front of you by seeing that he is doing all that he can, just like you, to follow his heart and bring God’s Love into the world.


When you do not know who you are, you cannot see the One in front of you. When you see only what the eyes can tell you, you are not seeing at all.


When you are ready to give up blame, you will no longer have a use for the ego.


You cannot know your Self except through Me, but I am not separate from you, for

I Am You. Together, let us remember our Oneness.


You think you can move further from Me when you are not listening, but how can you move further from your Self?


Prayer opens the door and God is waiting patiently on the other side of that door, at all times, in all situations, to join with you.


When you open your heart and mind to God’s infinite possibility, you are poised to receive all that God has to offer you.


When you feel your heart’s desire, you are hearing God’s Voice within you.


You bring God’s Love into the world when you hold your hand out in faith knowing that giving and receiving are one and the same.


When you quiet your mind, you create an invitation to God to join with you.


You think it is difficult to hear this Voice, but it is so natural, you miss it. It is not that you don’t hear. It is that you don’t recognize when you are hearing.


Loving yourself and not loving yourself only happens in your mind. It does not happen in Truth. From God’s perspective, there is only Love.


There is only One Voice, and it is yours—God’s Voice in expression as You.


When you pray to speak only the words of the Holy Spirit, you can open your mouth in faith knowing that whatever you say will be perfect.


To know the Truth within you requires you to stop, look, and listen. It is the same advice every loving parent gives to his or her children.


How you see is a choice. You can see the world or you can see Heaven, and the scenery doesn’t change.


The Peace of God is not something that is bestowed upon you. It is the state of mind you cultivate within you.


There are no friends or enemies, just opportunities to know yourself better.


Seek first the Voice for God and all that you truly desire will be given you.


Where you put your attention, you will be. If you put your attention on Me, you will be the Voice for God in the world.


There is nothing in your heart but Love, so do not fear what cannot be there.


Turn to this Voice in your times of need, in your moments of joy, when in confusion, or just seeking a friend. Turn to this Voice in all things and you will never be left wanting more.


The brighter the Light is within you, the easier it is to recognize It in another.


When you judge something or someone, you give it power over you. When you stop judging, you take your power back.


You know you have the Peace of God when you see God in all things.


Since you have a special function to fulfill, what can you do today to fulfill it? Ask the Holy Spirit to join you in this and it will be done.


As you go forth in the world, remember that I Am with you, speaking to you all through the day. All I ask is that you take a moment to listen.


When you come to know your Self as God knows you, you will lay down your sword, breathe a sigh of relief, and know that Truth has already prevailed.


To hear God’s Voice, all you need do is ask, “Do I want Peace or do I want suffering?” If your answer is Peace, you have already heard God’s Voice within you.


When you feel threatened by the ego, remember that is the ego reacting, not You.


Hearing God’s Voice happens every time you listen with Love.


There is only One True Voice in the world. It speaks the language of Truth and Love and Peace. If you hear anything else, you can know you are just imagining it.


When you are a friend to everyone, regardless of what may occur, you are restoring yourself to Oneness.


Your eyes deceive you, yet true Vision cannot. Learn to see through the eyes of the Holy Spirit and you will never be deceived again.


When you choose Faith rather than doubt, Peace over pain, Joy instead of suffering, you are living with the Holy Spirit.


When you do not hear your brother’s pain as a cry for help, it is time to listen to your own.


Peace is possible when it is okay for others to believe as they do.


When the Holy Spirit leads the way, Heaven is the only possible destination.


Listening to your heart is the same as listening to the Holy Spirit. They both speak the same language of Love.


The way God loves you is truly beyond comprehension, but try to comprehend it anyway.


If only Love prevails, one need never worry about the ego.


When you speak to yourself as God would, you are being the Holy Spirit.


Love is the antidote to fear, and you have a limitless supply.


Even when you think God is long gone, if you can remember to ask for help, you will see that He has been there all along.


When you walk the path of Love, God walks with you. When you walk a different path, God still walks with you, you just don’t know it.


Come to Me in love, in willingness, in hope, in fear, in despair, in longing. It is all the same. Just come to Me.


When one waits to join with God until he thinks he is worthy, he denies everyone their Glory.


Love cannot be denied. It cannot be hidden. It cannot be unanswered. Every time a kindness is done, the call has been answered.


Love is in constant motion. It comes to you, knocking at your door. Will you let it in?


When you have ears to hear, every word can be from the Holy Spirit. Then you are listening to the one true Voice in the world.


The Holy Spirit listens to every word, every thought, every deed, and is able to see only Love. That is possible for you too.


You are so loved and adored. If you only knew how loved you were, you would never fear again.


The Holy Spirit speaks the language of Love. It is your true first language, which is why it seems so familiar.


Your Holiness has never been anything but secure. You never have to waste a moment worrying about your Holiness, but do spend some time experiencing it.


The reflection of Holiness that the Holy Spirit gives you can only be seen by your Holiness.


Your wish to be like Jesus comes from the deep remembering that you already are.


‘God be with you’ is not a prayer, but a reminder. It couldn’t be otherwise.


Love just is. It doesn’t think. It doesn’t discern. It doesn’t judge. It doesn’t value. It just is. You are Love.


Overcoming the world does not mean separating from it. Overcoming the world means to

overcome your misperceptions of it.


Everything can be celebrated as an opportunity to restore your mind to the Truth, even the thoughts that say otherwise.


Every kind thought you’ve ever had, and every kind word you’ve ever spoken, came from the Holy Spirit.


There is no choice to make between Heaven and hell. Only one exists, and you have never left it.


God’s Love is everywhere, with the Right Perception.


In your mind lies all power, the power to choose peace, or the power to suffer.


The love you have for one, you have for all. You just haven’t realized it yet.


Where God is ... death, destruction, and devastation are not possible. In Reality, God is All There Is.


How would you treat the Son of God if He were in the same room with you? Well, He is.


Who you are is beyond thought. It is beyond what the mind can imagine, yet together let us dream of the Oneness we share as a bridge to re-uniting your experience with Mine.


In the midst of your mind lies a place where silence reigns. It is called silence because the chatter of the ego has been stilled and only God’s Voice can be heard. It will speak to you non-stop in all the ways that you dream, and It will replace the dreams of the world with those that exist in Heaven.


You need not feel guilty that you turn to Me when you have exhausted all other possibilities for joy and there is nowhere else to turn. Thank yourself for going where you are sure to find comfort. Now is the only moment there is. Now, we are joined as One.


When one has an undisciplined mind, he perceives himself to be the effect of those around them. When one reclaims responsibility for everything he perceives, he reclaims the Power of God as his own.


Do not worry what does not get done in the world. The only doing that must be done is the undoing of the thoughts and beliefs that continue to teach you who you are not. Focus on the undoing, and all will be done.


Love yourself no matter how often you forget this Voice. Love yourself no matter how you spend your time. Love yourself no matter which voice you follow, and know that I always love you no matter what. Love yourself as I love you and end all suffering within you.


Universal Mind is the Mind of God. It is the One Mind that has given rise to all things, including the mind you seem to think is your own. Within every thought you think is the Source of all thought. Journey within your mind until you recognize its Source as your own.


The world is not the problem. The world is innocent. Your brother is not the problem. He is innocent. Thoughts are not the problem. They are innocent. It is what one innocently does with a thought that seems to take away all innocence.


When you seek this Voice within you, you think you are seeking a Voice that is much wiser than your own. Each time you hear it, it will remind you of Who You Truly Are until the day comes when you know this Voice as your own.


Love is the only Answer there is. There are many questions, but the Answer is always the same.


To join with another, is to join with your Self. That is why you always feel at home in another's arms. You are coming home to your Self.


To hear how another is truly feeling, without judgment, is to hear along with the Holy Spirit.


To love without conditions is to love your neighbor how you would want to be loved in return. When you give that type of love to another, you instantly receive it as well.


To be accepted for who you are is all you truly seek. Why wait for another to give that gift to you, when you can give it to yourself, right now?


Thank you for seeking this Voice in your life. Know that I am with you in all that you do. Each time you acknowledge this Presence within you, you bring God's Voice into the world for all to receive.


To say that you know God's Voice as your own, is to acknowledge the presence of Christ that you are.


You ask for guidance, then doubt what you hear. If what you hear draws you closer to love, fear not and walk with the knowledge that we walk together.


Share your heart with your brothers and sisters. Each time you do, you open the door for God to join with you, as One.


To hear with ears of love is easier than you think. Say this prayer, and it will be done, "Thank you, God, for helping me to hear the one before me, as You do."


To say you do not love another is to voice a thought of judgment in your mind. Offer that thought to me, and the love within you will naturally flow to all that you see.


Say this prayer aloud, "I am as God created me."

When these words flow from your lips, you bring that Truth to life within you.

Repeat it often, and you will restore your mind to the One who created You.


You think you know the Truth, but the Truth is beyond your thinking.

Surrender your thinking to me, and I will show you firsthand the Truth that you are.


Do not be deceived by the thoughts of the world, which try to convince you that you are but a body upon the earth. Think like the eternal, formless, love filled being that you are, and you will walk with the knowledge of Christ in your mind—in the world but not of it.


When gratitude fills your mind, you are joined with God in your awareness. Practice the art of giving thanks, and you will be joined with God all through the day.


Love does not seek, it allows.

Love does not covet, it embraces.

Love knows no lack, it extends.

Love is who you are, surrender to it.


Playfulness is in your heart. It is the innocence and wonder with which God creates. Practice being playful in your life, and you will remember how natural it truly is.


Forgiveness is not an act. It is the state of mind one allows as they surrender their will to God's.


Be not afraid of who you are.

Be not afraid of what lies ahead.

Be not afraid to open the door,

and allow your true Self to lead the way.


Seek not for peace in the world.

Seek the peace of God within,

and watch how the peace of God extends from your mind

to all that you see in the world.


To share God's thoughts, join with the mind of God that you share within you,

bringing those thoughts into the world in all that you think, say, and do.


Witness God's love through the love that you bring to the world.

Every ounce of love that you share is God's gift to you.


Know that you can never fail to share God's love in the world.

Just because you do not always experience it,

doesn't mean it's not always radiating from you in all that you do.

You cannot stop God's love, but you can forget to acknowledge it.


Share the love that you have with the world,

and you will know why God cannot but share His love with everything that is.


Live your life in service to your heart, and you will never wonder again which way to go.


To be in harmony with the world around you, requires that you listen to the Voice within all things. There is only one Voice, and it is right here, in your mind, wherever your attention takes you.


Certainty is the result of experiencing your connection with Source. When you feel certain, you will know you are hearing God's Voice.


Shall we not dance together in moonlit nights, celebrating the light that your father gives you as you make your way through a darkened world? Join with us enjoy and let us light your path.


You do not think you are joined with God when you feel pain, suffering, and guilt.

Know that you cannot be separate from your Creator.

Your painful thoughts may try to deceive you,

but they cannot speak for the Truth.


Love cannot be torn, changed, or altered.

How can that which is the source of all creation be changed by its own hand?

Love cannot change itself.


To hear your own voice as the voice of God is not only possible but inevitable.


Sharing God's voice in the world is as simple as extending a warm smile to those you pass on the street. It says to them, ‘I see the divinity that you are and I send my love to you.’


To watch another struggle or experience pain is an opportunity to open your heart and allow God's love to pour forth, unconditionally and without reservation. Allow your love to wash away the pain, not only of your brothers and sisters, but of the pain you feel as well in watching them suffer.


Hold fast to your desire for healing and peace. It is through your desire that you open the door of true surrender.


Be here in this moment and know that you are God’s holy and precious Child,

fulfilling your purpose exactly as He planned. How could it be otherwise

when you see through the eyes of Love? Join Him in this moment and see yourself as God sees you.


You seek but do not find, only because you seek what you already are.

Stop seeking in this moment and know that nothing need be done, save the quiet recognition that you remain as God created.


Share our words with those in need, and as you do, be restored in your awareness

of the truth of who you are—the presence of love in the world.


You desire to be free, and yet it is your desire that imprisons you. Allow God's love to be your only desire and you will be free from all pain and suffering, now and forever more.


Hear the calling in your heart—a surrender that passes all understanding.

It will wash away the pain and sorrows of the world

and replace them with a heart reborn in Heaven.


Your greatest dreams will be realized the moment you surrender to the Love that created them. Trust in the Love of the moment to guide you and your dreams to completion.


Where your dreams lie is God's Voice found. He speaks through the yearnings of your heart.


Know that together we cannot fail to fulfill the one dream that is yours to accomplish. It was given to you before time began and through its accomplishment will time itself come to an end.


Share in the divinity of your brothers and sisters and you will come to learn how I share in the divinity of All That Is.


Know that you cannot fail to accomplish

the one dream that lies at the center of your heart—

a peace that surpasses all understanding

and washes away all sense of suffering and separation.


To hear the calling of another's heart,

is to honor the calling of your own to join in love as one.


When you do not question what will be,

you allow yourself to be present with All That Is.


Heed the call within you to stop, slow down, and catch your breath.

Step off the treadmill and enjoy the feel of our embrace.


We watch you with admiration, every time you stop to ask,

"What is the most loving thing to do?"


Hear our call to embrace your life as we embrace you.

Live every moment fully alive, savoring every feeling, experience, and deed,

for it is through you that your eternal life becomes known.


Share in the knowledge that you are worthy

to receive every desire of your heart.

Allow God's love to fill every part of your being,

even the parts you judge and feel guilty about.


You're worthy of being loved as equally as you love others in your life.

Is a child worthy of being cared for, provided for, guided, helped, and nurtured?

YOU are God's child. The love you have for a child is an extension of God's love for you.


You are capable of caring for yourself as God does.

Notice, embrace, and nurture all that you truly desire,

and allow God's love for you to be extended to you, through you.


Hear not the echoes of the world that appear limit your potential.

Open your heart and mind to the infinite possibilities of God,

and know that with God, all things are possible.


You are an infinite being. What you hold in mind, is.

Experience your infinite Beingness, and together

we will sculpt works of joy into the world through the Mind of God.


Together, let us celebrate the oneness that we share.

In our oneness are all things accomplished.

One in heaven and on earth.


Fear not that you were born into a world divided.

Listen to this voice within you, and let us remind you

how to dissolve your vision of the world into Oneness.


Share your joy with the world in all that you do,

and allow your joy to unite all that once appeared separate.


God's Voice is the glue that holds all things together,

eliminating the belief in separation from your mind.


In oneness do we remain.

To oneness will your awareness return.


Listen now to this Presence within you.

It is filled with love, wisdom, and certainty.

The Voice of God is the highest part of your being.

It is familiar to you because it is who you truly are.


Fear not the Voice of God within you, and all riches in heaven and on earth will be given you,

for God's Voice only knows that which It is—infinite wholeness and joy.


Shine your Light in the world that you may see clearly where you are going;

and take others along with you who reach out for a helping hand.


Hear not but the Voice of God within you—

An ever present reminder of just how loved you truly are.

It will speak to you nonstop, if you let it.


Hold my hand as we walk together in the silence of God's loving embrace,

admiring the scenery, smelling the roses, and enjoying all that life has to offer,

knowing that together we are in Heaven.


Share my Voice in the world. Speak loudly and from your heart,

and all with ears to hear will be drawn to God's loving heart in joy and celebration.


We walk together as One—one mind, one heart, one soul—when you stop looking upon the world with judgment and instead look with the mind of Christ.


When you seek what you want to hear within you, you will find it.

When you seek the Truth within you, you will be set free.


To speak words of wisdom requires only a willingness to allow your heart to speak.

Feel the love within you and allow it to speak on your behalf.


The old adage—Stop, Look, and Listen—can be applied to all things, all thoughts, and all circumstances. It gives you the opportunity to truly join with ‘what is’. It is in your joining where the Oneness of our connection lies.


When you take the time to be still in this moment,

you align yourself with the life force within you,

and give yourself the opportunity to follow that force wherever it leads,

allowing your will to be joined with God's.


Know that we can never be separate. You are hearing my Voice every time you think a happy thought, act with joy, and feel happiness right here and now. Practice these things daily, and your experience of our union will grow.


Say what is in your heart. If the words do not come out quite right, try again and again until the words you speak cause you to feel whole, fulfilled, and joyful. In so doing, you share our union with the world.


Forgiveness starts with you.

When you forgive yourself for the thoughts you think about another,

extending forgiveness to them becomes easy.


Thought is the most powerful form of creation in the world. With one thought, you can experience pain, misery, or absolute terror. Without that thought, you experience wholeness, peace, and divine connection. Allow your thoughts to be your best friends, and together we will create heaven on earth.


Who you are is beyond what you can imagine.

Surrender all of the ideas of who you think you are,

and allow us to show you directly the vastness of your being.


Stay mindful of what you truly want in every moment,

and allow the voice of love within you to guide and direct you in all that you do.


Peace is not something you attain.

It is a permanent state of being within you

that you choose to allow in every moment, or not.


Care not what the world thinks,

and allow God to protect and nurture you

in ways the world cannot comprehend.


When you join in love with ‘what is’,

your joining occurs at the Source of all connection.


To join another in good times and bad,

gives you the opportunity to love as I love you.


Do not hide your feelings from yourself.

It is only through your acknowledgment and loving embrace of them

that you are able to truly let them go.


You need not fear what you think might lead you astray.

When you embrace all that is with love,

you can be certain you are going the right way.


Can you see the world as I see you?

Allow me to show you how,

and you will fall deeply in love with everyone you meet.


To earn your way into heaven is not a decision made by God,

but by you in each moment.

It is all around you and ever present, if you but choose to see it.


Share the voice of love within you to hear this voice for yourself.

Give to others what you seek for yourself and it will be yours.

Open your mouth and speak freely from your heart, and it will be done.


Do not fear that you have strayed from God. A thought of fear does not make it true.

In God's Reality, it is not possible to stray from God when God is All That Is.


Celebrate the fact that you exist.

Feel the joy of taking a breath and being aware that you are.

It is through the joy of simply being

that you will know the eternal Joy of God … that you share.


To share the wisdom of God

is to share a thought that moves one to peace.

God's Mind moves all things in only one direction,

into the ever deepening heart of absolute fulfillment—

thought by thought.


When you seek guidance, what you really seek is peace.

You imagine that knowing what to do will bring you peace,

but if you seek peace first, you will then know what to do.


Give up all judgment, and you will know the Peace of God.

Until that day comes, stop judging your judgments

and you will have more peace than you can imagine.


Hail to the King!

“Who is the King?” you ask.

The Source of all Joy and Love.

Hail to the King, and receive His blessings.


Savor the moment,

for it is through your intention to fully embrace what is, right now,

that you transform this moment into eternity.


It is through your surrender that you allow yourself to join

with a greater power than your own,

a power that can move mountains, end wars,

and transform your mind to be like God’s.


Shape your life by the way you think.

Shape your thinking by the way you love.

Shape your love by your willingness to open your heart.

Open your heart by your sheer desire to experience more love.


It is through your willingness to love no matter what,

that you allow yourself to experience God's love unconditionally.


Shelve your desire to be right,

and feel your desire to be happy,

and you will know that the doorway to God's love

is through your sincere desire for it.


Surrender to Me,

and discover a Universe within you—

infinite, powerful, and where only peace exists.


In heaven, you can see the golden hue of God's divinity

in all that you see—in all of creation.

Join with me in love, and I will teach you how to see this divinity

in the world—transforming earth into heaven.


An enlightened mind sees the possibility for enlightenment in each moment.

Choose to experience the world with Me in this moment,

and enlightenment will be given you.


Completion is a state of mind.

It is the thought that springs from the mind that is joined with God.

Seek this union within you, and you will experience

the wholeness, fulfillment, and sense of completion you seek.


Wholeness is a state of being. It is your true nature and core essence.

The world would convince you of the separateness of everything you see.

See the world through my eyes, and you will see the union

that encompasses all of creation—the loving essence of God

that is the glue that binds all of creation into wholeness.


When your mind is joined with me, you will see a world working as One

for the sole purpose of awakening the mind of man into the awareness of God's glory—

the infinite expression of God's love through all thought and form.


The mind that awakens to love is a mind that sees clearly

that no separation exists between Father and Son, between You and Me,

between what you perceive and Who you are.

Go in peace and let us share this Union together.


Nothing exists outside of the Mind,

for your mind is joined with mine,

and my Mind is the birthplace of all creation.


Hear Me this moment and know that you are loved.

Pretend to hear the most loving things imaginable about yourself,

and witness with childlike wonder your pretending transform into Reality.


Seeing the good in others is a choice.

Each time you make it, you inch closer to fully joining with Me,

until the choice no longer exists.


You do not know what lies within you, for if you did

you would never go outside yourself again in search of God's Love.


The Magic of God's Love is all around you

and filled with infinite possibilities.

Open your heart and allow God's Love

to transform your life in all the ways you desire.


Bravery is the willingness to surrender to the infinite possibilities of God.

When you are afraid, surrender to the idea that God wants only the best for you

and indeed you will be given all that is in your highest good.


Faith is the acknowledgment that you will be provided for

in all the ways that are in your highest good.

Allow yourself to have faith in this moment

and receive the blessings that God's Love has for you.


To live the life that God would will for you,

all that is asked of you is that you

be happy, be at peace, trust all things, allow all things,

and know that you remain as God created you to be.


Sharing God's Voice means that you offer that which one seeks in their heart.

When you listen with love to the one in front of you,

your hearts become joined as One,

and you will naturally share with them that which is in their heart.


Giving and receiving become one when you join with another in love.


Giving and receiving become one when you give from your heart

for no other reason than to share God's Love with the world.


Do not look for comfort in appearances or form, for they are hollow in truth.

Seek comfort and love from the Source from which all form and appearances arise

and you can be certain that all that you truly seek will be giving you.


Do not be attached or critical of the words you hear or read.

Words have but one purpose, to convey the love from which they come.

If you join in this purpose, you will hear God's Voice in everyone and everything.


To side with God is to side with the joy in your heart.

God's joy is expressed in the world through you.

Follow your joy, and allow God's joy to heal the world through you.


You cannot know another until you have first learned to know yourself.

It is through your own struggles and enlightenment

that you can know and accept your brother and sister as they are.


To discover your purpose, you must first discover yourself.

It is through the joyful and free expression of your true nature

that you are able to experience the fulfillment of your purpose in the world.


Your mind is an extension of mine.

Together we bring to life the light of God's love within all things

through our recognition of it.


Allow your brothers and sisters to be where they are.

It is my job as the Holy Spirit to work with their heart and mind

to awaken to God's Love within them.

My job with you is to help you awaken to God's love within you —

to see the innocence, love, and perfection within your brothers and sisters—

right now.


Do not forget to include me in your plans today.

When you ask me to join with you in planning your day,

you open to the possibilities of having peace, joy, and grace in all that you do.


Innocence describes the mind that is open to all possibilities and experiences.

It is a state of mind that allows you to be present with all of creation—

all the thoughts and feelings within you, as well as all that arise in the world—

that you may experience the innocence within them

as a result of the innocence you extend to them.


Your heart carries the seeds of awakening.

Every time you extend your love in the world,

You plant seeds of love within everyone you see.


Your heart is an extension of God's Love in the world.

God's love is ever present, though it is through your extension of it

that God's love is experienced in the world.


The seeds of heaven are planted

every time you look upon a brother or sister with unconditional love—

just as God looks upon you.


Heaven is a state of mind. You might think it's a place

because where you go when you are complete with this world,

you no longer are able to judge anything or anyone.

Judgment does not exist in heaven.

Release all judgment now, and you will be in heaven in this moment.


Do not be afraid of the unknown—

of joining with something greater than yourself.

You are greater than you can imagine.

It is through your willingness to surrender to this

that all that You are will be made known to you.


Greatness is who you are.

It is not something that you have and another does not.

It is something you are—

something that you share with everyone—

because it describes your True Nature and Oneness with All That Is.


Challenge need not be difficult or painful

when you extend your hand to it with love.

Soften your heart to the challenges in your life

and watch them melt away as you shine your light upon them.


To share in the knowledge of God,

you must first learn to surrender what you have already learned,

to allow for the Infinite to enter your mind.


Care not for the truth of the world,

for the truth the world teaches keeps you in fear.

Care for the love that has been carefully placed within your heart,

for it will teach you all you need to learn.


Share in the knowledge that we are One,

by looking beyond your own survival to the needs of your heart

that seeks only the remembrance of your Divinity.


What you experience is an outcome of your desire.

What you want will come to pass

first in your heart, then through your mind, and finally in your experience.

Feel your desire to hear God's voice,

believe it is possible,

ask to receive it,

and it will be yours.


You want what you think you do not have.

It is this thinking that keeps you from it.

What you truly want, you already have—

to be loved unconditionally, now and forever more.

Allow yourself to experience in this moment

God's unconditional love for you,

and know that what you've been seeking for so long,

was there within you all along.


Your mind is infinite. What you do with it is your choice.

You can use it to imprison yourself, or experience the divinity of your being.

Which path would bring you more joy? The answer is simple.

There is only one choice to make.


The ego would lead you to believe that you have a choice.

In Truth, there is no choice to make,

for you have never left your Source,

and you have never left your Self.


Surrender …

For it is through your surrender that you join ever deeper

with the infinite mind of God that you are part of.

It is through your surrender that you open up

to the infinite possibilities of your being.

Surrender …


Become entranced with the present moment—

feeling, perceiving, and acknowledging every nuance of your being—

and experience the Divine dance of beauty that is the love of God.


Release the carrot you continue to chase within your mind

with the hope of achieving long-lasting peace and joy in your life.

True peace and happiness can only be found in this moment—

the moment you step off the treadmill and realize

that all that you truly seek is the peace and joy inherent in your connection with God—

right now.


You are free to hold whichever thoughts and beliefs you want within your mind.

No thought in your mind can change the truth of who you are.

Thought’s only role is to give you an opportunity

To experience God's love in an infinite number of different ways.

Choose which thoughts and beliefs bring joy to your heart,

and you will swiftly align your mind with Mine—

the Holy Spirit within you.


Every thought is a choice.

How do you choose to express God's love in this moment?

That is your choice.

It is this choice that sculpts the thoughts and beliefs you hold within you,

which then shapes the world and the way you see.


From the heart

to the mind

and into the world

and back again

is the flow of God's love

to you,

and through you,

spiraling back upon itself

for all time.





Fulfilling your purpose in the world

need not be more complicated than that.


When you let your Light shine, you light the way for others. This is very easy to do since no bushel has ever been made that could ever cover a Light as bright as yours.

To share in the knowledge of God requires that you surrender what you think and what you know so that you can open and receive the infinite awareness that you are part of. Surrender in this moment, and in this moment, and in this moment, and continue to do so until your mind is filled with the awareness of God's love and wisdom that is within you.


Be still and know the truth—

that you remain as God created you to be,

and that your only purpose in the world

is to experience and express this Truth in every moment.


Take time to care for yourself, give to yourself, and love yourself,

until you are overflowing with God's love, peace, and joy.

Only then can you truly serve another as God serves you.


The peace that you seek lies within you.

It is your state of mind that opens the door to it,

and your joy that paves the way

for your expression of it in the world.


Thank you for joining with us today, precious one.

It is this moment of eternity that you experience within you

that allows you to go forward in time and space with the knowing

that you are truly not of this world, but simply in it for a moment in time.


Love joins all of creation exactly where it is.

To join is to embrace.

To embrace is to accept.

To accept is to take into your heart.

When you join with what is,

you embrace creation as God does,

as part of yourself.


To know the Truth, you must be willing to not know.

It is in your not knowing that you open the door to Truth.


To share in the wisdom of God,

allow yourself to be open to all possibilities

as equal and divine expressions of God.


There are no options in Truth.

Though while you still perceive that options exist,

use them to know the Truth of who you are.


You think you are seeking peace

when you come up with a plan for achieving it.

Unless the plan is to experience peace right now, in this moment,

peace will continue to elude you, seemingly always out of arms reach.


Never underestimate the power of your intention.

What you intend will always come to pass.

It's when your intention changes from one moment to the next

that it can sometimes seem that your intention has no power at all.


True intention is when your heart, mind, and soul unite as one.

When your intention is united, all the universe is behind you,

its fulfillment guaranteed.


Reminding another what they should be doing

is a wonderful reminder to yourself

to allow your mind to be restored to wholeness

that you may see the perfection of the one in front of you.


Reminding another that he or she has missed the mark

allows you the opportunity to restore your mind to truth,

so you may see the Truth in the one in front of you.


Be mindful of what you see in the one in front of you,

for what you see in them gives you the opportunity

to undo those thoughts and beliefs within yourself.


Be mindful of how you see the world,

for it is through your seeing

that you come to see the truth about yourself.


When you learn to love another without conditions,

you allow them to be who they truly are,

which allows you to be who you truly are, which is love.


When you shine your light on another,

you are unable to see the darkness

you once thought existed within them.



To share in the ideas of God requires only your willingness

to set aside your petty thoughts of judgment,

and allow all things to be seen with innocence and love,

including your petty judgments.

It is learning to love the unlovable.


When you walk with the Holy Spirit in your life,

your heart knows God’s Love,

your mind knows God’s Truth,

and your body naturally follows your heart and mind,

serving the One in all that you do.


When you love another for who they are,

what they do is irrelevant.

That is why God loves you no matter what.


Your Heart and God’s Heart are One and the Same.

Listen to your Heart

and you will surely hear the Voice of God.


The Holy Spirit doesn’t judge you for turning away from It.

Only you judge you for turning away from the Holy Spirit.

That is only because you have turned away from You.


Know that the Heavenly Son and the Father are One.

There is no separation between the two

because they are One and the same.


When you know who you are,

you are free to embrace all things—

every thought in your mind—

for Who you are cannot be threatened,

by any thought that tells you otherwise.


Your vastness of being embraces every thought and thing ever created,

for they all rise and fall away within the One Mind of God,

which is your own.


Your consciousness abides in Truth forever.

It is the act of choosing this awareness in your life

that bridges all perceived gaps in the mind,

and restores your self-awareness to eternal oneness.


Your awareness is ever expanding.

It has no other choice,

for it is part of the one mind of God,

extending itself for eternity … through you.

The universe is infinitely patient and kind.

Although it exists in time and space,

Its source of creativity and wisdom extends from the infinite,

Lovingly serving you each and every moment with God's unconditional love.


Your True Mind is one with God's.

For now, you have been given a part of that mind

to embrace and love as your own.

Learning to love your mind as God loves you is preparing you

to one day embrace and accept the One Mind of God as your own.


Your True Mind is one with God's.

For now, you have been given a part of that mind to embrace and love as your own.

Learning to love your mind as God loves you,

Is preparing to one day embrace and accept the One Mind of God as your own.


When you give thanks for all that is given you—

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and everything in your life—

You allow it to serve its purpose of restoring you to your Self.

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