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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Why Am I Going Through Such a Hard Time?


Charles: “I have been searching for a job since I lost my last job almost a year ago. Why is it so hard for me to find a job? I also was in a relationship with a great woman for several months but that has since ended and I do not understand what happened. I am very sad because of the breakup; what really went wrong remains a mystery.”

The Voice for Love: “My Dearest Beloved, often it is difficult to see what could possibly be the reason for the things that happen to you in your Earth life, yet it is during these times that the heart is being opened – forced to open, to burst open. Although it may be hard to hear these words, all is a blessing. All that you term difficulties are blessings from God and from your soul.

“When fear grips the heart, it is hard to let the fear go. There is guilt, there is the questioning: what have I done wrong that life or God is treating me in this way? I have been good; I have sought God; I have had faith. But still life is not going in the way I would hope for it to go. Yet, Beloved, is your life about a job? No, of course not. Your life is not your job. Your life is God’s life being lived through you. God is in you, as you. God wants to now more actively live through you.

“You are being called now to a goal you would never have planned for yourself. God has a plan for you that will lead you far off the path you thought you were on. Are you willing to be led to a life that far exceeds your wildest dreams? Are you willing to totally release the reins to God, to totally give up control? Are you willing to serve God in whatever way He chooses for you? Are you willing to be neither lowly nor proud? Neither too big nor too little? Are you willing to be only Love?

“Let these words settle into your mind and heart. Being Love is truly your job now. Settle down into your heart and commune with God there. Simply be with Him there. That is all that is required. And throughout your day, whatever you are doing, or wherever you find yourself, just be with Him there in your heart of hearts. Let His guidance come to you softly there. Turn everything over to Him. Let the burden be lifted from your shoulders. It’s okay to live fully, because you now know your true function. It is only to be Love. It’s okay to relax, to smile, to find your joy and dwell there. Be willing to be completely surrendered. Be grateful. Be happy.

“Trust that in the matter of your life path, God can safely make all the really big decisions. The love that you feel that you lost will be returned to you. Never fear, because Love is all there is. Be patient. Be true. Be trusting.


  • Paulinealma

    The essence of this message is truth as i know it ~ with one exception. I trust one day SOON we will be able to purely communicate a non-gender identified GOD.

  • oh wow!

  • Toni DiVittorio

    Thank you for the question Charles.  I have been struggling with much of the same difficulties as you.  Just yesterday the message that I heard loud and clear throughout the day was “Let Go, Let God!”  I woke up this morning thinking about that and struggling with “how?”  Now I have the answer.  Thank you DavidPaul and Candace for these posts.  They have helped me in so many ways!  Especially today’s reinforcement of yesterday’s let go message!!!

  • Delceanona

    Thank you so much, Dear Voice for Love, for sharing this so very precious truth of God’s unconditional love to everyone..
    My life unconditionally changes for the better when I get your wonderful, wonderful newsletters.

    I hope one of these days I can find the time to take your magnificent course.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you,
    God bless you aboundantly,


  • leon

    thanx alot for sharing this true message with me, i will keep on praying and follow exactly as you`ve said

  • Aarti

    you know what your girlfriend and your job never deserved you and you really deserve something more and better than that and i think there is something much better kept unopened for you so go for that . don’t think its a bad time think that ‘good time is yet to come with a good opportunity just keep your eyes open for that cause after dark there is light to come for sure because god exists’.so be positive and optimistic . 

  • Mjgfox

    Thank you for these words. I have been living a similar experience having lost my job I October 2010. 

  • Sanket John

    dear friends i am facing similar condition… i learnt one thing that whatever god does is best for our life so never ask him why.. why so.. and why me… just thanks god for all the best plans in your life… you will come to know the truth of life…