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Why Am I Always Depressed without Any Reason?


Tej: “Why am I always in depression without any reason?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious one… Please know that depression—or anything else—doesn’t happen without a reason. Just because there are no external circumstances that would ’cause’ depression, does not mean that there is not a cause. Depression is ultimately caused by the way you think about things and the way you relate to things. For example, if you see depression as bad and hopeless, rather than as an opportunity to correct something in your life, then your thinking is not serving you. If you live in fear, wallow in guilt, take things personally, feel like a victim, etc, then your thinking is not serving you.

“Use this as an opportunity to change the way you view life. Make it your job every day to think about something that bothers you, and find a way to see the good in it or the gift in it. You are in the habit of relating to things in a painful way, but this is only a habit and can be broken and changed. Make it a habit to find gifts in events that arise in your life, to find gifts in the stories you hear in your community and in the news. It is time to train yourself to see differently, just like looking for an image in a 3D picture. It takes time and patience, but with a subtle shift in focus, the image comes to life.

“Know that depression can be lifted naturally, and that you have all you need to do it! Change your thinking—change your life. Start today to shift your focus and know that love conquers all.”

  • Thumper6598

    I myself suffer from depression and you are absolutely correct in the aspect that a component of it is ones perception of things. That being said (as a “sufferer of such) there is a biological component to be addressed here as well. Is it your belief that there is no need for medication to assist in the treatment of depression. Please do not misunderstand my position. I DO believe that through God all things are possible. I also believe that medication can be a component of winning out over depression. God is the cure. Although medication can be part of the treatment. Please let me know what you think.

  • Tieman1212

    I suffer from depression and have all my life, I know there are some things I can change, and have tried all kinds of Med,s. Christ is the source of love and strength, but I also know the things I need in life to fullfill them, and until you figure what you drives you and get it, depression will always be there.

  • Candace

    Thanks for your comments – just to clarify, the question was, “Why am I always in depression without any reason?”. It was not, “Should I take meds?” The answer to that question would be very different. If someone has tried – really tried – a variety of solutions with no results, then by all means medication would be a great option. It is not the first recommendation, nor is not recommended as a solution by itself. It should be used along with other modalities (counseling, etc) to help create lasting results.
    For myself, my thinking affects my mood more than anything else, so I work with that first.
    Wishing you all the best…

  • Oce

    Love conquers all but sometimes love is the culprit..it is the cause of depression in some cases.

  • frostwire789

    Yeh depression is definitely an opportunity, wow i feel so lucky that i’m depressed. Oh wait thats bullshit and so is this article. This article seems to be written by someone who knows nothing about long term depression if they think that people can simply ‘change their thinking’. If it was that easy why would so many people use therapy and medication? 

  • Steve

    Welcome to new age religion at it’s finest! Tej, I too have suffered with depression. Sometimes there is a cause but sometimes there isn’t. It’s like having diabetis or cancer. Never let anyone blame you as if you did this to yourself. Reach out for help, pray, meditate and find a good therapist….this should help at least a little. Maybe you may need meds. Maybe not. I highly would recommend you staying off this site which is obviously run by misinformed woo woos.

    Love and peace to you….Steve