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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

The Barriers Blocking Your Abundance


Diane: “I am a Personal Life Consultant and trained psychotherapist. Yet despite the fact that I’m told I do incredible work with people for clarity, balance and well-being, I am down to two clients a week and am not earning enough money to pay my bills. The same for meeting a life partner — I’m told I am attractive, bright, smart and kind, I do not hang onto hurt or anger, yet I have not had a partner for a long time now. I do not understand this. I trust and have faith in God, study metaphysics, and am a very spiritual person. What is my issue? What am I not seeing or knowing?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, thank you for opening your heart to receive a higher perspective on your life and its unfolding. Please know that you are loved beyond measure, that you are known and gently watched over always. Although you already know these things intellectually, and indeed also believe them, it is now time to fully live them as your soul-guided strengths.

“You are wondering why a person like yourself would be experiencing a loss of income and a dwindling, narrowing path, or so it would seem. This implies that because you are a spiritually-minded person, a kind person who is interested in helping others, and also a well-educated person who has experienced success in her chosen field, that you would never experience a blockage in your path or a feeling of lack. Do you really believe that God has no further lessons for you to learn, or that He is not capable of enlarging your life beyond your imagining?

“Beloved, it is at this time that God is seeking to own your life completely. It is at this time that you are being asked to surrender all that you think you are, all that you have been up until this time, and to rest solely in faith. You are being called on to relinquish all expectations of outcome, and to simply watch and wait. Remember that God has instructed you to pray without ceasing. What does this mean, Beloved? Does it not mean to allow your mind to be always resting in His care, to allow your heart to be eternally and moment-by-moment resting in His heart?

“You have questions, and your questions seem valid to you in the moment in which they arise. I am asking you now — when you find questions arising such as Why is this happening to me? or Where am I going to get money to pay my bills? — that you turn all these questions over to God-in-you for resolution. Affirm immediately to yourself: ‘God knows my every need and knows my desires, before I even ask.’ Allow questions to float away from your mind just as a lovely yellow balloon floats higher and higher once it is released to freedom in the stream of the flow of air. You may even picture your questions, your doubts, your fears, as being enclosed in a beautiful yellow balloon, and allowed to soar up into the sky, far away from you, and into the hands of God.

“Affirm to yourself always that there is no reason to fear. Release all that you cling to, all that you think you know. If you experience a change in lifestyle, a change in your self-image, a change in your job description, know that all is for the highest good. Let your prayer be, ‘Lead me, Father. I do not know the way. I trust you to lead me and I will follow without fear. Help me, Father, to release my fears and all that I think I am so that I may be all that You Know That I Am.’ Breathe into this prayer so that your fears may be released and so that you will renew your faith that all is well.

“You cannot see to the end of the path, you can only trust that it is your highest good and greatest joy that await you. You cannot even see around the next corner, but you will notice each little step along the way. You will begin to feel God’s grace surround you as you surrender more and more. You will begin to notice the nudges of your intuition or your inner heart-knowing that will gently lead you step by step to the unfolding of your newness. Be patient, Beloved, be faithful, be watchful.

“Allow your heart to begin to know that there is a beloved partner who will be with you. Know this with all your heart and soul. Do not question. Again, humbly ask God to lead you: ‘Dear God, I have a desire to be with a divine partner. So, I know that there is a partner for me. I thank You that this is so, and I ask only to be led gracefully step by step that I may recognize the fulfillment of my desire in Your way and Your divine timing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

Then go gratefully about your day and your life. Be grateful always that you do not have to worry about anything — all is prepared for you. Be happy. Let your heart be at ease. You have done nothing wrong. You have asked for advancement, for enlightenment, for accelerated growth, and you are experiencing that. With advancement and growth come changes. Be grateful for the changes. Be at peace. Be content to be in a state of not-knowing. Allow yourself to trust completely, so completely that your questions dissolve over time into a constant state of gratitude for whatever lies ahead. Gracefully release whatever needs to be released, knowing that in the fullness of time you will be very happy with what replaces them. Be willing to give All to God. God is All, after all!

“Bless you, Beloved. Go your way in peace.”

  • Erlindapiggangay

    its very encouraging advice. thanks for posting this question and answer option I am so blessed and encourage. truely that the greatest source of our dependance to God is prayer as i acknowledge that in my personal relationship w/ God, I often feel empty deep w/in me  and dryness spiritually bec.I pray less due that I am pressured in my works. and this sometimes cause me to question myself. 

  • Ken

    Brilliant question and a brilliant answer both inspired by the Divine as it is received by me in perfect timing. Thank you Barbara.

  • Cassandra

    Although, it is a lovely generic message. As Diane is already a psychotherapist and has studied metaphysics in my view  it is not the core issue for her. It is telling her what she already knows through her mind. The core issue is accepting that she/we are part of the Holy Spirit and as such we must first love ourselves as the Holy Spirit loves us. There is nothing outside of this love. We cannot give to another what we don’t have inside ourselves. We must become Love Itself. Easier said then done without practicing being and becoming love. Feeling the love and getting outside the mind which is the great saboteur within. What we think and what we know as a felt sense are two different things. What we don’t know we don’t know, and we don’t know that we don’t know it. What we believe we know is often an idealize image that the ego presents to us. This is the challenge and also the reward to go even deeper into the stillness then ever before, and be present in the moment. For it is only the moment that we truly have. This energy is an extremely high frequency and it is necessary to raise our vibrations to meet it with out judgement or discontent for present circumstances. This has nothing  to do with a laundry list of what we want or don’t want. It is a list of listening to what  our Soul wants to manifest rather then the ego in a beautiful and creative way.


  • Gabriel Gonsalves

    Well, thank you for sharing your very inspiring message. If I may, as the old saying goes, ‘Pray to God, but tie your camel.’  In other words, surrender to Spirit, yet do your marketing! Don’t think that just because you’re praying, and doing good work your clients will just start knocking at your door.  Pray and move your feet, market, market. As Lorel Longmayer says, ‘Get of your Assets, Pray, and ask for the money!’ God con only do for you what it can do through you, and money comes from God, yes, but through other people.  🙂

  • Cynthia

    Thank you so much for your answer, Barbara. My career field is different from Diane’s, yet I too have been on a spiritual path for many years and the work I do is spiritual.  I have troubles with finances since being laid off of my corporate executive job two years ago. I knew it was time to integrate my spiritual life and my work, and so I embarked on a career correction that led me to much more meaningful and satisfying work. But the money is not there, and I find myself sitting up late more nights than I would like worrying about how I will be able to make ends meet. Recently I took  on a freelance writing/editing project that doesn’t really resonate with me because I need the extra money.  In the end, it is going to be a lot more work than the fee I will end up making. Like Diane, I am also continuing to look for my divine partner and yet have been starting to feel that I am destined to walk the rest of my life alone.

    Intellectually, I already knew what you told Diane; however, I know I am having trouble letting go and trusting that God will provide. So thank you for reinforcing what I too have come to realize.

  • Pauline Alma

    Thank you Barbara for your empowering, insightful response to Diane. It all served to reassure me, especially the part that helped me recognize that my prayers for growth and enlightenment were being answered by the changes i’m experiencing which are not because I’ve done something wrong but because i asked for an ‘advancement’ of consciousness; ergo, my lifestyle is being adjusted. Then the suggestion to go gracefully about my day, being guided by heart-knowing to the opportunities that show up is, IMO, spot on ~ FAITH that I AM at~one~ment with the DIVINE. In the GRACE of this Humility, in listening, in witnessing Love’s daily responsive tweaks, these “opportunities” are, IMO,  teachers that tie the knot on the camel to know the “Glory” of BEING to which Gabriel’s wisdom refers. Intuitvely knowing how and which “KNOT” to tie is my dharmic “YES.” Soul Dancing…

  • Talktoaggie

    Thank you both for the insight, was exactly what i needed to know, and be reminded of, i to have been in the counseling, (gestalt therapy) field, and spiritual growth for 40 years, it really is so simple – keep choosing love!!
    thank you 

  • Neerav

    Hi Barabra,

    It was my mother and father who taught me to surrender oneself to God’s Will, and that has brought about a great sense of peace and relief from the troubles of my life and of the world. Opening one’s mind and one’s heart by surrending to God is a great way to get His help. This message, though I quickly skimmed it, says exactly that, and in a beautiful manner. Well done! 

    The very last sentence, however, really hit home with me when you wrote:
    “Be willing to give All to God. God is All, after all!”

    I just felt so joyous that I almost wanted to cry when I read that…….total and complete surrender to God brings about relief and peace and brings you close to God so you can realize Him. That is the ultimate message of all of the world’s religions. But to do that, you must ALWAYS have faith and trust in His ways. Even as I write this with regards to the above quoted sentence, I still feel the same as when I read it – if we can only practice this in every moment that of life that we have available, how much better we would be in terms of peace, happiness and satisfaction; even when life and the world around us seems to be falling apart.  

    Surrendering to God also means to live in the present or the present moment – the Now (Eckart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, etc…), as the past cannot be changed and the future, including what will happen in the next mloment of life, is ALWAYS uncertain. The present (the Now) is said to be eternal, as it is always happening, compared to the past and the future, which are temporary at best. It is the present – the Now, which not only determines what we did, but what may happen next – that is where the locus of action should be, and where one can always be at peace with oneself and with the world around them. This is not always easy to do, but then again, nothing ever says that one should not ever give it a good try. Surrendering oneself to God and His will allows you to be in the present moment, but it takes practice, patience and persistence to do this. There are days when I have difficulty in doing this – trying to neither dwell on the past or worry about the future. The advice given in this blog post can be seen to say the same thing – don’t worry about what has happened in the past or what might be in the future, just surrender yourself totally and completely to God and let Him take care of you. Beautiful…….just asbolutely beautiful!  

    I enjoy reading these blog posts on this website and look forward to more! God bless!

    – Neerav

  • Natasha Shani

    I am amazed by your response given to Diane.  She is a person who is still trying to reach God and didn’t realize that God is already holding her heart.  Reclaiming her love from within is reclaiming her love with another.  Thank you Voice of Love for your heart-felt sentiments and reassurance that God’s healing love is never unbroken!!

  • Richardfl62

    I can relate to the womens story and like you stated I have faith and trust in God with thanks giving every step of the way

  • Nancy

    What an encouragement this was for me to read.  Thank you so much, it truly caused me to realize how  Blessed  we all are, especially to be able to give “All to God. God is All, after all.”

    Bless you!!!!!!

  • Barbaradutcher

    Thank you all for your lovely comments! To really trust All to God is the key, I believe.

  • Debbie3339

    How did you know what I have worried and feared?
    I am sure you wrote this for me….
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  • Marcus

    Wow, this is exactly what I needed. Recently I went through troubled times after surrendering a very important relationship to God (and thus it ended, for the greater good) and I felt very abandoned.

    Now I feel at peace again.
    Thank you.

  • Thank you Diane for asking openly your questions as…… they are mine too.)))
    Thank you Holy Spirit for reminding me in a gentle and lovingly way that I should rest in God and Life and should fear no more… These words bringing me Joy and Ease in my Heart…. Thank you. From my heart to yours. Kris

  • Leeann Gardner

        As one very wise woman from our prayer group preached last sunday night as well as touched
     base w/ us again on Monday morning during our prayer time, We are in a changing season, of our
     spiritual walk w/ our heavenly father, she used the example of a woman in the last stages of
    giving birth there is much pain and at times very disorientated, need coach , someone to keep us
    focused on what is really happening and the end product a beautiful baby. Until that little screaming
    creature is cleaned up and time to not have that squeshed and wrinkly look all look like little Aliens!
    Before anyone comes down on me for calling a precious baby an alien creature, I have been blessed
    to raise a young man of 19, has thick dark brown hair, though there are times I wished could send
     him back to his creator,  Raising him on my own not easy,  He is the joy of my life and taught me
    many life lessons. My precious sister in christ went on to say we are in a season changing rapidly
    a time so very different then those that are in 30’s older generation.
     as a chistian mid 4o’s I’M Excited about Jesus COMING back for us soon,  But on other hand,
       With change comes pain and those who don’t understand what is going on or realize what
     worked for in the past, Has to be dealt w/ quite differently and with strenght of Christ

     brother’s & SISTER’S May the love of God shine brightly upon your faces, And Many blessings
    to you and your families,
              Love in  CHRIST  Leeann 

  • Melissa

    Diane, I can so relate to what you’re going through because it sounds very similar to what I’ve been through. I’m still working on the money issues, but I can tell you what worked for me about finding the life partner. I searched and searched and looked around every corner and tried everything and finally totally surrendered (you might hear that a lot and it is frustrating to hear, unless you really do it and then it feels good). I just decided to be ok with being single and to devote my life to spiritual growth 100 percent. I had dabbled in the Course In Miracles before, but at that point in my life–mid 40’s–I really gave it my all. Held nothing back. Then I had a dream in which a wise old woman told me the man who was right for me was named Michael. When I woke up I thought for half a second of going online and trying to find a “Michael” but then I let it all go and said, “Ok, if there’s a Michael who is right for me he’s just going to have to come to my front door because I’m done searching. I can’t do it anymore.” Then I forgot all about it and lo and behold six months later Michael showed up at my front door with my brother who knew him in junior high. Turned out Michael had had a crush on me in junior high, but he didn’t realize I was that same little girl all grown up until after we were engaged! There’s so much more I could say. All the synchronicities and God-winks between us could fill a book, but I just wanted to say enough to encourage you. Spirit can and will guide you to the exact right person for you, but only if you ONLY care about ONENESS with spirit and couldn’t care less about being with a man. It’s really tricky to get to that place, but it’s the only thing that works even after you are in the relationship. I notice that every time I slip out of putting my spirit connection first and start making Michael my focus–he’s wonderful and gorgeous so it’s easy to do–things start to not feel so good between us, but the second I switch gears and make GOD/LOVE/SPIRIT my everything then the two of us get along like peas in a pod and we are more happy than I ever dreamed possible. We’ll celebrate our six year anniversary in February. 

  • Angela

    Sometimes God has us walk alone in order to get closer to him. You may be ready for a life partner but that doesnt mean God is ready to give you one. If God is in control of your life he knows what is best for us. Even though we want certain things it does not mean that is what is  best for us. I have been single for quite some time and I am so glad that I am because the relatiionship that we could have with someone else is now  spent in growing and getting closer to God/Jesus and the knowledge that I seek for. Satan has tried to throw men into my life that are no good for me, but I see past that I may be a little lonely but it is better to be at peace with myself than argueing with someone that happens to be convienant. 

  • Mrs. Amparo Avillanoza

    Diane, dear
    We are on the same boat.  I am extremely  sad because  some people in my  job are  making my life so miserable daily. They make my life  so unreasonably stressful that I always get sick.  
     I had  lost my beloved long time ago for Cancer.   I  do  feel so very alone and scared too.

    I know that  I don’t have any   choice but hang in there to survive for my children.  Life has to go on.  I pray to Him .  I ask  God for strength to carry on.

    And   I believe that God loves me and He  works in His own mysterious ways.  So, I strive
    to develop my relationship with God stronger every seconds of my life.  I always thank Him.

     Fear not; He is always amongst us. I believe that the  time for your happiness is so near; almost at your hands.  You are blessed.  Be patient.

    Smile, God loves you.

    Mrs. Amparo

  • JeralitaCosta

    Isn’t it beautiful how Love’s answer to Diane’s question answered so many others as well? Love breathes life into the Oneness; surrender and allow the unfolding of the bud into a magnificent rose. Blessings!