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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

True Communication

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There is not a worldly relationship that has ever existed which enjoyed total, true communication. Even Jesus did not fully connect at the level of the world, with his followers, who consistently failed to understand the fullness of his message. Each human comes to hear a worldly communication through their own perception. The brain processes data from each individual’s senses by applying memories, conscious and unconscious, to the current data, in an attempt to make sense of it and fit it into what it thinks it already knows. That processing is perception and we interpret such perception of data as “information.”  From that information, each human builds a mental model of their world, and each model is at least slightly different from the models others hold. Hence, a description communicated out of one model is frequently received and interpreted according to another’s model. The communication misses the mark intended by the communicator.

Yet, our reality is grounded outside of the time and distance terms used to define any world. As we are buffeted by the mismatches of worldly communication and resulting experience, there comes a time when we yearn for a better way. Our heart cries out to be heard, from the depths of our reality. Our mind reaches out, to bring goodness and beauty to a world that seems to not hear us at all, most of the time. We want everything “out there” to be healed. We want everything “in here” to be healed, and we often give up, as the tools we have taught ourselves over a lifetime, simply do not seem to work.

To recognize how to perceive true communication, we must first open up our minds to be sensitive to our own highest self, that self that is the extension of God’s Love as God’s child. This self is united with the Sonship of God in an eternal reality, outside the boundaries of time and space. While it is possible to have an experienced connection with this self, these experiences of connection begin with a recognition memory of the true inner beauty and desire for goodness within. This seeming place within is often referred to as the heart, though it is the inspiration of Spirit that is symbolized by the heart.

As one allots more time, on a daily basis, to consider this experience within, one becomes aware that everyone who appears to be separate indeed has the same inner reality. This inner reality is real, is one’s Truth as well as the truth of others, even when one’s predominant experience is forgetful of its real nature. It is at this level that true communication is possible, but one must be able to allow oneself to dwell within such a place of connection before communication is heard, if only at a subconscious level, by others. While the child of God is always able to communicate, the brain will block the awareness of communication when it believes it must control the communication through its personal worldly experience. Breakthrough comes when it is willing to step back from its controlling thoughts, and allow the Voice for Love within to handle the communication.

Without practice, it is difficult to get into the state of mind that allows communication, for it uses a different type of perception than the perception learned through use of the physical senses. It involves a form of processing, just as sensory perception does. But it does not rely upon the physical senses to gather information. Rather, it draws on inner wisdom, inner awareness that comes from beyond the physical and quantifiable. This inner wisdom looks upon that which the physical senses “see”, but interprets what it sees differently. It interprets with the Vision of Spirit. It is aware that a real, non-physical dimension exists and can be sensed, because it has allowed itself the experience of that greater Love.

Initially, the greater Love experience is not as frequently experienced as the type of incomplete perception in which we are raised. But once one has experienced Vision, one begins to put trust in it. One recognizes the Voice for Love, the Spirit of God’s communication, as it facilitates the newly-discovered connection implicit in Vision. It is the trust in this experience that allows the body to reclaim a memory of one’s reality in times of need. It is trust that facilitates the ability to communicate to the significant others in our lives, at a deep and meaningful level, devoid of expectations of pay off within the world. Yet, void of expectations, it brings much more than one could ever imagine into one’s life experience and understanding.

Trust that follows from experience allows for a softening of issues, clarity of purpose and choice, and an enrichment of relationships, even when the “other” does not appear to know the source of its own understanding. It’s a two-for-one deal! It is the primary way in which we initiate all healing within our world and, creatively, extend the Love that we are into the world. It is the beginning-of-the-end of our belief in separation from God and one another.