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Time to slow down for the Christmas holidays

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There is a great article in the Washington post by Rev. Canon Jan Naylor Cope, vicar of Washington National Cathedral. In her article, Rev. Cope discusses the crazy culture that we live in, “How do we — in the midst of a culture that is screaming at us to buy, spend, and do so quickly while supplies last — slow down, wait, watch, pray, and listen for that still, small voice of God calling to us, giving us our charge as Gabriel gave Mary hers?”

This is such an important question for all of us? How can we finally get ourselves to stop moving so quickly and slow down their lives? This is something that we can ask now at Christmas time, and something we can ask every day of our lives.

We are constantly being encouraged to get more done, more quickly, to have this latest gizmo and that. Because of the capitalistic society that we live in, everything is an advertisement. Everything has a marketing event to grab hold of our attention, our interests, our time, our energy, our passions, and our pocketbook. How are we ever going to slow down to hear God’s voice when we are moving at Mach speed all the time?

When we started our spiritual counseling hotline a few months ago, one of the biggest challenges we have with our ministers signing up for online shifts is the fact they are also busy. We’ve had several ministers drop out because their lives are too busy. Too busy to give one hour a week to those in need? Apparently that is the case. Can I relate? Yes. I can. But I think we need to challenge ourselves to slow down long enough to be present with one another, even with strangers. We need to slow down long enough to connect with God, hear His voice, and share of voice with others. Why are we here in the first place if we are willing to do that?