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“The Whisper in My Dreams” – an excerpt from “When God Spoke to Me”


The following short story entitled, “The Whisper in My Dreams,” is an excerpt from DavidPaul Doyle’s book, When God Spoke to Me: The Inspiring Stories Of Ordinary People Who Have Received Divine Guidance and Wisdom. When the book was released in 2010, it immediately became the #1 best-selling spiritual book on Amazon.com, the #12 best-selling book overall. This story is one of seventy inspiring stories in the book, which chronicles the true life stories of ordinary men and women from around the world who have experienced hearing God’s Voice in their lives. Read the excerpt below:

“The Whisper in My Dreams”

The doctor’s voice was a wooden bell. Her words had no resonance, no import. “I’ll meet you there,” she said. “Don’t let Bill drive.”

By the time I put the phone down I was empty-headed. I had lost my memory, even of the dream that had been with me every day all those months. The dream had poked and nudged at me to dance every dance with him, to put the top down on the car and play “Mustang Sally” as loudly as possible. The dream had insisted I stand with him on the cliffs just those few extra moments that allowed us to see pelicans fly in formation against the curl of a wave.

The dream: His vivid whispering—“I hate to put you through this.” My assurances—“It’s okay. I’m supposed to be with you when you die.” All the ominous symbols were present—black clouds, sinister wind, shimmering clear light on the horizon. And in the midst of all that, a sense of privilege; a significant and inexplicable sense of the gift of being there in that moment.

There was nothing so significant that day in December as my empty head and I rode up and down in the hospital elevator. I wanted to be somewhere without molded plastic chairs and practiced earnest voices. I wanted to be somewhere I wasn’t.

When I got back to his room, Bill was sitting on the edge of the bed in that silly gown, his bare legs dangling in space. Without his red tie or his camel’s hair sports coat, he was unrecognizable. Maybe someone else’s husband. A stranger with something growing in his head.

He told me he had been trying to write letters to the kids. Telling them what they already knew: how much he loved them; how proud he was, how he forgave them for losing every piece of camping equipment we ever owned, for the marijuana farm on the garage roof.

“But,” he said, “I can’t do it. I can’t figure out how to say goodbye.” Then he looked up at me and whispered, “I hate to put you through this.”

And I remembered the dream. The memory came like a sudden rain that leaves the air so clear everything seems freshly drawn, the edges almost too sharp. I prayed for the courage not to look away, the courage to be fully present. I understood the terror. What I wanted to understand was the gift.

“It’s okay,” I said, “I’m supposed to be with you when you die.” Those were the very words in my dream, and there I was standing in that harsh florescent light saying them again. That’s when I knew. I had been lovingly prepared so that I might understand the tumor wasn’t just some random horror. It was simply part of a picture too big to see. A purpose too great. What I’d thought was a nightmare had been the voice of God.

Doctors imaged Bill’s brain while he silently read words flashing on the ceiling of the MRI. They were making a map of his language centers for the surgery.

He asked if I might consider having the same test. “I’d just like to get a look at those language centers of yours. I’ve been wondering about them for thirty years.”

I cautioned him that being a smart ass wasn’t recommended during high tech procedures. Keeping up the banter was something I knew how to do. I was just the right person to be with him. I was chosen, and I was honored. I was fully present. I knew him.

I knew his goodness. In those long last days, even when I wasn’t sure if he could hear me, I relived for him the stories of our life. I reminded him how often he had sat beside me and pointed out the flowers that were growing right at my feet. I remembered an afternoon in crosshatched sunlight on the patio when, with the tips of his square fingers, he had broken pieces from soft toast and fed them to the baby. He never took his eyes off her while she chewed with those four new teeth. I told him how I had fallen in love with his eyelashes in that moment, something about them in that specific light, a dark fringe for his amber eyes.

I was conscious of them again. His eyes were closed. They’d been closed for days. His thick lashes quiet on his cheeks. It is what I will always see when I think of him.

My peaceful memory of him is a gift. But my greater gift is the knowledge that I will always be where I am supposed to be, and that God’s Voice doesn’t have to ride a bolt of lightning out of a cloud. It can whisper in my dreams. It can take on the song of a seabird to make sure I notice the ocean slapping against the shore and that I don’t look away and miss the miracle when the water retreats and reveals the life of those thousands of tiny creatures that burrow in the sand.


Janice Uebersetzig recently retired from a busy law practice. To make sure she hadn’t left her brain in one of those storage boxes under her desk, she’s been writing, mostly on a reading curriculum project with her daughter.

  • Klange

    Where is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in this? No mention of the angel of death either.  Please answer my question: Is this “new Age” or Wiccian?
    You haven’t answereed my question that I have asked three times.
    I will go with an assumption.

  • Our work is about helping people to hear God’s Voice within themselves. The Holy Spirit is the Voice for God. We all have this Voice within us. We all have the ability to hear and share God’s Voice in our lives, just as Jesus demonstrated.

    Our work is not about Jesus. It’s about learning to experience our connection to God in a very rich and meaningful way, just as Jesus demonstrated. We are all capable of that.

    If you would like to learn more about what we “believe,” please click this link: http://www.thevoiceforlove.com/about.html. 

    Many blessings to you.

  • Waheed Ashraf

    Thank you respected David Paul
    I am really thankful to you for she is mine and the whisper in my dream. I am also thankful that you are praying for my dad who is a patient of cancer yesterday he had 1 operation and we hope that soon he will recover. i once sent you a reply on lovethevoiceforlove.com did you receive it?
    thank you

  • You are very welcome. Glad you enjoyed them.

    I did receive your e-mail, but due to the high volume of e-mail I receive, I’m not always able to reply to all them. I will definitely keep you and your family my prayers. Blessings to you!

  • Lann

    I here God through repetitive thoughts. I feel He is my conscience & in my heart. If the thoughts are good not evil I follow them & so far they have all worked out for the best.

  • Angeljoi7

    OMG… That was absolutely beautiful !!!!  It took my breath away!  Thank you for sharing !!!!
    A true Blessing !

  • Kim

    It is only the most quietest of whispers, thoughts & dreams that are truly of God. Having lived most of my life listening to the loud, boisterous and impatient voices both inside and outside my mind, my recently acquired ability to pay attention to something different connects me to this story. Thank you for bringing it to us.

  • Sbeatty21335

    This was beautiful ! Thank you for sending this. Thank you so much for your prayers for my miracle healing, I know God is able.   Lord bless you so much.

  • Faithmwachia

    wow that was beutiful! GOD is real and is everywhere all the time. I am praying so hard so that i may have the wisdom and be able to recognize HIS voice. AMEN! Thanks alot David Paul.

  • Sandra

    IT’s a beautiful story that touched my heart, and  I think ,god is speaking to me tho, this story how I need to live  , I pray god give his wisdom to all young and old rich and poor in his fullness. thank,love and prayers Sandra

  • katleen

    Both very nice stories,
    thank U,  God bless you.

  • E. Nana Yaa

    A very touching story indeed! I can’t wait to get my hands on your books. You are a blessing, DavidPaul! God bless you.

  • Mhz707

    I don’t get it. It just doesn’t resonate with me. I’ve had cancer for almost 14 years and I regard it as just bad. If it’s part of God’s plan, I wan’t a new plan.

  • hippichick

    The story was beautiful. I have so many feelings about the words in this story. I relate to it in so many ways and I understand the comment from Mhz707 because even though this story is beautiful, it would be hard for someone going through this horrible disease to see the light or beauty of this story. I am a mother of 5, grandmother of 18, and great-grandmother of 5. The #1 thing I have passed onto my children is to always be thankful for what they have and to thank God for the roof over their heads, the food they have, and their health. Their memories of me will be special because I took the time to show them the beauty and simple things of life so many take for granted. So when they see a butterfly, a full moon, and all the beauty life has that so many ignore, they will think of me and know I will always be with them and it will help them after I am gone. But the most rewarding thing of all is seeing them do the same with their children now. Life goes fast but you have to take the time to smell the roses, even if they make you sneeze. If you listen, you will hear Him everyday guiding you through the good and the bad times. But you need to listen because you are never alone. Whoops, sorry this was so long!

  • Nancy

     Beautiful…..How I can relate with this.  I too was with my husband when he made his transition…what an experience…Thanks for sharing this story so heartwarmning…Blessings!!!!!!


  • Yolanda Mcgee

    Powerful!!!!.  Just last night at Wednesday night service God revealed to me what he had showed me in my dream the night before. I thought is was strange because a friend of mine was asking me about insurance on a life policy.  As awaking thinking about my dream and entering early A.M prayer asking God what was this, why had I dreamt what  I had thinking about it all day. My God revealed it to me just as I walked into the church sanctuary.  A long time friend in fact the exact person who I dreamt of came running to me with tears in her eye telling me a dear  friend of her’s had died. At that very moment I new that’s what God was showing me.  I began to fell and know that God has a calling on my life.  So last night in deep prayer, and awaking early AM remembering all last night I had dreamt that I was in bed and was speaking very loud in an unknown language. so once again I setting typing this asking God what was that about.

  • Alanavanvalkenburg

    Thank You !!!

  • I went through 20 years ago…..brings back many memories for me.

  • disqus_yE3zR6kPtP

    Difficult to believe in LORD in the age of ‘educated’ people who consider believing as ignorance or improper education.

  • disqus_yE3zR6kPtP

    Difficult to believe in LORD in the age of ‘educated’ people who consider believing as ignorance or improper education.

  • disqus_yE3zR6kPtP

    Difficult to believe in LORD in the age of ‘educated’ people who consider believing as ignorance or improper education.

  • disqus_yE3zR6kPtP

    Difficult to believe in LORD in the age of ‘educated’ people who consider believing as ignorance or improper education.

  • Marlene Boer

    God always have a way of getting His word to us. What comforting assurance that He always prepare us for the future and never leave us on our own.

  • Zolisa

    This brings back those memories when I witnessed the last moments of my dad in the Kokstad Hospital bed. I dare not look at it again.