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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

The Evolution of Truth

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The Evolution of Truth is a concept that can greatly help you to experience God’s voice in your life. What is the evolution of truth? It is the concept that God speaks to us exactly “where we are.” The Voice of God within us uses our unique life experience, our history, our education, our personality, our upbringing, our culture, and everything about us to speak to us. For example, you could line up ten people and have them all ask God’s voice the same exact question. You know what? They’re all going to hear something unique from one another because each one of those people has a different belief system, background, education, understanding of truth, and is learning a unique set of lessons in their life.

Someone who is going through a divorce, for example, is probably learning something different than a teenager or a Catholic priest. Or a gang member may be learning different lessons than a schoolteacher or single mom. You can see from this example that if you lined up all these people and had them all ask God a specific question, each one would need to hear a unique and specific answer just for them. God would need to speak to each one of them in a very personal and unique way.

What would each person need to learn to awaken to love and truth, or experience of who they truly are? What unique communication would help each one to blossom, to become aware of their connection with God, or to have forgiveness or take their next step in life?

Each one of those people is very unique; the lessons they are learning are different from one another. Their understanding is different; their vocabulary is different; their education is different. Therefore, it is important for you to recognize that you are not going to hear the same exact message from God that somebody else hears. You’re going to hear something that is unique to you.

We are each learning from God what we each personally need to know. So when you go within to hear God’s voice within you, throw out everything that you think this Voice will sound like, everything that you think you know this Voice will tell you, because you will hear what YOU need to hear to awaken right now, in whatever form and vocabulary that you can truly digest and make sense of right now in your life.

It is common for people to think that God’s voice is going to sound exactly the way they heard it or read it from some other source. The truth is, God adapts to us to speak to us so that we can hear his voice clearly and personally. Moreover, we are constantly evolving and changing in our understanding and experience, so the messages that we might hear today from God will likely be different than the messages we heard five years ago or 10 years ago, because who we are today is different than who we were long ago. Our understanding is different. Our beliefs are different. Our life experience is different. Our educations and vocabularies may even be different. So God will speak to each of us right where we are—right now— in whatever way is most effective to restore our awareness to Him.

Take some time this week to acknowledge how God is speaking to you right here, right now, in a very personal way in order for you to take your next step or experience more love, understanding, and peace in your life. Take some time this week to acknowledge how each person in your life is hearing God’s voice in all the ways that they need to hear. It may be different from your own, and that is okay. The more you recognize God’s voice in them, the more you will recognize it in yourself, and vice versa.

Spend some time this week acknowledging the evolution of truth in your own life and validating it in the world. As you do, this idea will grow and grow within your awareness until you are able to see however present God’s voice truly is.

Many blessings to you!