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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

The Evolution of Consciousness


There is an awakening going on in our world at this very moment, and it is happening in an exponential manner, faster than we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime, or the lifetime of our distant ancestors. I believe these are the times that Jesus spoke of when he said there would be a thousand years of joy, of feeling our wellness, experiencing our prosperity and abundance in happiness and miracles. We are on the very brink of stepping into these times. It is with this fast-moving, shifting consciousness and our Evolution of Truth expanding at such rapid rates, that we are stepping into the next dimension of time – a new era, with a consciousness that expands into more joy and peace!

Long ago, Jesus told his disciples that Our Creator was leaving with us the Holy Spirit that lives within us as a comforter, who provides wisdom and guidance. Holy Spirit is our bridge to our Source that Jesus promised would always be within us. He told us to seek the Kingdom of Heaven (Holy Spirit), and that the kingdom was within us…you and me and everything that exists.

We came here to have expansion, to have the experience (as if it were even possible) of being separate from the Source that created us in pure Love. We chose to have the Ego as a thought system to give us the experience we wanted of being autonomous or separate from Source. That is the Ego’s only reason for its creation. And it does a pretty darn good job of giving us that experience!

Holy Spirit is aware of everything that the Ego thinks and does, but It doesn’t believe the Ego. It knows the truth of who we are, and is always within us to remind us of this, to restore us to a right-minded perspective, a perspective that is All Kind, All Compassionate, All Loving. But since the Ego still has its job to perform, or at least it thinks it does, it will give us a run for our money. It labels everything, every thought we have, every experience, trying to convince us to judge each other, to judge experiences, to try to improve on something or someone – most often to improve our thoughts by changing them.

Holy Spirit can only be unconditional love – because that is what It is. It just allows everything to exist, not judging, not blaming, not worrying or being angry, just loving. It is in the allowing of “what is” to exist that healing occurs, and healing is having a Holy Shift into Holy Spirit’s way of thinking and relating to the world, as opposed to choosing to express and experience life through the Ego’s thought system.

Neither one is right or wrong – you get to choose which “flavor” of experience you want to have. Life feels really good to me when I choose to make sure I’m in Holy Relationship with Source as I go about my day. It just makes life so nice. I can acknowledge that the Ego exists, I can even honor it for giving me many opportunities to choose Love when I want to have a different experience! I appreciate it for the contrast it has given me and the many lessons I have learned. Now I can just ask it to take a back seat on my bicycle-built-for-two and ride along, but Holy Spirit will be doing the driving, thank you very much!

At this point in our Evolution of Truth, we are beginning to wake up and realize that Ego is just a thought system. We can either relate to our lives through Ego’s thoughts – judging, blaming, criticizing – or we can use our Free Will and choose to express and experience our lives through Holy Spirit, who lives within us and who is Who We Truly Are. When we go within ourselves to that place where Holy Spirit resides, we can deepen our relationship with our Creator, with the Divine Truth, the Divine Wisdom that Jesus told us we would have. We can always find that place of comfort within us, where we’re joined in that Holy Relationship. And it is in that space of the Holy Relationship where we can feel our connection to Source. We can feel the love that we are, and have the instantaneous awareness of the Truth of Who We Are. And in that space, there is only love – there is only peace – there is only joy.

  • Nicholas

    God bless you Lynn Kirk for this article. This article contains the truth I have been searching for. I am so happy reading this article over and over again. Nicholas

  • Beth

    Not sure about the judging. I think we all know what is right and wrong. Murder is wrong, lying is wrong, getting drunk is wrong, adultry is wrong. I know the holy spirit tells us these things are wrong. Jesus told us that certain things were wrong. He turned over the changers in the temple becuase they were wrong.

  • Neerav

    Evolution of our consciousness (spiritual consciousness) will be slow so as long as we give into the ego and into wordly/material desires associated with our ego. I read in a book last night that truth (and Truth) is the ultimate enemy of the ego, and will do whatever it can to undermine it to the greatest extent possible. Whether it is regular truth of spiritual Truth, the ego will try to eliminate it, and even go as far as to make you suffer physically and moreso mentally and spiritually in order to get its way.

    I noticed that Christianity speaks of the “Devil” (Satin or Lucifer, if you will) as the cause for making us do wrongs and commit sins, but in reality, that “Devil” is really our own egos, which causes us to focus on ourselves and serve ourselves (selfishness or self-centeredness) and not serve other or even God, for that matter. I was commenting to my mother this morning how this “me, me, me” attitude that we have is just disgusting. This is why the world is getting increasingly chaotic and bad by the day, and is why, as I allued before, spiritual evolution will be slow, at best in terms of humanity as a whole. That does NOT mean that we, as induviduals, cannot evolve, since we should NEVER let the slow spiritual evolution of humanity stop us induvidually from evolving, and thereby attaining salvation and oneness (union) with God by any means.

    For Hindus like myself, in all, if not, a majority of our scriptures and beliefs, see the ego as a barrier that needs to be transcended in order to realize one’s true self or true nature, which is the God within us as our soul or spirit. The ego, according to Hindu philosophy, wrongly associates ourselves with the body and the mind (and with material/worldy objects), which only exists with physical (i.e. bodily) existence, whereas our true selves, which is the God within us as our soul or spirit, is eternal and immortal. I cannot see that many Hindu scriptures that don’t mention something like this at all.

    The fact that you guys have the same ideas as us Hindus is just wonderful and amazing! The idea of the evolution of our consciousness via transcending the ego is one way that I can see our two religions as common, as this beautifully written article mentions.

    Very glad to see this article in my inbox this morning, and looking forward to more. God bless all of my Christian brothers and sisters!

    – Neerav

  • Neerav

    Yes – God gave us the ability to judge right from wrong so we can always act appropriately, but outside of that, He commanded us not to judge others. I can see why some of us would be confused with this in that we are commanded not to judge others, but then he tells us to judge right from wrong?

    The type of judgement you speak of is more of discrimination of right from wrong, and not judging others based on our OWN perception of them. Except for the question is that wouldn’t our perception of right and wrong ALSO might be incorerct due to biasedness, since different people have their own perception of right and wrong? That is a VERY good question, and such a possibility IS very much likely. So then ANY type of judgement then, one can possibly conclude, is not worth doing. Hmm……. This raises the obvious question that HOW do we determine right from wrong accurately, if it is colored with our own biases from our upbringing or our enviornment, etc… minus what God and our scriptures(by which God also speaks to us through) tell us, which could be seen as the only accurate thing (unless the meaning has been tainted or corrupted over the centuries). Wow…….more questions than answers here, but is interesting to find out!    

  • Lynnkirk

    Thank you for your beautiful response, Neerav ~ I appreciate what you shared and I know that we are all connected to our Source/God/Love/Light, no matter what religion we profess. Many blessings to you!

  • Lynnkirk

    I understand what you are saying, Beth. Jesus also tells us to turn the other cheek, to not judge lest we be judged, and I feel in my heart that our only purpose here in this life experience is to love, to express love in the world, to ourselves, and to live our lives through that Christ Consciousness/Holy Spirit that is within us that Jesus told us we have. When we live our lives in this way, others can also see and feel the Truth of who they are, that they are loved, that they ARE Love, and can begin to choose to live a life filled with love. I do appreciate your post, and my opportunity to respond. We always have Free Will, and it is in shining Our Light that others can see their own and find their way through this life experience, choosing kindness, joy, love over fear, anger, or revenge, etc. 

    Many blessings to you!

  • Lynnkirk

    Thank you, Nicholas, for your blessing! I wish you great joy and love in this wonderful journey ~ 

  • Neerav

    Hi Lynn…….I read in a book recently that when you reach a certain level of spiritual evolution, you see that there is really no such thing as good or bad consequences, there are just consequences. Good or bad is just how we percieve the world with our “very” limited mind/intellect and knowledge of how God and His creation works, and how everything , in reality, connected to everything else.

  • Neerav

    When we love, judgement becomes naught. Love goes beyond the ego’s ways, including judging others, instead of accepting people for who they are. God knows us, as He created each and every one of us. Therefore, to love (and that is, unconditionally) is to follow this path. That is what Jesus taught Christians, as well as the rest of the world as well. God bless.

  • Lynnkirk

    When we reach a point where we want to get our OWN answers from Holy Spirit, I teach a class beginning next Wednesday, 10/05/2011, where we learn to go within, to that place Jesus spoke of where Holy Spirit resides within us, and how to have a dialogue with Holy Spirit where we can ask any questions and get our own answers…This is what changed my life and why I am so passionate about teaching the Doyle’s 5-Step Process to anyone who is ready to go within to get their own answers, never having to look outside of ourselves for the answers. This is a 4-week class, meeting every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. ET. Check out the website for more info if anyone is interested! 

    From my personal experience, it is a journey back Home…back to Love, back to Truth.Blessings to you, and all love!

  • Lynnkirk

    That has been my experience, Neerav ~ Through the Voice for Love training I’ve been involved in for over 3 years, I now can see the innocence in our experiences and feel the love that we all are, and I also have come to recognize and feel that God loves us Unconditionally, we are never alone in this experience of life, and we are all Connected. Even 2000 years ago when Jesus’ disciples asked why Jesus spoke in parables, Jesus’s response was that if He gave them the Truth, they wouldn’t be ready to hear it at that stage in their Evolution of Consciousness. He DID say that there would come a time when ears would be ready to hear…We are in those times Right now!  It is exciting to be in this time and space of the Now and those who are ready to hear WILL. 

    Many blessings,

  • Geniistar

    This was a good explanation of the ego. I could never wrap my thoughts around destroying the ego – when everything God made is good.  So the ego’s function is to help us got though this plane and percieve our experiences. The Holy Spirit keeps us from judgng. good thought!

  • Beth

    Does this mean we should let our children marry and date drug adics, drunkers, abusers. Cann’t we judge that these people are not good for our children and keep them away from our children. We can love the person, but not love the action and we can tell people that they are harming themselves and others. I think that is judgment. I know God sees us as he intended us to be perfect he does not see our faults. But we as humans can determen right from wrong and help people who need it and protect ourselves and family from harm.  If your spouse is an alcoholic do you not tell them they are harming themselves and their family. Is that judgment? That is all I am saying. I do love everyone just not what they do and I do keep my children away from people like that. Jesus gave us comman sense so we can judge what is good and what is evil.       

  • Audrey

    This is a beautiful message !  I felt expanded just reading it.  I liked the image of the ego taking the back seat on a bicycle-built fot 2.   
    Thank you!

  • Lynnkirk

    Thank you, Audrey ~ Many blessings to you!