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Teenage Ministry – It’s Time!

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I came across this article entitled, “Equipping teenagers in kidmin.” It’s all about empowering youth in the ministry and seeing them as equals. First of all, I’m just impressed that people are establishing ministries specifically for teens and empowering them to really take a leadership role in their churches.

Living in a small town such as, Ashland, it would seem difficult to engage teenagers in such an endeavor. I think having a physical ministry, an actual physical location for our church, would make a huge difference. Doing everything online, and ministering to people through our intuitive counseling hotline works great for people who don’t have a local resource in town, but it makes it difficult to have that in-person presence a local ministry.

I think children and teens really need to have that physical and in-person connection. Adults may be able to do it remotely, but knowing how social my own daughter is, I really can’t see teenagers being fully engaged present over the phone all by themselves without having others to interact with.

I’m grateful for those people who do have in person ministries, and it motivates me to want to see our ministers create something like that in the future. erhaps one of these days we can have local churches spread throughout the United States teaching people how to hear God’s voice–teens, adults, and everyone in between. I like that dream.

It’s in your hands now, God. 🙂