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How Can I Heal My Relationship with My Mother?


Carol: “My 75-year-old mother is very negative and critical. She is never satisfied with my life or my achievements and seems to need to make me wrong about everything. I feel I am caught in a trap of always wanting […]

Should I Remarry, or Will I Just Feel Trapped Again?

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Sherry: “After a 20 year marriage that ended in divorce, I have now been in a serious relationship for five years. How do I discern the difference between ‘normal’ issues in a relationship versus issues that may end up making […]

What Should I Do When My Fiancé Hurts Me?

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Melissa: “My fiancé can be the most loving, spiritually connected, kind person ever…and then he can suddenly become hostile, cold and rejecting. He had a very abusive and difficult childhood, and so did I. I’ve been doing lots of inner […]

Finding a Life Partner


Lisa: I’m 35 years old and ready to open my heart to a true partner. I have honored myself in the past by leaving relationships that weren’t right, yet I wonder if my idea of how I think it is […]

Extending Love and The 5 Love Languages

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Before discussing The 5 Love Languages, as you may know we are big on “extending love.” What is “extending love?” Extending Love is a term that my wife and I coined for a technique the Holy Spirit gave to us […]

Should I leave my husband/wife or not?


One of the most common questions people ask me in counseling sessions is, “Should I leave my husband/wife or not?” Relationship can be one of the most wonderful and fulfilling aspects of our lives. It can also be one of […]

Should I Leave My Fiancé or Should I Hang In There?


Many years ago when Candace and I weren’t so busy running The Voice for Love, we had a place on our website where people could submit questions to Holy Spirit and we would answer each one from Holy Spirit in […]

Best Gift For My Wife, Myself, and My Marriage


If you are married and have kids, you know how difficult it is to find time with your spouse. Last month after meditating for several hours one morning, I asked God what I could do to improve my marriage. I […]

Love and Freedom

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Hi, DavidPaul Doyle here. I want to share an article with you that my friend, Sarah Maria, wrote. It’s on love and freedom … something I think we all need in our lives. I hope you enjoy it! “One of […]

The Soulmate Secret


A friend recently introduced me to Arielle Ford, of the legendary Ford Sisters. Arielle recently sent me a copy of her book, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life With the Law of Attraction. I’m not a big […]