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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Coping With Separation

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Rose: “My husband and I have separated. We have a 3-month-old daughter. He suffers from anxiety and rejection issues that he refuses to be treated for. I get a lot of mixed signals from him as to whether he is […]

My Parents Disapprove of My Marriage

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Wallace: “I married the woman I love but my parents were never happy about it and started engaging in activities to separate us. We want to stay at peace with them but every time there is a moment we anticipate […]

How to Regain Self-Esteem

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Ginger: “Previously I was in a relationship where I was put down a lot and made to feel like I wasn’t worth anything. I got very depressed and had to see a doctor and a therapist to help me get […]

When to Move On

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Miriam: “I have been seeing a man who is 8 years younger than me. We have had some extreme trials with family and the fact that he was in a long-term relationship before me. A few months ago he suggested […]

Getting Over a Break-Up

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Arthur: “I was in a relationship wherein I finally realized I was just being used. We broke up and I am having a hard time forgiving her and the situation. How do you forgive someone that really, really hurt you? […]

Excuses We Find to Reject Love

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JoAnn: “I have been separated for 14 years and am now 54. I have many financial problems and a difficult 21-year-old son. I met a lovely man a few years ago, but he lives quite a distance from me. Do […]

Feeling Disapproval from Others

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Barbara: “I live in a family-owned house and my younger brother administers the trust that has me living here. I only work part-time but he hasn’t pressured me that much about rent. My difficulty is that the only emails I […]

Disciplining Young Adults

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Theresa: “I married a man who has four daughters. We’ve had the two youngest living with us and now the 20-year-old has come, too. She is very disrespectful, will not help around the house, and sleeps until 11 every day. […]

Infidelity, Forgiveness and Peace

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Kevin: “I recently found out that my girlfriend, whom I have a son with, is cheating on me. She has done this before but when I found out the previous time, I forgave her. I am not ready to lose […]

How to Grow in Trust of Your Partner

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Victoria: “I feel as if my relationship with my partner started out with many secrets. Time passed and walls came down and honesty flourished. But I often find myself questioning anything he says now as to whether it is fact […]