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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Extending Love and The 5 Love Languages

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Before discussing The 5 Love Languages, as you may know we are big on “extending love.” What is “extending love?” Extending Love is a term that my wife and I coined for a technique the Holy Spirit gave to us […]

Should I leave my husband/wife or not?


One of the most common questions people ask me in counseling sessions is, “Should I leave my husband/wife or not?” Relationship can be one of the most wonderful and fulfilling aspects of our lives. It can also be one of […]

The Purity of Truth and Eternal Love with Matt Kahn

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Being a spiritual teacher, I come across a lot of people, colleagues, authors, coaches, etc. who believe themselves to be teaching deep and profound levels of spiritual truth. None of us know what we don’t know, so I don’t judge […]

One Love in Hawaii


Hi everyone! We just got back from vacation yesterday. We had the most amazing time in Hawaii! Our daughter, Hannah, was with us, and Candace’s mother joined us as well. Not only did we snorkel and boogie board nearly every […]

Jason Gregory on Love, Beingness, and What is

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Dear friends, Jason Gregory is a member of our Voice for Love mailing you list, just like you. He recently wrote a lovely article on love, beingness, and what is, and I’d love to share it with you… "Love is […]

Awakening to the Truth of Your Divinity


One of our past certification students sent me the below message he recently received from Holy Spirit. I asked if I could share it with you, and he said yes. II think you will enjoy it. Blessings to you! DavidPaul […]

Feeling God’s Love

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I oftentimes don’t share the personal messages I receive from God with people because I find they are so personal to me. I often teach the idea that God speaks to us “right where we are,” wherever place we may […]

Learning to Love Myself


The following story was written by Claudette Foy several years ago and submitted to me to be include in When God Spoke to Me. I had originally accepted the story, but when my publisher asked me to cut the number […]

Hearing the Voice for God

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Could you use some NEW tools to help you re-discover your Divine Nature? Imagine how it would feel to be engulfed in unconditional Love? What would it feel like communicating with your Creator? In these uncertain times, how comforting would […]

Love and Freedom

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Hi, DavidPaul Doyle here. I want to share an article with you that my friend, Sarah Maria, wrote. It’s on love and freedom … something I think we all need in our lives. I hope you enjoy it! “One of […]