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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

What Does Money Mean?

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As you may know, our work with The Voice for Love is much more experiential than conceptual. Our goal is to instill direct experience, not teach new beliefs. Along the way to experience, however, we do find it helpful to […]

AFFORMATIONS: The Secret Key to Manifest Your Desires


My colleague, Noah St. John, wrote the following article on Afformations. He’s going to be offering a special promotion in the next few days and I wanted to share a little bit of his work with you before it happens. […]

Christmas Message from Holy Spirit

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Merry Christmas! Each year, I like to ask Holy Spirit for a Christmas message to share. This morning, I sat down and recorded the following message. The theme was about experiencing the Presence of Christ within you—your true Self. May […]

Stewardship by David Hoffmeister

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David Hoffmeister is one of the most beautiful teachers of God I know. He is All Love. I recently asked him if I could share some of his writings with you. Below is a piece he wrote on Stewardship. I […]

Creative Questions (Good-bye Affirmations)

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Hi, DavidPaul Doyle here. As a longtime practitioner and admirer of the Work of Byron Katie, I’ve always believed that curiosity was a quality of Being, one of the many qualities available to us for developing a holy relationship with […]

Beautiful Holy Spirit Sermon


I wanted to share this beautiful sermon with you from Rev. Karen Stemmler, who lives in Ontario Canada. Karen graduated from our Voice for Love Certification and Teachers program two years ago. She is a Certified Voice for Love Teacher […]