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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Radio Interview with DavidPaul Doyle on Hearing God’s Voice


I’ve got a great interview to share with you. Last week, I was interviewed by “Good Vibrations Radio” as part of a special series they were doing called “Plug into Your Power.” I’ve received a bunch of e-mails from people […]

5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice 30 Day Course – Worldwide Release


This is a proud and happy day for me. I have a very exciting, limited time offer to share with you today. I believe this is the most life impacting opportunity I’ve shared with you in the past nine months. […]

FREE BOOK – LET’S PLAY GRATITUDE With Life’s Sticky Issues

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Dear Friends, I have a great opportunity to share with you. Many years ago, a lady by the name of Bejoy hosted a workshop for Candace and I in Florida on how to how to hear God’s voice. We’ve kept […]

Awakening to Your Higher Self

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Hi everyone! Two of our Voice for Love certified teachers, Russell Hill and Lynn Kirk, held a “preview call" last night entitled "Awakening to Your Higher Self." This was very exciting to me because Russell and Lynn have been teaching […]

Important First Step In Learning To Receive Communication from God


There are many different ways to receive inner guidance, direction, and communication from God. People oftentimes think, even if they are not aware of it, that the only “valid” or “real” way to hear God’s voice is to hear an […]

When Your Spirit Calls by Warren Ziegler with Mandy Ziegler

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There is a new book coming out today called When Your Spirit Calls – In Search of Your Spiritual Voice by Warren Ziegler with Mandy Ziegler. From his 30 years of spiritual work, Warren Ziegler has identified nine fundamental spiritual […]

You Are the Chosen One


Last week, I shared a message that one of our certification students received from Holy Spirit called God is Proceeding. This week, I have another one that will speak directly to You as “The Chosen One.” Below is the e-mail […]

Speaking the Holy Spirit in Silence


I have something beautiful to share with you. As you probably know, our certification students have to submit homework every week. As part of their homework, they have to write a little about their experience practicing the weekly homework. Below, […]

Christmas Message from Holy Spirit

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Merry Christmas! Each year, I like to ask Holy Spirit for a Christmas message to share. This morning, I sat down and recorded the following message. The theme was about experiencing the Presence of Christ within you—your true Self. May […]

Love’s Universal Selling Proposition or USP


I’m really excited about an idea I recently had and I want to share it with you. (I’m reading this blog entry myself from the beginning right now, and I realize it takes me a little bit of time to […]