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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

What is the Proper Way to Ask God to Teach Me?


David: “When I sit down and pray to God, I ask Him how to teach me on five things: humility, patience, compassion (Love), grace (graciousness and gracefulness) and mercy (including forgiving of others). I feel these are very important spiritual […]

Why Am I Going Through Such a Hard Time?


Charles: “I have been searching for a job since I lost my last job almost a year ago. Why is it so hard for me to find a job? I also was in a relationship with a great woman for […]

Divine Guidance from Spirit on the Topic of Worry


I have some great spiritual guidance to share with you today. On New Year’s Eve, we ran into a woman by the name of Becky Hale who lives here in Ashland, Oregon. Becky leads a couple of spiritual groups here […]

Love and Accept Yourself With Your New Year’s Resolutions

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I recently read an article about learning to love and accept yourself even when you fail. The article was written by a woman named Kathy Yoder. Kathy writes, “I resolve not to give up when I don’t keep my resolutions […]

Addiction, Counseling, and the Voice of God

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Counseling others is a fundamental job of most ministers. Recently, Cedarbook Church Pastor Remy Diederich wrote a book called, “Healing the Hurts of Your Past: A Guide to Overcoming the Pain of Shame.” The premise for the book started with […]

Is Daniel Hearing the Voice of God?

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I saw this headline and it grabbed me, “Hearing the Voice of God?” I was intrigued and started reading. Here was a man who called himself, “a former militant-atheist (mostly a CHRIST-basher), a former “do-gooder”, a former socialist believer with […]

Do We Have the Power to Change Others?


I recently watched this video about someone calling a prayer line. It sparked a series of questions within me: Are we capable of impacting people’s lives and making a big difference? Or do we have no power at all in […]

Creating a Life of Service

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I’m a huge fan of people who are dedicated to serving others, especially when it comes to serving them spiritually. There are many different ways to serve people, but the form service that’s most in my heart is helping people […]

Timothy Shriver, CEO of the Special Olympics, is a spiritual dude!

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On Christmas eve in the Washington Post, Timothy Shriver, CEO of the Special Olympics, wrote the following: “If it is God’s voice calling to us with words of tenderness, gentleness and love, it can be felt at the very core […]

Discipling Others to Recognize God’s Voice

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One of the cool things about Christians is that they love hear to God’s Voice. I love that! Seriously, that might sound really funny, but Christians or “into” hearing God’s Voice. That’s not to say that they don’t have a […]