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Spiritual Counselor Sherry Harris Thriving in Ottawa Canada


I’m happy and proud to let our community know about Sherry Harris’s new Voice for Love website! Sherry has been studying with The Voice for Love for the past 4 years. She became one of our very first Certified Voice for Love Teachers several years ago and has been a staff member with us for the past 2 years.

Living in Ottawa Canada, Sherry is a full-time professional counselor. She is also a Certified Spiritual Counselor with The Voice for Love.

If you live in or near Ottawa Canada, I highly recommend you contact Sherry for in-person teaching, coaching, and counseling. She has tremendous experience with the 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice and can work with you to really integrate and embody hearing God’s Voice in your life.

Congratulations, Sherry, for all of your hard work these past few years. And congratulations with your new Voice for Love website!

  • Congratulations, Sherry! I’m grateful that you are out there in the world sharing so much love with so many. Thank you!

  • Druwheelin

    Greetings Sherry! Hoping you remember Dru and thanks again for your assistance through a distressing time for me. My very best for success in all your endeavors. You truly are a messenger from God.

  • Barbara Cooper

    Congratulations, Sherry!  How super to have your own website set up so that others can reach you easily.  They will be so blessed to be surrounded in your love to be restored to the love that they truly are.  As well not only will they learn and grow spiritually, but they will learn to live their lives in joy, love, peace and freedom. All the best to you, precious one.  Blessings in the Light as Love,  Barbie