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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Speaking the Holy Spirit in Silence


I have something beautiful to share with you. As you probably know, our certification students have to submit homework every week. As part of their homework, they have to write a little about their experience practicing the weekly homework. Below, one of our students shares his experience. I thought it was very inspiring and he agreed that I could share it with you. I know it will inspire you!

“I have found speaking out loud to be a very rewarding experience. The only difficulty I have is making the time to do it. This time of year places more demands on me from work and family, and I recognize that I need to make extra effort to keep my practice strong. I feel that speaking out loud is more formal in a way. I have to put myself out more, which I resist. This past week I was able to practice my usual speaking out loud to myself alone, and also to my wife 4 times. I also invited the Holy Spirit to speak through me during five counseling sessions that I had this week. (This student is a counselor by profession.)

During my sessions with my wife, it is easier for me than to practice alone. Her support and interest helps me value the practice and make the time. I still have some difficulty getting going. I am most self-conscious right before I begin to speak, and I often have to wait several minutes before I can begin talking. Once I begin speaking it is easier, and the understanding just flows. The messages are always supportive and encouraging. I always feel relieved and inspired after speaking the voice. The Holy Spirit answers the question directly and in detail, usually by reframing the question or helping us to see the issue from the point of view of Reality instead of through our thinking mind. It has been a theme lately that our thinking mind is the seat of all confusion and anxiety, and that we are learning to trust our living mind which is not concerned about our thoughts in a fearful way.

For example, the other day my wife asked the Holy Spirit “…how should we proceed” in our life. The Holy Spirit said that the question reflected a way of thinking about our life that was unnecessary. It said that the question assumed that “proceeding” was something we could “do” or “not do.” The Holy Spirit said that we are not proceeding but that only God proceeds, and that we will proceed with Him as He Wills. He also said that we can be assured that He will not proceed without us, by forgetting us, or leaving us out in any way. God is proceeding and we are with Him. The Spirit also said that what we can do is continue our practice of meditation, study, and keeping our attention to Him in everyday living, extending love as best as we are able, and to know that God is proceeding. This is how we “should proceed.” What a relief. This was a beautiful message and we both found it to be very comforting.

I also invited the Holy Spirit to speak through me during my counseling sessions this week. I am sometimes aware that the Holy Spirit speaks through me during my counseling, but I have never invited the spirit to speak through me during sessions in such an explicit way. My tendency in counseling is to rescue others and not be still during emotional moments, or when clients are struggling with difficult situations. I tend to want to make it better by giving an explanation or offering comfort for their pain. When I allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through me during my sessions I noticed I was being held back from speaking when I felt an urge to comment. I found this interesting. When I invited the Holy Spirit to “speak” he was encouraging me to be silent. This helped me to be with my client as she experienced her feelings, without any intervention on my part of trying to explain or make sense of the situation in some way. The Holy Spirit helped me by not speaking, and letting me sit still before painful emotions trusting that this is “speaking” the Holy Spirit.

I sometimes have doubts after a therapy session about my effectiveness in helping my clients. I brought questions to the Holy Spirit twice this week, during my practice of speaking the Holy Spirit while alone, concerning my ability as a counselor. When I speak the Holy Spirit when I am alone He speaks to me directly with great understanding. He told me that I don’t need to question the value of sharing understanding with others. He assured me that being understanding of another is of supreme value and is always helpful. He shared with me that my doubts are based on my false perception and judgment of a reality that I cannot see. Being with others in their moments of pain and struggle has a value that I do not give, and an effect that I cannot see or judge. He shared with me to trust him more in letting him give the meaning to my practice, and surrendering my best efforts to him as he provides the opportunity for healing. This message was also very uplifting to me as I was able to leave my sessions refreshed and not worried that I had not done enough, or not said that “right” thing. It helped me to let go completely of what had just transpired, and return to the joy of being present in my own life.

I always feel strengthened and reassured when engaging with the Holy Spirit. I feel healed of my fearful mind. Lately I have been experiencing a simple kind of joy that is not usual for me. I am usually feeling a simple kind of anxiety. The Holy Spirit is helping me with my anxiety, and teaching me to trust in Him as How things are going to work out, and he is helping me to rest in peace and joy with what is happening in the moment.

  • Vil_ramos

    Please continue inspire me with your message. Basically I’m not relieve is because our billings keeps on filling up and i cant see the right solution as of this moments. Help me please in more prayers from now

  • Blissful101

    Hello. The fact that you desire to hear and know God/The Holy Spirit should comfort and inspire you in itself. God loves that you want to know him. Remember that Jesus Christ said: “I am with you always and surely I will never leave you.” Please pray in your own words to God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit; say what is ever in your heart and in your mind; this is communicating with God Vil_ramos and he hears your Prayers as well as he loves you. Take one day at a time and try not to worry. Put a little time aside each day to quietly speak with God about all you need to. Things do have a way of working out; even our financial problems. Remain calm; plan as best as you can and give all your worries to God.
    You will be fine. You know, what causes us stress and worry usually “feels” much worse than it actually is. Find peace and calm by speaking with God; do all you can and nothing more needs to be done. Stay Well and Peace To You.

  • Alanavanvalkenburg

    Thank You ! I cried in such a joyous way because when I read your story I felt the Holy Spirit talking to me through you . I will save this and read it daily . Again I Thank You