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How to Know If You Should Be Baptized As an Adult

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Vivian: “I was raised as an Orthodox Christian and was baptized as a child. Should I take baptism again, and if so, why? I believe in God and that He is my Lord and Creator and He has all rights on me. I believe that I am in father-daughter relationship with my Lord. Will He reject me if I don’t take baptism now that I am an adult?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, the answer to your question resides in the very words of your question. Just as a human father-daughter relationship can never be severed, no matter what either party may do or not do, so also your relationship with your heavenly Father can never be severed.

“You have chosen to more fully experience this relationship with your heavenly Father, and this you are doing. Your baptism in childhood was in essence a ritual which you at that age could perhaps not fully appreciate. If entering into this ritual again as an adult would be meaningful for you, then indeed, do so. Follow your own heart in this matter.

“Your heavenly Father fully supports and encourages you to do those things which bring you comfort and peace, which enrich your relationship with Him and bring this relationship more fully to life. Your Father can never reject you but only love you, so please put this fear of rejection aside. Know that you are loved perfectly and eternally, for your heavenly Father is only Love, and only loves His creation. You are His precious daughter, no matter what you do in this world; that does not change.

“Go in peace, Precious One, and again we say, follow your heart in this matter. Do not seek baptism as a way to make yourself ‘safe’ for you are never in danger of not being loved by your heavenly Father. This relationship is sealed. And like the relationship between a human father and child, it is a tie that cannot be severed. You are safe, you are loved, and you are free. Please worship in the way that is most meaningful to you, and God will be most pleased. You are His holy and precious child, always.”