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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Refueling at Holy Spirit’s Pump

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Why do I so resist meditation? That was my intended question this morning, as I forced myself to sit and practice the 5 Steps to hearing God’s voice. I’ve always had difficulty in doing anything that I “had” to do (which is one reason I greeted retirement with open arms!), but part of me still recognizes my need to enrich the beginning of my day. And so, as I opened up to Step 1, “Extend love to your thoughts,” I began to allow that sense of a loving inner self to emerge.

Suddenly, I felt immersed and surrounded by the presence of much loving beingness. I felt the essence of the presence of some HIV-infected gay men I had done volunteer work with decades ago, and that sensation was strong. My time with their Friends organization had fueled me with a deep sense of spiritual love, acceptance, compassion and connectedness, qualities that were so evident in their group environment. As an alone, heterosexual female, their spiritual maturity and love filled a sense of lack I had felt in my personal life. Now, here they were again, in my mind, just being and joining in that pervasive sense of love which had permeated my experience during a prior time.

Here is the message I got immediately: “Be that Love here, the Love which you feel, being with us in your mind. Be that. Be Love in your world, and bring it with you in all your experience. Do that and life will be a joy, no matter what drama you might express on the stage of your life.”

That wasn’t a direct answer to my question about meditating, and I never got around to the rest of the 5 Steps, but it felt right anyhow. So I got up and gathered my dogs, retaining that sensation of being Love, and headed out the door for our walk.

Last week I got my first set of hearing aids, but I haven’t walked all week. I was amazed! I heard sounds I don’t remember hearing before, the sound of the air moving, machinery running – there were so many sounds, it was a revelation. Experienced along with that Love I brought with me, it was an absolute delight of being in the Now. It helped me to realize two things:

First, that Consciousness is using that powerful eternal mind to selectively organize and sense information in the world. Then it brings that sensory data together with thoughts into organized memories, to generate new constructs and experiences. It is merely a focus, just as I suddenly had all these new sound sensations to focus upon and then allowed a new “in the now” experience to emerge. Any particular focus just is, but the mind’s purpose is primary in how we experience a focus. With the fuel of love within and my eternal mind’s infinite generosity, my experience was ecstatic!

Secondly, just as a car can’t run without fuel, neither can our spiritually experienced foci within the world run efficiently without Holy Spirit’s fuel. That fuel is always available, but we must pull up to the pump to get it! To practice Step 1, “Extend love to your thoughts,” is to avail ourselves of a refueling.

Extending love to our thoughts is manna in the desert, sixth sense illumination, to guide us through the tunnels of life. It is the gourmet fare that feeds our consciousness and guides our experience. It’s the gift of our shared Mind at our breakfast banquet. And that’s why I want to do it!