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One Simple Thing You Can Do on Christmas


A few days ago, with Christmas swiftly approaching, I found myself sitting at my desk thinking about what I wanted to share with you for our Voice for Love Christmas Message. Over the years, Candace and I have recorded many messages from Holy Spirit and sent those recorded messages to those on our mailing list. Usually, those messages have talked about peace on earth, goodwill towards one another, and recognizing the essence and Presence of Christ in our brothers and sisters, especially on this special day of celebration.

As I sat there thinking about what we should do or say this year for our annual Christmas message, I felt inspired to make this year’s Christmas message one of the simplest, most ordinary messages we’ve ever given.

As I write these words, the most important thing in my heart to share with you is the importance of just being present with friends and family this holiday season.

There are times in our lives when we feel the need to connect mentally, spiritually, or in other ways to something “higher,” some type of “divine consciousness” that is beyond what we usually experience in our everyday lives in order to feel fulfilled, like we’ve accomplished some special feat, or done something worthy of love and spiritual recognition. For many, Christmas can be a great motivator for us to strive spiritually or to accomplish a particular state of mind in order to meet a particular goal for ourselves during the holidays or perhaps on Christmas. For whatever reason, that type of spiritual striving or ideal spiritual practice or perspective is not in my heart to offer you this year.

What’s really in my heart to share with you this year is one simple message: Just be yourself. Just be happy and grateful to be with your friends and family this year. WHO would you be without them? HOW would you be without? What would you be doing on Christmas Day if you had absolutely no friends or family in the world? Just sitting by yourself, alone, with no one to share your life with? How would you feel? What would your life feel like if you had no one in your life at all?

I was contemplating this a few days ago. Why, I have no idea 🙂 It just came into my mind. Could I sit and meditate, connect with God, and be happy and blissful with no one in my life? Absolutely. I’m good at that. I could certainly do that on Christmas if I had no one in my life, and I could probably be very happy doing it. This Christmas, however, sitting in meditation and getting all blissed-out doesn’t seem to be as high a calling for me as something else. What seems to be even more important is simply being happy and grateful for what I DO have–for all the people that I do have in my life.

What would it feel like, and be like, to really just appreciate my family, my friends, my wife and daughter, my relatives, and everybody I spend time with this holiday season? No special experiences. Nothing extraordinary. Just really acknowledging how blessed and grateful I am to have people to love, to have people who love me in return, share life with me, and who are my friends and family.

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of truly experiencing the blessings and gratitude that you have in your life for the simplest of things … for your family, spouse, children, friends, and for those who you spend time with this holiday season. Just stop for a moment (or more) right now and give thanks … really feel the gratitude for having those people in your life.

Enjoy the gift of family and friends that you’ve been given. Receive that blessing and gift. Enjoy those moments that you spend with them this holiday season.

Sometimes, we can become addicted to experiencing profound levels of “spiritual love” in our daily lives, the type of unconditional love we feel in meditation, the type of love that really helps us feel connected to everyone and everything.

I love that type of love, don’t get me wrong. But in this moment, what really feels true to me is this… Those profound moments of experiencing true, unconditional love within ourselves are no more special than the everyday “human” experiences of love that we have for our family and friends when we are simply present with them. We don’t need to do anything abstract or “spiritual” to deeply appreciate the true love and blessings that we have in our lives.

The human experience of friendship and family can be just as special and wonderful as the deep love that we feel in our spiritual practices. Our human experience of simply being grateful for our friends and family can be just as profound and special as every other expression or experience of love. We don’t have to do something special to experience love. We can just appreciate what’s in front of us with real sincerity and experience all of the love that we need in order to be fulfilled.

So that’s my plan this Christmas and holiday season. When I’m with someone, when I’m with my friends and family, I just want to be present and grateful for having them in my life … present and grateful for all that I DO have.

I know this message is long-winded for such a simple message. I just think we can complicate things and make things bigger than they need to be sometimes. This Christmas, if you resonate with what I’m saying, let’s just keep it simple. Keep our love and gratitude simple. Keep our appreciation simple. Let’s just be grateful for all the people in our lives and enjoy the time that we get to be with one another. I think that’s enough, especially given all that’s going on in the world these days. Let’s just remember what really matters and have that be enough. To me, that’s the best Christmas gift I can give myself this holiday season.

Well … this might not be your typical Christmas message, but I hope it speaks to your heart nonetheless. 🙂

With that, thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being part of The Voice for Love. Thank you for allowing me to share my love with you. And thank you for all that you do to share your love with everyone in your life. Simple, daily acts of love by everyone is what the world needs right now.

Many blessings to you this holiday season. May your Christmas and your gatherings with family and friends be filled with joy, happiness, and appreciation for all that you have in your life.

Lots of love to you,

DavidPaul Doyle

P.S. I picked the lego picture of the Last Supper for two reasons. First, in part it represents being with friends and family. I know it means more than just that, but it really is symbolic of that simplicity as well. Secondly, I like the playfulness and simplicity of the Lego pieces. We don’t need to take it all so seriously. Let’s just be like innocent children and enjoy ourselves this Christmas. 🙂

  • JeralitaCosta

    DavidPaul: I LOVE this message. Thank you for reminding us that being fully present and sharing love with those we are with is one of the most important and ways of being in this world. Much love to you, Candace, Hannah and our big, loving, Voice for Love family!

  • Good to hear from you, Jeri. Thank you for your kind reply. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wasn’t really sure how it was going to fly 🙂

    Your reply gave me the opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks to you. I’m so grateful you are in our lives. You are an amazing person.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

     Love to you!!

  • Neerav

    Hi DavidPaul,

    Your message is dead on as to one of the best things about Christmas – other than celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, family is what is most important during the Christmas holiday. Both Lord Jesus’s birth and the gathering of family are both joyous occasions to celebrate. Even as a non-Christian, I celebrate Jesus Christ as one of the greatest people to ever walk on this planet in human history every Christmas, and it is a humble honor to do so, and I am sure, if He were alive today, He would also emphasize how being with family and the ones you love is very important, even during the holidays.

    As a Christmas present for my mother, I am giving her an album with pictures of family from as far back as I can remember. Here is a poem that I wrote to go with the album, which plays into the theme of your Christmas message:

    Dear Mom,

    Here’s a reminder, what Christmas should be.
    More than just presents under a tree.
    What does this Christmas, mean to dear me?
    Christmas means one thing…and that’s family.

    Merry Christmas!


    Just sharing this poem with all of you brings tears of joy in my eyes, and I hope you enjoyed it and really do enjoy what is best about the holidays – family.

    Have a very Merry Christmas to all of you, and God bless.

    – Neerav  

  • Gallagherm

    Hi David Paul Thank you for your message keep it real and keep it simple i was watching a report on a guy in washington who is in temporary accommodation with his 4 year old son it was heart rending iam on benefits due to ill health and have had a hamper delivered to me as i am classed as in need but my need is minisdule next to that man and his 4year old son i wanted to send and will whatever i can to help George Harris and his son.The guy was so humble and he and his son touched my heart May the Lord protect Them.

  • Sea_lover333

    Merry Christmas to You and Your Loved ones David. What an Awesome message. My Grandaughter asked What I would like for Christmas and I told her A Big Hug & Kisses. Every Year we make a Birthday Cake for Jesus for dessert so as the next group of little ones come along they Understand what this Wonderful Day Means. Love to You and Yours. Have A Blessed Christmas. Love & Light Rebecca

  • Lynnkirk

    Beautifully stated, DavidPaul! I wish you and Candace and Hannah and your family a love-filled Christmas in the moment, appreciating everything!  Love you both – Lynn

  • Richard

    lot of the Holiday promotion orientation seems to be about what you
    want for Christmas, what you got, and/or what you bought. Most of it
    is consumption based commercial, ego self-serving, and distracting
    with a “more is better” and “did I do enough or forget anyone”
    orientation. Black Friday, Cyber and Green Mondays, and Super
    Saturday have some of us spinning the “do more” obsession wheel
    faster and faster. We have lost simplicity, and in the process have
    attempted to replace the heart with the wallet and surface

    if we could find a way to love more without expressing it in terms of
    material gifts


    if the true currency of the Holiday was shared quiet time,
    unexplainable joy, true listening, and forgiveness?

    if a good time for the other person, a deepened friendship, and
    unconditional loving was the requisite currency to be spent?

    if we all just started off small and gave a smile, then a hug, and
    then a laugh, and then a compliment?

    if you just told the other “I see you” and really meant it?

    if the greatest gift we could give was to promote peace within
    ourselves first?

    let that be a model for the family and our friends, for our nation
    and the world?

    you learn to give the gift of peace to yourself.

    you know yourself as peace.

        – Richard

  • Janemarie44

    Perfect, thank you! I have a tendency to be in my own litle world as I cook or shop for Christmas and there are beautiful people all around me that I could be having holy encounters with. That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown! JOYning! xo

  • Nja7761

    Thank you so much for this Christmas Message, it truly spoke to my heart.  This is just what I am thinking.  My Precious Family, My Dear Friends, how very thankful that I have been given them to
    love and for them to love me. 

    The simple , daily acts of love and kindness are the most important things.

    Much love and blessings to you.  May your Christmas be filled with Joy and fun!!!!!!!

    Smiles and love to you,

    Nancy Adams        ( I am truly loving my book VFL, will order the 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice

  • Lilo Botha

    An amazing Christmas Message. Thank you very much. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas with lots of love. Love the picture “Jesus’s supper” as well. It’s so simple and fitting. Love to you all.  Lilo

  • Thanks everyone for all of your comments. I’m grateful to hear it!!

  • trevina

    Well I loved Yr message and the Last super is very close to my heart,  I would have loved my son to be with us this christmas dat is all I asked god for I miss him sososo much please pray very fevently 4 my son his case is on d 18th of January 2012 god will realease him, wish u and yr family a blessed christmas,lots of love and gods blessings. Trevina

  • Thank you, Richard. I appreciate your sharing! Just so you know, I just removed a bunch of blank spaces and lines in your post. That’s why it says “Edited by a moderator.” But I didn’t change any words or sentences. It’s all intact 🙂

    Blessings to you.

  • Rina

    Dear David & Candace
    You and Candace have been sprinkled with peace, love and happiness.
    Blessed is the season that engages the whole world in a comspiracy of love.
    Thank you for being my friend .

    Lots of love to you,



  • Morales Karita

    This is beautiful DavidPaul! and i too will ask and intend for my christmas holidays and the new year celebrations to come, be filled with a simple being of being present with my family and friends. I will start each morning, gathering, celebration, daily activity by giving thanks first! What a beautiful priceless present of being present!
    God bless you, Candace, your daughter and loved ones! 

  • Paulag104

    Thank You for that simple message! The gift of family and friends is a blessing to be celebrated! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Joselean Slydell

    Thank you for this awesome message.  I pray that all our friends really understand the true
    meaning of Christmas.  We are truly blessed to have family and friends to be with on Christmas
    and for those who have no family or friends, you still have the Greatest Friend and family….

  • George Miller

    I was thrilled as I read the message which came through. I was in the process of writing cards for local friends and family, and noticed my greeting perfectly matched the flavor of the message sent to me.  Mine read “Laugh and have fun with all the people that you know.”

    Yes everyone, I see that the VFL is speaking through Christmas cards too.   

    I took a break from regular conversation with the Holy Spirit, but have reconnected in recent months and am enjoying it as much as I did from the beginning.  DavidPaul and Candance are clear “lights” in my life and I will be remembering both of them as I share the simple joy of being with my family and friends this holydays season.

    I am grateful to be alive and awaking.

  • Wigginse25

    Wonderful message, I was thinking of doing the same this Christmas.The  message is so simple, yet it can bring a sense of peace and joy into our lives, thank you and thank God  for you.May the joy and peace of this Christmas season remain with you throughout the coming year, and may the Christ Child be reborn  in us today.May all of us look at our family and friends with new eyes, and a new sense of gratitude for them and all that  we do have,and those who feel alone, are never truly alone for the Christ they love is forever present  with them, embracing them in his love.Merry Christmas  everyone, you are loved.

  • Dee Cooper

    Thank you for the great message! I practiced that exact message last Christmas… it was a wonderful Holiday! Family and friends are the next best blessings next to Christ! I hope your Christmas is filled with lots of love and laughter. Lots of love from me to you and your family!!!

  • Melissa

    I really appreciated your Christmas message. I’ve been feeling so rushed to do everything to get ready for Christmas. Since I’ve been staying up late wrapping gifts, decorating the house, etc. I’ve been waking up feeling stressed and tired. Too tired for meditation time and Course In Miracles lessons and subtly beating myself up for not being able to do it all.  I’ve been sad that I’m not in that exalted state of pure peace and love and calmness for Christmas. So, this message was like a breath of fresh air. Comforting and re-assuring. I can be present with my family and friends and focus on loving them. I can do that. I’m doing that every day! Thank you, David.

  • Zambynan

    Merry Christmas and thank you for such a powerful, profound and yet so simple a message. It is so so true. I believe it with all of my heart that God is speaking to us all (myself) about coming back to the basics, and that is simply being me and enjoy what I do have for He is in ALL of these things. Enjoying myself, my family and friends. The life of freedom that He died for for us. I find sometime I make things sooo complicated for me that it can only bring frustrations and then find myself in bondage again and losing my joy through it.
    So, thank you for bringing such a simple yet sooo profound message to remind us of how precious families and friends are, especially at this festive season. This is what is all about!
    Bless you, have a Great Christmas and a Great Year 2012. “God is Good!” 

  • Colleenpbarlow

    The message of love is profound and comes from your heart – I can feel it.  I feel gratitude everyday of my life that I have family around me and a husband that is truly a friend.  If this were to be the last year of my life, I would spend as much time with family as I could.  God bless you all.

  • Debra Core

    Thank you for all your emails, I have shared your thoughts and quotes on my FB page and they are well received,  Have a blessed Christmas and i look forward to more from you both in the new year
    In Love and Light Debra

  • Cynthia lLindberg

    Thank you so much. I am the most blessed person in this world,with beautiful neighbours and friends. life has never  been so wonderful. 

  • Thank you everyone for your comments. I just spent the past 2 days with relatives, and I really consciously practiced my recommendation above throughout the day, perhaps consciously thinking about it 20 times each day and really just taking my appreciation for everyone in. It really made a big difference in my overall experience. I was relaxed and enjoyed myself fully each day.

    I would like to consciously practice this mindfulness on a regular basis with my friends and family. I can see is creating long-term change in my experience.

    I just tucked my daughter in for the night. It was her 11th birthday today. She was born at 10:59 PM Christmas Eve 2000.

     I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas!! blessings to you all!

  • Horadinicruz

    Hi David GOD BLESS you,I have a question If Jesus was not born on Dec 25 according to luke why we say is his B day. thank you and may GOD bless you and your family

  • Juliana Alagaban

    First of all Merry Christmas to you and to your family. You are really blessed to have them. Thank you for this wonderful message and for opening the mind of all people reading your message. To live life in a simple way is important this Season of love. Love is all that matters for God is love.  Sharing that love to our family and friends and people around us and appreciating what they have done to us is the wonderful gift one can give to another. We see God on whom we come in contact with. Right now I am so blessed to read your message this Christmas and I am happy for you and your family, friends and people around you to have YOU. Simplicity of actions are the best expression of love and the most humble and simple statement we can say is “I am nothing without God” and the most powerful words are  “with God I can do anything.”  

  • Peniasnelia

    Hi, thanks for the Christmas message. so encouraging indeed. its true  we should not spend too much during Christmas and new year periods. we need a simple life indeed. what is important for us is God who is the saviour and life.
     i was preaching on sunday about “Christmas, Challenges, Hope. brief message was the birth of Jesus was faced with a number of things (Mat 1&2). Herod wanted to kill Jesus and instead many children were killed. jesus indeed faced challenges. however, nomatter what Herod did, the angel of God gave way, hope to mary and joseph and they escaped to Egypt.
    i said the world is experiencing wars, global warming, poverty, homosexualism, etc however in this uncertain world, we have hope in Jesus our saviour. hope gives the expectation that we will live tommorrow. things will better tommorrow, i will be ok tommorrow, war will end tommorrow, global warming will be solved when we hope in GOD and work together.
    in my conlusion, i said as we celebrate christmass we should have hope in christ for tommorrow. be blessed and happy christmass and hopefull blessed 2012. amen. Penias

  • Tajudeen_afolabi

    Thanks for your message. Wishing you and friends MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE

  • Maija

    A slightly delayed thank you for your heartfelt message. However,  it speaks  of a timeless truth and therefore has no time limit!
     With love and gratefullness in my heart, Maija

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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