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One of My Favorite Radio Interviews Of All Time


Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing one of my most enjoyable radio interviews yet. I’ve probably done 50 interviews over the past several years. I always walk away feeling happy and joyful from every one. Speaking LIVE always takes me deeper within myself. This one, however, was different. I got off the call thinking to myself, “Wow! That was awesome. One of my favorite interviews ever!”

The interview was with Anayah Joi Holilly, Founder & Executive Producer of The Angel Heart Radio Network. An Australian ball of love, Anayah was just lovely and so down to earth and real.

I asked her if I could share the interview with you and she gave me permission. So here it is! Click the play button below to listen to it now, or right click the download link low to download it to your computer. Two unexpected guests showed up on the interview as well, which just added to the energy. I know you’ll enjoy it!

If you have any problems using the above audio player, or you simply want to download the interview to listen to on your computer or phone, right-click this link to download the interview to in MP3 format.

  • Thank you DavidPaul for this great crystal clear words of wisdom. I just love the clarity and ease you have when communicating…. Pure gold.With love. Kris

  • Thanks, Kris! Glad you enjoyed it…  Have a great weekend!

  • Martha

    i tried to download it, but it failed due to the fact that the website for that it blocked by webmarshal due to my company’s restriction.  I wanted to enjoy it too.Thanks

  • Hi everyone! My name is Anayah Joi Holilly, I had such a wonderful time highlighting DavidPaul on the Angel Heart Radio Network, bathing in his wisdom, learning from him, sharing his stories, and laughing out loud! Thanks DavidPaul – so much. ♥