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Obedience to God or Simply Following His Voice?


I like reading other people’s articles on hearing God’s voice. I found one the other day called, “Hearing God’s voice in the buzz of the day.” I liked what Tricia Ward had to say.

She stressed the importance of “quality not quantity” in the amount of time we spent in consciously experiencing our relationship with God.

“Having time with God is about being open and obedient and willing to respond. If you are anything like me with young kids I get little time. I find myself having a chat with God in all kinds of places…whilst making the lunch for the kids while they are in the other room playing.”

She also stressed that it takes “practice in time.”

“I have said we do not have to stress over time but that does not mean we wait for it to happen. Just like any earthly relationship, if it is one that you value, you put the time in to nurture and nourish it.”

I thought Trish’s ideas were inspiring and helpful.

At the end of the article, I noticed that one word that was repeated throughout the article stayed with me: obey.

There were numerous places throughout the article that talked about obeying God and being obedient to God. So I decided to look up the word obey the dictionary. It said, “comply with the command, direction, or request of (a person or a law); submit to the authority of: I always obey my father.”

To me, the word obey implies “power over,” and also seems to include a sense of guilt and fear. To me, following God’s voice or following through with the guidance when receives from hearing God’s voice has nothing to do with fear, guilt, should’s, or have to’s.

I do not believe that God has an agenda for what we do with our lives. God loves us no matter what. God wants what we want. That is how much God loves us unconditionally.

I personally follow God’s voice because it brings me joy and peace and fulfillment to do so. Following God’s voice is not about fear or feel are doing what God wants me to do. It’s about following the guidance and direction receive because it brings more love, peace, joy into my life to do so. That is all.

When people call our free spiritual counseling hotline, I don’t want them to follow the guidance they receive• because they are afraid or feel guilty or feel like they “should.” I want to follow guidance only because it brings him joy, a sense of connection, and peace within them. They were to follow God’s guidance out of fear or guilt, the guidance would serve no purpose, because the purpose of God’s voice is to restore our awareness to God’s.

Should we follow God’s Voice out of obedience, fear, or guilt? Or because it brings us joy and fulfillment to do so? What do you think God would want for you?

Personally, I say this… when you have an opportunity to follow the guidance you receive, do so from place of desire, passion, joy, fulfillment for doing what is most loving and rewarding to you. When you do, you will receive the gift that God is truly offering you in the first place.

  • Neerav

    Hi DavidPaul,

    This is one of the BIGGEST criticisms of the Abrahamic religions (i.e. Christainity, Judaism and islam) – that they teach God as a tyrant or dictator in that he is demanding of our love and worship and that to disobey Him is sinful, resulting in eternal damnation and so forth. Look at some of the Ten Commandments as proof – it shows God setting out rules which, if disobeyed, can lead to serious consequences.

    As a spiritual student and seeker, I cannot ever imagine a God, who is claimed, even by those same religions, to be omnibenevolent and supremely merciful and compassionate, to also have such qualities as being DEMANDING of us in terms of respect and worship. But that is what they teach. My own expreriences have been quite the contrary, as well as those who have experienced God for themselves – love, light, peace and joy, and in infinite quantities. This brings up the question as to why would religions want make us think that God is demanding and tyrannical and judgemental (as well as vengeful and jealous), when direct spiritual experiences by people – be they devotees of God or spiritual seekers or even those who have attained spiritual enlightenment, has said otherwise as to who and what God really is. The key word here is “direct spiritual experience”.     

    Then again, we REALLY have no idea as to who or what God is from the point of view of our finite and limited rational minds. It makes me shake my head as to the distortions by organized religion as to the true nature of God, which is better to be known by experiencing Him directly.

    So sad.

    – Neerav

  • ELLE C.G.


    ELLE 🙂