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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

No Agenda Here


Several months into the Voice for Love Teacher Certification program, I was having a really hard time with my personal situation. I was feeling like I’d never get my business off the ground, wondering when the clients and customers were going to show up and where the revenue would come from as we were on the brink of exhausting our finances. In other words, I was completely immersed in my ego-generated dramas, believing my thoughts about the situation, not accessing any of my strategies for handling stress, and basically spiraling into guilt, self-pity and despair… you know, all the juicy stuff!

In search of comfort, I found myself struggling even in my meditations. I was really having a hard time extending love to my thoughts, and consequently having difficulty feeling Holy Spirit or even receiving messages and answers. In an email to my Voice for Love staff mentor, I wrote:

“… I got into some ‘throw in the towel’ moments yesterday where I really thought it was all a bunch of baloney and that Spirit isn’t really there to help ME out. I did go on the class call last night and DavidPaul reminded us not to enter into meditation with agendas. I think that is what I have been doing—having an agenda with Holy Spirit and attaching to outcomes for how the process will unfold.

After receiving some wonderful support and course correction from my staff mentor, as well as from Candace and DavidPaul’s online class that week, I thought I had moved past the idea of entering into my meditations with an agenda… until I had to practice teaching “Step 1: Extend Love to Your Thoughts” in our small group breakout session.

One of our members came to the call quite late that evening and another was absent, so our small group turned out to be just DavidPaul and me. I practiced teaching my lesson on Step 1 and DavidPaul, while complimentary, also picked up on some key phrasing I was using that suggested there was an outcome to be accomplished by extending Love, like making my thoughts quiet down or go away.

Here’s what I learned: Extending Love to my thoughts should have no other agenda than extending a loving, Holy Spirit perspective to my thoughts. I only want to relate to my thoughts the way Holy Spirit does. I’m not trying to accomplish anything other than a Holy Relationship.

It’s not about having my thoughts disappear or even liking what they are. It’s about extending or just allowing a flavor of Love (acceptance, compassion, understanding, acknowledgement, amusement, gratitude, etc.) to exist toward my thoughts.

Then DavidPaul and I practiced extending Love to our thoughts, right then, and I got to work with this newer perspective of NO AGENDA. This totally shifted my experience of Step 1. The stress of the exercise fell away and a lot of emotion surfaced. Then, without going deliberately into the other steps, all of a sudden there was this overwhelming, delicious feeling in my body and an incredible, audible message—an embrace of “I love being You.” Holy Spirit loves BEING me!

Hearing this message created a powerful, tearful release for me and a level of self-acceptance that I could finally feel within myself. Now I no longer have to convince myself that I ought to be loving myself more—now I just do. What a breakthrough!

Thank You, thank you, thank you, DavidPaul and Holy Spirit!

  • Thanks for sharing this, MaryAnn. So glad to hear it 🙂 It’s really not an easy message to hear for most people. I mean really hear it. Unconditional love sounds great in theory, but as a practice and reality, it tends to go in one ear and out the other for most of us. Maybe that’s why it’s a lifetime lesson for nearly all of us.

  • Lynnkirk

    This is very beautifully written, MaryAnn, and I appreciate your willingness to share it with all of us! SO GLAD to hear you had that experience. All love to you~

  • Georgianne Giese

    Nice observation MaryAnne.  Extending Love is not a magic positive thought practice out of “The Secret”!

    I’m also smiling at DavidPaul’s comment about in one ear and out the other. Yup! Ditto! For me it has taken many years to capture the learning between my ears! But even once it has settled down inside that great cavity, I have to remember to dust it off, else it become like the books in my house, covered with dust and forgotten!

    I’m not sure that being without an agenda is how I would put it, for me. That could be interpreted as meaning being “without a purpose”. There is nothing that is without purpose. It’s just a matter of what that purpose is. For me, extending love has a purpose in itself. Its purpose is to use the body/brain to experience what it is like to be who we REALLY are. We’ve spent a life time using our body/brain to practice who we really ARE NOT. It’s taken a lot of effort to sustain our fake self and our fabricated world. So we’re out of practice being who we REALLY are.

    We practice experiencing a bit of who we are, through extending love. But that does not mean that we should NOT replace our practice of being who we ARE NOT, when faced with the everyday challenges of fear. In other words, extending love to banish the fear is a logical consequence of learning to extend love. It’s just that extending love is not a magic pill, a routine outside of our Self used like a prescription drug to cover up a symptom and manipulate our world. Practice without an agenda or expectation of worldly manipulation, helps us to grow our identification with our true Self, as we come to allow and expect the experience of that Self. Once we began to switch to an identification with that Self, then extending love in the face of fear is normal, and does shed a different light on what could be the occasion for fear within the world. But it is the growing tendency to identify with Self that causes extending Love to be an effective tool within the world, not that Step 1 tool itself.

    The ego cannot use step 1 to effectively banish the fears it has set up. But to the Self, the Holy Spirit experience of extending love allows our brain to register a vision of truth, under any and all circumstances.