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Nearly 20% Of All People Get Depressed

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In a recent study, Professors David J Kupfer, Ellen Frank, and Mary L Phillips, all of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, PA concluded that nearly 20% of all people go through a major bout of depression in their lives. In addition, they discovered that depression contributes to numerous chronic diseases, such as arthritis and diabetes, considerably worsening patient health.

I have gone through one major bout of depression in my life. It was after such a tremendous bout of depression that I started seeking how to hear God’s voice. It was this deep desire to get out of pain that caused me to find a solution.

Pain is one of the most influential drivers in our motivation to connect with God and experience healing our lives. When people call our spiritual counseling hotline, they are often times depressed, lonely, and feel hopeless. Sometimes, we are able to pull them out of their depression in a single spiritual counseling. Other times, talking to them for a few minutes is just not enough. They need real tools and or consistency to help shift their perspective.

I think it’s fantastic that of doctors is investigating depression and how it impacts people medically. Unfortunately, their final conclusions state, “no fully satisfactory treatments for major depression are available.”

In my experience, it’s necessary to go incredibly deep with our personal healing in order to eradicate depression forever. More than that, it’s critical to establish a fundamental daily practice, the spiritual practice that can restore us to deeper levels of peace and an ability to be able to choose and practice that skill on a daily basis.

Consistency and depth are key to overcoming depression for good. Depth of connection and experience, consistency in choosing a practicing it on a daily basis. When both of these are in place, depression will be cured for good.

  • fwy

    I went through a bout of mild depression when my father died more than 10 years ago.  I had the privilege of bumping into an ex-colleague who recommended some self-help books for me to read to cope with my grieves.  It took me 2 years plus to finally got over my father’s death.  In late 2010, my mum passed away too.  It has now been more than a year, but I must report that I am coping slightly better than those days after my father’s death as I had entered a relationship with God more than 2 years ago.  However, from time to time, I still experience a depressing feeling.  Time maybe the only solution for this problem.  I will just have to reach out to God more often.