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Money Worries are a Faith Issue, Not a Financial One!


Karen Russo Hi, DavidPaul Doyle here. I want to share an article with you that my friend, Karen Russo, wrote. It’s on the core issues of financial stress. I hope you enjoy it!

“As the world economy rebuilds from the economic collapses of the last few years, many people are feeling afraid. Anxiety about money pervades our Western culture. As much as our media and cultural attention focus on glamour, riches and winning prizes, we also have a constant, nervous conversation about losing, making mistakes, getting cheated and suffering financial disasters. We worry that there are not enough time, resources, deals, education, opportunity, land, businesses, clients, people, energy or information.

Money won’t fix it!

It may feel like all you need right now to address your fears is more money, right? What I’ve discovered in years of research about the connection between money and spirituality shows something that might surprise you. Money worries are ultimately more of a faith issue than a financial one! When you’re afraid about money and you get money, you can absolutely get some short term relief in your circumstances.

However, if you don’t address the fear, it will come back. The basic anxiety about money comes from an idea, a thought and a sense of separation. You think you’re a finite being defined by your income statement and your balance sheet. If you feel you are not a part of the eternal, abundant, infinite source of the all-good, then you get scared. The problem of scarcity is an issue of faith, and the solution is a spiritual connection to your wholeness.

Fears about money stifle your Spirit.

People who are anxious, upset and distracted don’t make the best financial decisions—and they don’t feel inspired, grateful and generous with their money—or with sharing their gifts with the world.

In creating The Money Keys, I studied the mindset and behaviors of what I call ‘conscious wealth creators.’ These individuals are both financially successful on the outside and connected to larger purpose in their lives. One tool they use to address financial concerns is to be intentional about cultivating their spiritual connection—they choose what they have faith in. They place their faith in the source behind the channels that money comes through.

Shift money worries with present moment gratitude.

What do people really want to do with their money? In all the research, interviews and workshops I led as research for the spiritual money mastery message, the number one thing that people said they really want is not millions of dollars, but peace of mind.

The next time you feel concern about paying a bill or taking a financial risk, use that emotion as a signal to stop, shift, and cultivate the experience of spiritual connection. Start with gratitude to create a sense of peace. Take a deep breath and look around your money life. Be grateful for the source behind the money that does flow to you. Appreciation fills your mind, calms your breathing and allows your body to relax. Now choose to act, speak, invest, spend and save. You’re building your faith in financial peace of mind.”

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  • DavidPaul– thanks so much for sharing this message wtih your beautiful community! Love is essential for a wealth life. Karen

  • My pleasure 🙂 thank you for the great work you do.

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  • Yansa

    Hi there ,
    i am wondering why that although i give and i give freely and happily from the heart , i have a lack of funds to start a new project or to get ahead in life ? I have always been a good person and a good business woman and haave never before suffered from a lack of funds . This is so frustrating as i have been ” ripped off ” big time through various relationships and now my health does not allow me to go and work in the convential sense but i do have several excellent ideas to build a business but i no longer have the money to start it , Why is this ? I have prayed and asked for help and i am always directyed to things which show me that i am on the right path with my idea but the money doesn’t come ! What am i doing wrong ? I have faith in the Lord that He will always provide , and He does , but the capital i need still isn’t available . I am so frustrated ! I know i am on the right path , and this business will pull me through financial issues as well as helping other people too . God knows that my heart i true and money i will make wil be used to help and support others . What am i doing wrong or what is it i’m not doing that i should ? God bless and keep you ( ; xx

  • saint thank you

    Thank you my heavenly Father for providing me with all i need each day. I am eternally grateful in Jesus name..