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Mixing God and Politics


God and Politics

I like politics. I don’t always follow them, but I enjoy the challenges of making good decisions in difficult situations. That to me is the challenge that I enjoy in politics.

One of the core tenants of our country is that religion and politics cannot exist together. And yet, politicians are allowed to talk about their relationship with God.

Today, Michele Bachmann announced, “Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, and so I have decided to stand aside,” she announced to the news this morning.

“I have no regrets,” she explained. “None whatsoever. We never compromised our principles.” She added that she is looking “forward to the next chapter in God’s plan.

I’ve heard many other politicians over the years talk about seeking guidance from God’s voice within, following the word of God as the reason for running for office, and hearing God’s voice tell them that it was time to take a stand and run for office.

It’s not a problem for politicians to talk about God, reference God, or knowledge their deep faith in God and their relationship with Him. But it is not legal to directly mix religion and politics. Our Constitution mandates the separation of church and state.

I personally think is very important to separate church and state. If we were not to separate them, it would be possible for politician to bring his or her religious identity, beliefs, and references to office and subtly, or not so subtly, incorporate those beliefs into their policy and even their lives.

Of course, this already happens to a degree. Politicians already include their religious preferences into their decision-making process. Their religious beliefs already impact with a vote. But to overtly do this, preach not from the pulpit but from the Oval Office or from Congress, would not be healthy for the governing of our country.

I think it’s great that politicians are able to voice their connection and relationship with God. Yet I’m grateful that we maintain separation between church and state.

  • Neerav

    Hi DavidPaul,

    I have seen religion become more mixed into politics and that is not a good combination. The fact that you base your decisions about what is good for you and your country based on your own religious preferences (including your level of faith in God) is not something that should be even considered. Also claiming that God told you to have a certain political view or a veiw on a certain social issue is false – God takes no positions or sides whatsoever on any human issues. Using your relationship to God to justify supporting or opposing a position is also wrong and should not be done. No one should be using God as a means to support his or her own position about the world or a part of the world. Spiritually speaking, that is not good in terms of getting oneself closer to God.   

    Religion has to do with our connection to God. Politics has to do with the world (or part of the world) that God has created, which we have been entrusted with.  

    Yes, we should turn to God for help, and use religion as the means to connect ourselves to God, but we should NEVER use God (or religion) to force an agenda of one group or one view (based on one’s religion or religious beliefs) upon everyone else. Issues should be decided based on the facts, not on one’s religious beliefs, including one’s faith in God. Religion, let alone one’s faith in God has, in truth, NOTHING to do with social or political issues of a country or the world as a whole.  

    Churches, synagouges, mosques, temples, etc… should NEVER be the place for politics or political issues to be mentioned. Nor should one’s religion (i.e. way to connect with God) or one’s faith in God should be the means to discuss issues of a country or the world, let alone take any positionalities.

    God is deeper than the world – be it this one or countless others that He has created and supports.  

    Let’s keep our faith in God, let alone the means to connect with Him (via organized religion) out of politics, as it never should have been mixed together in the first place, adn should always remain seperate – absolutely seperate.

    – Neerav

  • Phelanpatriot

    The meaning of Separation of Church and State:
    Thomas Jefferson put a stop to religious persecution, by Act of Congress, with his document: “Statutes for Religious Freedom in Virginia,” which abolished the Anglican state-controlled church, replacing it with Freedom of Religion, that is freedom of different Christian churches, as above mentioned, to worship in their own way, without being persecuted and punished.
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”
     James Madison had this clause put into the Constitution, in order that the government would never again force citizens to attend a state-controlled church.
    “Separation of the Church from interference by the State.”
    Yes, everyone enjoying the freedoms in this country should use the values and principles this country was founded upon as a nation blessed by God to maintain these freedoms.
    Our children are in the middle of a spiritual warfare for their souls if we do not get involved with politics and pray for discernment.  The children of this nation past and present are being indoctrinated and the government is brainwashing students and parents alike to tell the people of this great nation that they know better how to raise our children then we do.

    There have already been court cases where the government is telling parents how often they believe is sufficient to take our children to church, etc. 

    Use the strength God provided to you to fight the evil that is taking place in our country.  This means going back to “limited government.”

    We are in a Socialist country now, because we have not been good stewards.  The difference between Socialism and Communism is when you erase religion and then the bridge will be completed.

    Politics dictate our lives and how we are able to live.  The people of this country are fighting for their lives, their homes and their children.  So, don’t tell me that you cannot mix the two.  I’ve been fighting for people to get their children back and their homes back, because too many people say they don’t get involved with politics.

    One friend told me and it’s come true for others that you just don’t care until it happens to you.  So, I don’t sit around waiting and watching.

    I pray for strength and guidance each day as I help the vets, the disabled,  the homeless, single moms, children and home owners who are being abused by our government.  I am exhausted, but God has blessed me with enough strength to do as much as I can and to love my neighbor and continually fighting for their lives against an abusive, Godless, political power.