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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Living Authentically

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Alice: “My young son is very psychic and smart for his age. He is clairvoyant and clairaudient, as am I. We are both very sensitive intuitives and transmute a lot of negative energies around us. My son recently told me that the people in our lives want me and my son to ‘pretend’ for them, which I took to mean they would be more comfortable if we would deny our gifts. However, I do not believe that a person should wait for others to be ready when you are a child of God who is desiring to live your spiritual truth. Is there such a thing as spiritual sacrifice of what you are for the sake of others?”

The Voice for Love: “Beloved one, you and your son have chosen a way of being in the world that allows you to remember your deepest connection with all others. The love that is you can see past the role that others play as their persona, to the love that they are along with you. This is the true purpose of your gift, to recognize love and to help others to do the same.

“All people are pretending in the world. Such pretense is not bad. It is like the wagon that carries them to their destination of experiencing the truth of who they really are. Your job, your role as an intuitive, is to help them to navigate the blueprint of their life, so that their role can help them to recognize their true loving and eternal reality.

“Recognize that for your role to meet its purpose, it is necessary to meet all others exactly where they are and to speak their language. That is respectful. Only respect opens the door for another to recognize their own insights, and it is only their own recognition that can guide them through to fulfill their life’s purpose. Your role is merely to support and love, and that is received only when another is open to it. Their timing is up to them.

“It may feel like pretense to you to not try to direct others through your insights, but a good coach and teacher merely guides the art of discovery and recognition rather than telling another what to do. When in doubt about which symbols and actions will be received in the most open and loving manner by others, always use your intuition to consult with Spirit first. Take time to feel Spirit’s love and support. Only that provides true guidance. Fear for another reflects your own lack of trust and respect for their process, as well as your own. You are both extensions of God’s Love, regardless of how you play your chosen roles in life. If withholding what you believe to be your guidance for another when it has not been asked for seems to be a ‘spiritual sacrifice’, then this inconsistency can only be resolved by going within and allowing yourself to re-experience Love, and then ask for guidance for yourself. Only your deepest self, aligned with Spirit, is aware of whether a particular thought, word, or deed might be helpful.

“In this case, we would advise you to follow your son’s guidance, for it is a true observation of What Is in the classroom of life. The ‘pretense’ to which your son refers is an aspect of communication at the level of earthly life. Stay centered in Love and you will know how to play your role in the most helpful manner. Respect is an aspect of love expressed. It opens a higher level of communication between any two roles. It also helps you to fulfill your desire to experience your true reality while on earth. Such an experience of your true reality is not dependent upon others, such as your family, understanding you on your terms. It is only dependent upon your awareness of your true self as love expressed.

“You and your son are most beloved and One with us. We are enhanced by your purpose and grateful for you, for your role, and for all the love you allow yourself to experience and express.”