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Listening to God – Your Future Is Being Who You Are


Candace and I are seven weeks into this year’s Voice for Love Certification Program on hearing God’s Voice. This past week, one of our students, Eric Lalich, sent me the following message he recently received listening to God. I thought it was very profound and wanted to share it with you. Here’s his e-mail:

“In my practice this morning I started off feeling unsettled. I have been struggling with some old feelings about my work. I experience frustrations in relation to the nature of my work and individuals I work with. In my meditation I began to settle down and recover my peace, but I didn’t have a question to ask. I asked the holy spirit what question should I ask him that might be helpful. He responded by asking me how I felt. I replied that I felt calm, and peaceful. He said good, and then he asked me what was my concern lately. I pondered for a moment and responded that my concern was a recurring one, of whether I would be able to have the kind of future that I desired. I specifically asked if what I was currently doing would help to further the kind of future I desire for myself and my family. The Holy Spirit said, absolutely. What you are doing now by practicing your peace, and engaging with me will most definitely encourage the future that you want. He said that I did not need to tell him what I desired for my future or explain to him how I would like things to be. He assured me that he knows exactly what I want, and that we need not discuss it, and in fact that he knows better than I do what I want. He said that me future is not caused by my activity or my doing. It is not as if I am making my future. He explained that my future is complete and whole, and living already as the One I am. He said that there is no needing “to do” in this world to achieve my future ,but only opening myself up to receive it. He said that my future is Being Who I am, and the great joy of expressing being who I am freely. This is my future, the future, and it is already available to me. Everything that I desire and more will follow like a wake in the path of the future of being the One that I am. And of course everything that you are doing now to practice and deepen, and strengthen your ability to recover yourself in me is furthering your great future. I felt so much better after hearing this. And my little anxiety evaporated….thought I would share this with you…. lots of love, Eric”

  • Ggazcamper

    Yup, that’s the key! And while we experience physicality, once we become everyday comfortable with who we REALLY are, then everything that follows perceptually is perceived from a new light. We do stuff and it fits. We do stuff and we lovingly sort it into that which follows from awareness and that which follows from a habit of non-awareness.

    Thanks for sharing your message!

  • movementtocreatechange

    Truly inspirational, and the truth shall set you free.

  • Ednajanepoole

    Do you realize we are asking for answer that we already have and that in fact there is no one but oneself to talk to. If we did not know the answer we would not be able to ask the questions.

  • Msnaomimckenzie

    Thank you for sharing this. It is like you are talking for me. Thank you for reminding me I am enough. Love Naomi.

  • Raghawendra

    “In my practice this morning I…..” in such conversations, words like ‘my’ or ‘I’ referes to whom? Exactly whom? Do you think about a seperate ‘I’ other than God?

  • vimbai makamure

    its touching becoz we are always worried about the future forgeting god knows what our heart desires

  • Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the message. Blessings to you.

  • lui

    incredible .. and so true

  • Joss umuganwa

    I like what your trying to teach us some they have hearing voice of God but they but does not know how to use it or respond
    I should learn too

  • wonderful my thinking before is that when meditate i will be saying thing but here just be myself thanks

  • Hema2231

    plz pray for me.i have no hildrens plz pray for my family

  • Hema2231

    pray for me.i have no childrens.

  • Jade

    Being who we are should be our daily goal, because that is all we can be during our lives. The truth always comes to light.

    Thank you for those words of wisdom.

  • Ericlalich

    when I quiet my mind and feel present, i ask the question to the holy spirit, or god, or higher Self, The One Who is beyond me in my small thinking mind. Then I stay still and listen, openning myself to the understanding voice of this One who is answering. This is not the same as my “me”, it is the loving knowing One beyond me. I just try to stay still and open and listen…but in the end this One is really Who I am. I hope that helps love eric

  • Ericlalich

    of course this is true in the highest sense. But we live with anxiety and other fearful feelings in everyday living, and we are in a state of forgetfulness of what and who we really are. Taking the time to remember what we know by openning ourselves up to that part of ourselves, Spirit, who does know is a healing experience. I would caution against thinking you know. This way you can stay open to Real knowledge. To let God be knowing, and sharing his All knowing with us whenever we desire. peace and love to you e

  • Ericlalich

    I love sharing the experience of receiving understanding of who we really are. I need this rememberance every day. I love practicing remembering. I am grateful we are all practicing together. thank you for all your lovely feedback eric..ps lets keep the discussion going its wonderful 🙂

  • Mary_benjamin

    Dear David,

    Many thanks for sharing these beautiful experiences. I really consider myself fortunate to have gone through them. Thanks once again and God bless you!

    Benjamin L Raphael

  • Janin

    Yes, I agree completely. We come here with our works and path already planned by God and we will do it easy if we doing this in Him. We do not do , He is cause that cause but if we not in Him nothing is going be blessed an moved ahead what He had planned for us.

  • Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments and sharing! I love it.