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Is It Wrong to Use Dating Websites?

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Danielle: “I was married for 30 years to a man who had a drinking problem and later developed a gambling addiction. Life with him became very difficult so I ended up divorcing him. It has has been almost 7 years and I would really like to experience a good relationship with love and respect as I never had that. I have put my profile up on two dating websites and I would like to know if that means I’m not trusting in God to bring someone into my life. Is it wrong for me to do this? Should I just wait for God to bring the right person into my life?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, thank you for presenting your heart and your question to Spirit for perspective.

“Please know that your heart is known, your spirit is known and you are dearly loved! The desires of your heart have been placed there by your own divine Heart, for fulfillment. God does not give desire without the possibility of its fulfillment.

“It is true that your heart has been wounded. There is hardly a person in your world who has not had a wound to the heart in some way. It is time now to release your wounds. It is time to let light-heartedness prevail. It is time once again to allow your heart to open and to be fully healed.

“Dear one, God is able to move in all ways that you allow Him to move in your life. Can God not provide a suitable partner through dating websites? Is your open invitation to God to bring a wonderful loving partner to you not sufficient to allow a door to be slightly opened, and then opened wider and wider?

“Perhaps you will merely ‘dip your toe’ in the waters of relationship through this means. It is wise to stay vigilant – not through fear, but through wisdom. While there are many like you – lonely hearts, as it were – there are many who are not quite ready to be totally open-hearted just yet. You yourself may need to proceed slowly. Be gentle with yourself; be gentle with those you meet. Be honest with yourself and others. Be patient.

“Begin to calm yourself regarding finding a mate. Begin to trust that God is fully able to supply all your desires. Be open to new thoughts, new ways of seeing things, new ways of meeting people. Do not restrict yourself to only those who fit your description of a ‘perfect mate,’ but be open to meeting various people – men and women – who will widen your world and your view of yourself.

“Each day reaffirm to yourself your desire to be with a loving partner. Each day be in gratitude that this precious One is on his way to you. Each day simply rest in the knowingness that all is well, that you are moving slowly but surely towards your goal, that God is indeed in charge. Do not waver in your firm belief in the fulfillment of all your dreams, Dear One.”

  • I have met before a wonderful man who helped me heal through a part of my life through Yahoo chat rooms. Our relationship ended after it has run its natural course and my faith in people everywhere was renewed through that relationship.

    While I have not tried dating websites I have met a few very happily married couples who shared with me their stories how they met online. 

    At the same time there are also people who prowl these dating sites for vulnerable men and women to scam. As the saying goes, emotions will over-ride logic. Many people become afraid of online dating because of these kinds of emotional baiters. But there’s no reason to be. 

    And there are ways to tell. I totally agree with TVFL on this : ”
     It is wise to stay vigilant – not through fear, but through wisdom. ” Proceed with trust and wisdom. 🙂
    Try joining some forums / facebook groups that offer tips and advice on online dating, etc. They could be useful!