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Is It A Sin To Consult A Clairvoyant?


Simeon: “Is it a sin to consult and deal with a clairvoyant or astrologer? There is one I recently came into contact with on the internet. They have said some interesting things but I do not want to sell my soul to the devil.”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, I am with you in this moment to answer your questions and offer love. I would remind you that at no point in your journey of life have you ever been alone. I have always been there holding your hand, guiding and supporting you although you have rarely felt my presence. We are one, just as I am one with All of Creation. Remember my Love is present in all things, for I am the Life, the Light and the Way.

“Do not fret over meaningless labels or allow the projections of others to impact your experience. Look to your heart, ask with real intent and know you are being guided in all aspects of your life. I would not have you openly reject the counsel of those who serve Truth because of preconceived notions you have unwittingly picked up, yet I would also not have you blindly follow the advice of those who claim to serve the Light. Be wise and judicious in the advice you heed.

“Remember the Voice of Truth resides with you. You need no outside help to discern what action is appropriate for you in each moment, but seeking the advice and counsel of others is not a ‘sin.’ I encourage you to ask yourself, ‘Why am I asking these questions?’ When you receive an answer – no matter the source – look inward, search your heart and ask, ‘Does this resonate with me? Can I feel the Truth of these words?’

“Seeking guidance outside of yourself is neither good nor bad, it simply is a choice you have made because deep within you there is a belief you are not worthy to receive your own guidance. My guidance is always available to those who have the courage to ask, yet I would in this moment encourage you to seek answers wherever they may show up for you. Know whatever the source may appear to be that God/Holy Spirit is the source of Truth.

“To answer your question in a direct fashion, no, it is not a sin to consult a clairvoyant. You may be surprised to learn everyone on planet earth is capable of hearing my Voice. The one you are consulting with is no more clairvoyant than your own inherent ability, yet they have developed the trust and courage necessary to hear that still, small voice within. Again, there is no sin in what you have asked, yet I would encourage you once more to look within and seek your own counsel.

“There are many blessed channels who lovingly bring forth messages from Source, yet there are some who would deceive and lead you astray. Again, be judicious in what you take to heart. Love is a palpable feeling that even the smallest child can identify; conversely, messages not of the Light also convey a vibratory frequency of a much lesser scale. Be not deceived by your own desire to hear Truth from another, but exercise wisdom in the thoughts you entertain. You are the gatekeeper of your mind.

“Remember you are loved. The truth has always been within you. Blessings of Peace and Love.”

  • Beautiful message, Russell. Thank you!

  • BNM

    I guess you haven’t read the Apostle Paul’s teachings on sorcery and mediumsm Galatians 5 :16-25 The Holy Spirit would never lead anyone into darkness by consulting a clairvoyant. You who practice such things are not of the Light (Jesus). God’s Word tells us to ask of the Holy Spirit for direction and to hear the voice of God. We people who call ourselves Christ-Like are to seek wisdom from above. Because God’s Wisdom is first pure then peaceable. People listen, your enemy the devil comes as an angel of light, so it is easy for christians to be decieved, especially if they are not rooted and grounded in the Word of God. So  yes it is a sin to consult a clairvoyant. Just read what happened to King Saul when he consulted a clairvoyant instead of obeying God’s instructions and completely rebelling aganint God himself. Anyone who tells you that it is o.k to consult a clairvoyant is not speaking TRUTH.  Jesus said that  He the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of TRUTH. Seek wise counsel and you will live. Seek Truth and live in righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Just search the Holy Scriptures and you will see that the Diciples of Jesus and the Apostles preached against alll sorcery, mediums and witchcraft.

  • Dalene

    Thank you BNM for the truth……. God Bless

  • Chestnut56

    man u need to go back and read the bible, no way should a christian even look at tara cards, astrology, and i agree with BNM, King Saul asked the witch of endor i believe to call Samuel and Samuel was not too happy, besides he told them they would be with him.  Read Deuteronomy 18:10-11, Act 16: 16,8:9-11 and there are others, If satan could get people to take in evil in small doses at a time, eventually they may become desensitized and not recognize that they are being fed something that will dull their interes in God himself. IN NO WAY READ THAT STUFF.

  • Chestnut56


  • Powertalks

    About these vibrations….Love vibrations make us feel good, right?  Truthful messages should make us feel that way…Is it possible that we might receive a truthful message that makes us feel bad?  Or is feeling scared or upset about a message a sign that it’s not from Source?  A couple psychics years ago told me I was going to separate from my husband and that terrified me. Now I’m afraid to go to anyone else even though I’d love a reading. 

  • It is true that it is not a sin to hear them but it is how we interpret what they say and how we accept them. If we are the true believer of God then we will not be misled by what they say because there is only one God whom we worship and whom believe. Thank you Holy Spirit for sending your message.  

  • Festuslm

    Thank you, BNM for elaborating on this misunderstandimg of consulting clavoyance In pursuit of God’s direction, it is an abomination to do that.

  • Dusty

    i heard that aman..

  • Dusty

    aman this is true

  • Maryjane

    Society today wants everything but God..People do not read the Word but book after book with ideas that are so readily accepted from men claiming to be wise without the knowledge of God…due to this..there is so much compromise…Look in the word and pray for the boldness to proclaim  the truth  that souls can be saved and those fallen away can be restored…

  • Dusty

    Voice of Love false proffit$$$$$$

  • Laraujol

     An Exorcist Tells His Story by Gabriele Amorth    — this book saved my life–leslie 

  • Dusty

    I have never needed any one to teach or show me how to hear the voice of God. especialy for a price,,, when you know God you know his voice it comes natural. why sell your teaching for  a price? Freely He gives so give freely..  not being rude just a concerned discerner…



  • Susana Holt

    It is a sin to turn to wizards and others such as clairvoyants. It is a sin to trust one’s own heart. God told us through the prophet Jeremiah that the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Our hearts cannot be trusted, that is why evil is in the world because men follow their hearts instead of God. God said the thoughts of man is evil continually.
    This site is not of God and so I reject its ungodly teachings.

  • NATalie Prado


  • Maryjane

    My question is…What ever happened to sin?

  • Dusty

    I always enjoyed  your daily quotes and there is much wisdom in them as wel,, but babylon had much wisdom and wisdom of the ages as well.. over time i have noticed a few flaws in your teachings that do not line up with Christ teaching but sounds more like new age thought.. i should know i use to be into all the the new age teachings.. hope your not decieved God bless..

  • Ekkehard Weisner

    In my opinion ‘sin’ does not really exist. It would be better if it could be called ‘error’ or ‘mistake’. So if we make a mistake we are encouraged by our loving Father to try again and avoid the mistake the next time – as any good teacher who is interested in the progress of students would do. I thought the answer given to Simon was spot on. I loved it! Thank you! 

  • Neerav

    Though I am not Christian, I do agree against depending on clarivoyants such as astrologers, tarot card readers and psychics, as some of the commenters have already alluded to with passages from the Bible. To add to that, what is more powerful that listening to these people is listening to your heart, where God Himself resides. What your heart tells you will ALWAYS be correct and true, and the actions you take from there will always be appropriate. Listen to God by listening to your heart.    

  • Dmcdonough1

    That is powerful!!

  • D3price

    If you belive this to be a beautiful message, I should unsubscribe now…

  • Bec

    Beautiful response from Russell Hill … and a succinct reminder for us all. Thank you!
    Just one editorial tidbit: In the second to last paragraph, I think Russell meant to say ‘palpable feeling’ not ‘palatable feeling’. 🙂 Love.

  • Joyful Truth

    God called me many years ago to spread His Word, His Truth and Light. At the time I did not know exactly how this was to come about. I studied like many of you from Voice of Love, listening to the Holy Spirit, writing what I heard. I studied also with other Christians who had the natural ability to “hear”. After going through some severe crisis in my own life, and not being into the Word or taking the time to listen to the Holy Spirit, God brought me back to Him. I opened my heart and was told to spread his Word to the masses! To the masses, how in the world could I do that? I am just a little person in this big world.  I spoke with a friend who is on a website that does Spiritual readings. She is a Christian and amazing how the Words of God came through her. We had spoke many times about my gift and she suggested I try the website she is on to take on what God had requested of me. I will admit there are people on this site giving readings using cards and other means of so called communication. But after much prayer, I felt in my heart, that this was how I was to spread his word. I have a website that states “The messages you hear are not from me, I am just a vessel to spread His words.” What I have found out that although we as Christians know we have this small inner voice with us, many do not take the time or simply do not really believe what they hear is the truth or it is actually the Holy Spirit. That is where I come in. I have the opportunity to be used to spread God’s words through the Holy Spirit to the “masses” of people on this website. I know without a shadow of doubt that this is where I am suppose to be, and I truly believe that I am there to over shadow so called Tarot readers and other psychics. I pray all through the day for guidance and to bring through to God’s people his words just for that person who calls me. It has been such a blessing, an uplifting powerful experience to be used as God instructed me to so many, who are so sad and lonely they just need to hear through me God’s words to them. I have also had people say they were going back to church.
    I pray that you are not judgemental of us who use these website’s to spread God’s words, our hearts are only for the good to send God’s love to all.

  • Russell Hill

    Thank you for your kind remarks and your astute observation. Hearing the Voice for God via Holy Spirit does not mean you can spell. Blessings my friend.

  • Russell Hill

    Thank you Ekkehard for your support and wonderful comments. Like you I do not believe in “sin” or the other labels society has projected onto the innocent Child of God. To clarify this point further I will comment on the answer I received.

    The answer posted above was for the one who asked the question and not anyone else. I am happy to share this with the general public as I am strong in my journey with Spirit and God, yet Holy Spirit framed the answer in the context of the question. Spirit sees no sin and recognizes no sin in you, me or anyone else. We must be reminded from time to time that unconditional Love is not the modus operandi of the world and will at times be met with resistance. This does not mean in any way LOVE is not the answer to every question. 

    Our task is not to understand why, but to eliminate all blocks to feeling God’s unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is just that UNCONDITIONAL. You cannot be expressing God’s Love and be in a state of judgment at the same. Love just IS.

    Blessings to All. I have enjoyed reading your comments. I pray we all know peace in this moment and forever. Blessings my friends.

  • Mike1ad

    Amen, you are correct!

  • melissa

    i believe that God has given people gifts whether it is the abilities of hearing , seeing(whether in dreams or not),feeling things,ect. what we do with these gifts is what makes it right or wrong. Almost every person has a gift from god some more than one. If you dont use it you may loose those gifts or if yoiu ignore them you will loose them that i believe is a sin. Charging some one that is in need of help is a sin, the gifts are given to help mankind, Go may need some help getting through to someone and use those gifts given to people to do so. Just as prayer for some to say or ask you how impoortant is your prayer request is worth 9.00 or 100. and that they wont pray for you unless you donate. That is abuse of gods power when they are suppose to be helping.Its all in how it is used

  • Tanya

    Well I agree somewhat with Mr. Hill’s observations concerning this Q as to whether it is a sin to consult and deal with a clairvoyant or astrologer? Many of you won’t like what I say here but if one wants to take the Bible to heart and thus God (Holy spirit) one needs to look in their Bible. There are passages in the old Testament and the New Testament which forbid believers from consulting and dealing with clairvoyants/astrologers. Lest you think I am Miss goody two shoes, I must confess that I did do exactly what God didn’t want me to do. I contacted an astrologer on two occasions knowing that it displeased God from what he said in His word. It felt horrible to do so and I suffered extreme sorrow and shame. But God in his loving forgiveness  told me to go and sin no more. I am staying away from them as God says that these are abominations to Him.
    So if you want to believe God then yes it is a sin BUT a reversible one providing one turns from it evermore.

  • Thembies

    can I have your website please


  • Joyful Truth

    If you feel our God given gifts are not being used properly by accepting money…you are very much in the wrong. The Voice for Love, charges you to learn to use your gift, The Voice of love charges you for private readings, I know, I paid $100 for one of there CD’s. I disagree with you regarding money. I went into deep prayer regarding this manner, and I feel confident with what God has told me, there is nothing wrong with accepting money for spreading his word and using it in a Godly way. Ask The Voice of Love how they feel about accepting money for there calling…My calling using a website where there are others who may not have the best intention has nothing to do with me and what God has asked me to do. I pray several times a day for God to use me as a vessel to spread his word, this just happens to be the place where I do it….

  • Joyful Truth

    Dear Powertalks,
    Please read my post from Joyful Truth. I believe you were talking to someone who is not filled with the Holy Spirit. You must be careful when having someone read for you. Always read there profile and see how many say, that the words they hear, or see or feel is from the Holy Spirit and not them. Do not worry, God is covering you with his love and peace. No one should tell you such things! If they are talking directly from God through the Holy Spirit I doubt you would of been told that.

  • Joyful Truth

    Dear Thembies,
    Yes I can give you that information. You may contact me at tjdevie@yahoo:disqus .com, and I will give you the information you requested.
    Joyful Truth

  • Thank you, Joyful Truth. I’ve actually enjoyed having everybody share their ideas and opinions. It’s good that we are all free to think what we choose. What a blessing.

    I wrote a blog article about charging money for God about 1 year ago. I thought I would repost it. Here is a link to the post :http://www.thevoiceforlove.com/community/should-god-cost-money/

    Blessings to you all!

  • Calliope’s Gramie

      Assistance in hearing the Holy Spirit can come from any place.  He came through my physical therapist following a car accident.  When your ego/body/this world gets ‘in your face’ sometimes it’s harder to hear Him.  Menopause really was a challenge for me.  But, though I would find myself in a vacuum void of thought, positive or negative, I just told my self, “I know I am One with God and Holy Spirit is my guide.  And though I do not feel it right now, it will return to my awareness.”  And it always does.  Be open.  Listen. 

  • Elainemurry

    You have to be very careful when you are reading the word heart, is the word heart you are reading talking about your Spirit where the Holy Spirit live or is it talking about your Soul where your mind will and emotions are.If its your heart where the Holy Spirit live there is nothing unclean in there. Just remember we are three part being,BODY,SOUL,SPIRIT.

  • Yes, I was very upset with the article.  I would never ever consult one of these people.  There is a spirit world and there are such things as “familiar spirits”.  These spirits are from hell.  Just as God assigns you an angel, satan assigns you his demonic forces to drag you down.  These “familiar spirits” know a lot about you and your family.  You are not in contact with your dead grandmother of whomever.  You cannot contact the dead and it is forbidden in the Bible for anyone to try it.  The dead are either in Heaven or hell. 

  • Duke Amir

    Your reply to Tanya is spot on: There are at least 18 to 20 Books, Chapters and Verses that speak on “Familiar Spirits”. It is a sin and an abomination. Here are a three just for starters Leviticus 19:31,Leviticus 20:6 and Isaiah 19:3.  If the Holy Spirit indwells in a person that person don’t need
    the advice of no man or woman. The Spirit make all things known. “Galatians 5:16–So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you want be doing what you sinful nature craves.” And this
    last one–“Proverbs 29:25–Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety.”

  • Floramania

    interesting do you put taro cards as a parlor game in the same venue? Like the fortune cookie or newspaper predictions only seems to present food for thought…I wonder is that “opening the door a crack in the wrong direction?

  • Jacqueline901647

    Or they my be asleep intill God son comes back to earth.

  • Jacqueline901647

    You are right

  • Joyful Truth

    God will use us whenever and wherever he directs, we as Christian’s must not turn our back on what God has directed us no matter what location or “venue” it maybe. The world is and can be a wicked place that is for sure, and I agree with some of you who feel bringing Grandma through to talk to us is not natural…I believe you are missing the point. I KNOW that the Holy Spirit directs me each and everyday on how and where to be used as a vessel for God. Whether it is on a website, in church, a parking lot, or yes, even a cocktail bar, US WHO HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT ARE NOT SO CLOSED MINDED THAT WE KNOW SATAN IS A REAL THREAT. That is why you always pray for HIS will, for HIS guidance, if you are living the life you are supposed, being in the word and always asking for guidance, HE will always take care of you and put you right where you are suppose to be. Closed minded people are the one’s that are going to be caught in deer headlights in end times. Open your heart and EARS, listen to what God brings through the Holy Spirit. All you have to do is ask….maybe some of you are fearful because you truly, deeply question the reality of hearing the Holy Spirit.

  • Joyful Truth

    Read my reply to Floramania…IF THE HOLY SPIRIT INDWELLS IN A PERSON…IF????????? Sounds like you may doubt that everyone has the Holy Spirit dwell in them. May I ask why you are even on a sight like the Voice of Love who teaches believers how to hear the Holy Spirit??? Because you say NO MAN OR WOMAN NEEDS ADVICE…isn’t that exactly what they are doing here, teaching and having you practice through THEM how to hear what is your God given gift.  People who hide behind scripture should come out of into the light! This is the real world, and thank God he gave me the ability to Hear him, many don’t understand or really believe they can hear the Holy Spirit…I CAN AND GOD DIRECTS ME DAILY FOR HIS USE TO SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS TO EVERYONE WHO ASKS, EVEN ON A WEBSITE WHERE THERE ARE, OH MY GOODNESS…BAD PEOPLE!….I read scripture daily, but I am not blinded by what is right in front of me. The bottom line is those of us who have been called will use any means possible to spread the Word! Do you daily, every minute of the day like I do, pray, ask for guidance and spread his word? I hope so…

  • Joyful Truth

    read my reply to Duke Amir

  • I really love that all of you for speaking your truth. Everyone is welcome in The Voice for Love. And everyone is welcome to share what is true for them. God’s love welcomes all. Many years ago while speaking to the Holy Spirit within me, I was told that all I had to do this lifetime was, “Be happy. Be at peace. Trust all things. Allow all things. I know but I remain as God created me to be.” Those words struck a chord within me that I’ve kept them close to my heart ever since. Blessings to you all!

  • Don Damien Orbea

    “,it is as the sin of witchcraft, rebellion” we are in rebellion whenever we stray from GODS WORD which expressly FORBIDS ANY AND ALL contact with any spirit BUT THE HOLY SPIRIT…PRAISE GOD that your contact was limited AND THE HOLY SPIRIT CONVICTED u…..so much “spiritualism” as I read other posts BUT SO LITTLE DISCERNMENT, WHICH IS HOLY SPIRIT GIFT

  • Don Damien Orbea

    AMEN note that SCRIPTURE SAYS the living know they will die, but the dead KNOW NOTHING Ecc9:5-6

  • Don Damien Orbea

    conspicuous by its absence in your “joyful” posts, the name above all names CHRIST JESUS- HE IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE:)

  • Don Damien Orbea

    GOD doesn’t “NEED” anything from us-HE WANTS US TO KNOW HIM FOR HE IS LOVE

  • Don Damien Orbea

    GODS WORD WILL OUT despite what we do to corrupt it

  • Don Damien Orbea