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In the Hands of the Almighty?

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Apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable to mix religion and politics in Nigeria. In this recent article entitled, “Ajimobi in the hands of the Almighty.

“I, therefore, seize the opportunity of this medium to congratulate Senator Ajimobi, the God-chosen executive governor of Oyo State on his victory, as delivered by God, through the Election PetitionTribunal. As I said before the election, the voice of the elder is the voice of wisdom, and the voice of God. “Let no one touch my anointed and do my prophet no harm,” says God.

Elder Taiye Ayorinde, Baale of Ekotedo, Ekotedo, Ibadan, concludes with, “Let us all remember that whoever is not chosen by God cannot be in any position without the will of God.”

Personally, I think it’s a little scary to bring these types of words into the politics. My personal opinion, God supports everything that happens in the world. But it’s human beings that determine what happens in the world. We are part of God. We have free will. We choose what we do, think, believe, and say in the world. It is us who pick our politicians. Not some power outside of ourselves. We are the ones who voted and chose.

God would support us in choosing what we want. And if we want to change our minds, change our positions, change our leaders, and that would be God’s will as well.

God’s will is what is in our hearts to do, because it is God’s will to support our freedom of choice and doing what we feel is best. Do we always make the best decisions? No. Do we make decisions out of fear and judgment sometimes? Yes. But that is equally God’s will for us because God supports us in learning, growing, making mistakes, and learning from them.

Whatever happens in the world is God’s will. But it is not a God separate from us that is making it happen. It is us who is part of God that is making everything happen in the world.

This is precisely why we teach people how to hear God’s voice within, so people can learn to experience their union with God, experienced or united voice with God’s voice. If God is love, and love is what we are as well, but every time we speak and think with the voice of love within us, we are sharing God’s voice with ourselves and others.

If you would like to learn how to hear God’s voice within you, please give our free spiritual counseling hotline a call. We would love to support you in doing exactly that. Blessings to you!