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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Much Does God Want Me to Do for Others?


Cathy: “I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I don’t know how to love myself. I am always looking for a formula to take me out of my pain. I don’t seem to know what I am to do for others and what God is to do! I am very tired, to the point of total exhaustion. How can I hear the voice of God, of the Holy Spirit, in what I am to do for others to help them, and where do I stop trying to do everything for them?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, you have asked a question that is indeed your own. Understand that you have become addicted to helping because it allows you to ignore your own heart. This is as it is. All precious ones create a process, a world, a kingdom by which they can more easily ignore their own true heart; it is as common as breathing.

“Now, my dear one, you have alerted yourself to your own brand of ignoring and wish now to hear your heart. Know that I am here for you, always guiding, always loving, always delighting in your presence. Fear not the truth about ‘helping.’ This is a longed-for truth; in fact it is the reason you are so moved to help, assist, guard, direct and protect. You love the truth so much and you have but forgotten a brief moment where that Voice for Truth resides and how to recognize it.

“Dear One, ‘helping’ is a way of extending yourself, a way of creating a relationship, a giving stance. Now I want you to pause and take a deeper breath. It is time for you to give this flow of wonderful helping energy you know so very well to your own sweet self. You have mistakenly thought that helping others, securing their peace and happiness, is the only way you can fully experience peace, happiness and fulfillment. Yet you have sorely neglected to give your own self this same attention and energy. You have truly been afraid that if you stop, even for a moment, the helping ministry you have created that ‘all hell’ will break loose.

“The truth is, dear one, All does break loose, but imagine an unorthodox breakout of all Heaven bursting into every crevice and room in your life! Imagine every person, beloved or casual acquaintance, being exactly who they truly are. Imagine that they, too, can hear and trust their own Voice for Love which speaks only of Love.

“Each morning ask gently your own heart: What do I want most today? When the thoughts, images or inklings move into your awareness, allow their presence and trust their guidance. You may hear: a nap; a run; a day of silence. Give these gifts to yourself. I assure you all will get done as needed, yet will fall into place without effort.

“Precious One, You are the apple of my eye. Let this be the time you give first these loving gifts to your own heart, for Your Heart is bursting to celebrate your willingness to listen. Be of good cheer, my Precious One. All is well, you are perfectly perfect, and your willingness to hear your heart is gaining great strength every day.

“I love you infinitely and specifically. Amen and Selah.”

  • Bevmclennan7

    Happily, I can relate to Cathy’s story.  I found that, for me, I needed to detach emotionally from others to enable healthy empowerment to happen; not just for myself but for the others I care about.  I needed to come from a place of love and understanding that each is on their own journey and there is no right or wrong with anything.  Only our ego makes it so through judgement.  Life is God and God is life…a never-ending circle.  I don’t have other people’s answers as they don’t have mine however life is a journey of exciting inner discovery and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything.  Absolutely everything in this world is spiritual and perfect.  How could it be otherwise?   Listen to your heart, the space where the voice of God resides, and hear your truth and not the lies of humanity.  if your heart advises you to move on, do so.  Don’t ignore it as you are unaware of the blessed plans the Holy Spirit has for you.  May you walk in God’s peace this day and always.

  • Thomas

    very sane and helpful. Thomas