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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Do We Live Our Lives In An Illusion?

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Tammy: “For the past few months I don’t quite understand what has happened to me. I have come to know about the idea that we are all one single consciousness, and have felt frustrated since knowing this world is an illusion. I have completely stopped submitting my assignments at college and spend all my time thinking about how to get out of this ego thing but I remain stuck. I think for hours and then fearfully go to sleep. I wake up the next day making promises and then fail to do them. How do we live in an illusion?”

The Voice for Love: “Holy Precious Child, please sit quite quietly while we speak together. There is nothing you must do in this moment but be as you are. You are the embodiment of the truth, dear one. You are the sun and moon and stars. Your nature of love, endless, perfect love, cannot change in any way.

“Fear not, my dear, you are learning many things right now. This time of your life is allowing your heart to become known to you and in this process there can be experiences that seem to make no sense. Dearest one, this illusion you speak of is just a word that represents another word. These are forms that but represent an inkling of all that you are. An illusion is not evil, nor an enemy. An illusion is a memory, a pointer, a stepping stone. Fear not this thought of ego and illusion.

“Precious one, these terms are but to help you see that all is truly for your good, for you are only good. You do not need to choose between real and illusion; you need simply smile and know love is real, on every level. An illusion of love is still love. It is as if you are given a present, a gift from a loved one. The gift, wrapped in a little box, is not the love but a representation of that love. The gift is the giving, the sharing, the remembering and the recognition of you.

“The next time you are assailed with fearful thoughts of ‘This does not matter’, simply pause and take a deep breath and say to yourself: ‘I matter. I am love. I am as God created me and all things are for my blessing.’ In this way you will remind yourself that the reality and awareness of the love that you are is available equally in every form whether it is called ego, illusion or tree.

“You are a good child, with a very open heart. Let this be your truth, and laugh more often as you think of all the funny ways your heart speaks to you. It speaks to you in the form of lessons in school, in assignments, in the way your stomach growls, and it even is speaking to you in the form of doubt. Do not fear your thoughts, they are all opportunities to extend the love of gratitude: ‘Thank you for showing up, fear… doubt… joy… good grade… bad grade… I ask you to show me how this too is love.’

“Thank you, dear one, for taking the time to ask for help. Help is ever-present and available to you at all times. Thank you for your beautiful heart.

“Amen and Selah.”