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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Do I Start My Life Over Again?


Lisa: “Four months shy of our fifth anniversary, my partner began cheating on me and moved out. I had recently lost my job and did not have the money to pay the rent by myself. I got left with a broken heart, post-traumatic stress, and lots of debt – my life went down like the Titanic. I moved home with my mom and now I am sleeping on her sofa and falling into a serious depression. Nothing is working out for me. I am tired of struggling and afraid that if something does not open up for me soon, I will fall into the deep end of the depression ocean and not be able to get out. It just feels like even when I put my best effort forward, God does not bless the work of my hands.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Precious One, firstly, know how precious you are and that We see you and know of your struggle. You are loved and valued beyond expression, and We would only want that you know this too.

“There is a saying in your world at this time, ‘when everything changes, change everything.’ This is the title for where you are right now. Everything has changed—job, relationship, home—and so you are giving yourself the instruction to change everything. It is as if you have shaken the Etch-a-Sketch, erased the board, and are ready to start fresh, to invent anew. What a grand opportunity! Do not miss the metaphor of being at home with your mother again; this is the way you are communicating to yourself that this will be a time of rebirth.

“How to begin? Painful emotions are still in residence and must be felt, acknowledged, and honored. Do not push them away, rather, hear their message. Your life would not have changed so dramatically if you were not desirous of great change. You needed this to unfold precisely as it has unfolded, and the pain is the way you will remember just how desirous you were. We honor you for this. You are a warrior and have great strength, though you may not be in touch with that strength at this moment.

“Find something in your immediate environment to which you can extend love. Even one drop of love and gratitude toward anything will be like a drop of water to your parched soul. If that one drop is extended to your mother, to a pet, or to the couch on which you sleep, does not matter so much as that you do extend that love and gratitude. Love and gratitude are your friends, your helpers, your saviors. Think of them as the angels that have arrived to rescue you from your current predicament. Love and gratitude are like wings that will lift you up and carry you to new beginnings.

“For that is where you are now, at a new beginning. One chapter of your life story has closed so that this one may open. Stop struggling and simply be where you are in this moment. Let the feelings of pain, loss and bereavement wash over you; let them crest and fall away. And then, when that process feels complete, pick up your story with a sense of adventure and begin anew. For you can begin again. Be willing to try new things, to do what you have never done, to be open to new ways of being in the world.

“We would encourage you to meditate and find that quiet space within and let Our Voice speak to you. Be not hard on yourself, rather, be forgiving and understanding and kind. You are like a weary traveler who has come in from the cold after an arduous journey. Take your rest. Rebuild your strength. What has not worked out for you yet, does not mean that nothing will ever work out for you. New endeavors will flourish ultimately; think of yourself as planting seeds. Remember to water them with those drops of love and gratitude. Remain open to possibilities. See the Universe as befriending you, not betraying you. Know that you are exactly where you need to be and are meant to be.

“You are greatly loved, dear one. You are never without Our support. Ask for help and for miracles. For as you ask, you shall receive. But between the asking and the receiving, you must trust. That is your part. See your situation differently, with trust that all is unfolding perfectly, and this will set you free.

“Blessings to you, Precious One.”

  • Thank you for sharing such a beautiful reply, Val! Loved it… 

  • Barbara

    Beautiful answer, Val!

  • Ljd123

    I’m in a similar situation.  Please believe the advice, from Voice of Love, full-heartly, remain full of faith and pray often.  If someone, that is still in your life, you love picks a fight with you, you may want to consider surprising them – give them a big hug and kiss!  If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider consulting with a forensic counselor.   You should also consider becoming a volunteer, at a hospital, library or a school, which will help you make new friends and may open a door for new opportunity.  Good things will come …

  • Geniistar

    Change and chaos how devastating it can seem until we search deep within ourselves and realize it is the answer to our prayers. No one is really unaware of the changes in our life no one is caught off guard- in time you will realize that this was one of the best catalytic moments of your life – a time of rebirth just wait with patience for the unfoldmnet of God’s perfect plan for your life. Remember Job and how his blessing were restored a thousandfold!

  • christian keep hope alive.

    Wow so true Lisa I have been throw this. Raise for the sky. Everything they said to
    You is true. Stay strong love your self and other s don’t be afriad to love again.
    I know it easier said then done but start with small steps… God bless you Christian…..

  • martha burton

    This reminds me of my daughter she was married for 19 years and she did a very unbelieable act that caught all of us off guard she was taking money from her employer and had been doing so for eight years and no one knew but herself and her god she decided it would be best to take her life and spare us the shame really? but god had other plans for her and shes just 4 months away from coming home after turning herself in and going to prison for 30 months but her husband divorced her walked away and never has looked back he got custody of there three children and there earthly possessions  but he couldnt take away the one who walked thru this everyday with her her god our protector she did wrong and had to pay the price but the lord has restored her back to where she should have been before she lost site of whats most important truth and honesty.pray for her that she relizes all things happen for a reason. starting over terrifes her more than being in prison but god is good all the time god is good he will walk right beside her thru this new jorney THERES A PURPOSE FOR HER AND GOD HAS GREAT PLANS FOR HER I KNOW HE TELLS US SO AMEM THANKS

  • Oceanarustico

    Thank you precious ones….

  • Prayingwomenonsite

    My Dearest Martha, My name is Emma, I am a retired Loss Prevention Plain clothes Officer, In 1977 I arrested A Catholic Nun for shoplifting. In my heart I just knew the world was in trouble. The God we serve got your back and our children too!. Sometimes people hurt so deep so depress that they do not have the tool to say so. We all have fall short of His glory. Yet He will never forsake us. I am sorry that her husband walked away. He did not forgive her. Hope that he do not brain wash the children. This society is so easy to judge on another. When we are able to forgive ourselves and others the Lord will step in and forgive you. Let go and Let God the Father. I have seen over three thousand ways people let their thoughts control them. As a believer God already knew that I would commit this sin and Jesus step in to wear all of my sin. One time a man can in this store I was working He was well dressed. I look @ his shoes not his face. His story showed. When we apprehend him for stealing we found he was a Professor of Law. You see the devil will play tricks with our thoughts. Yet we must press on. Jesus have never told me Emma you are nobody cause you stole from your boss, or Emma hide your face because I am tried of you. Jesus have told me Emma don’t give up, I am here for you always to the end of the world. Matthew 28:20. I do my best to remember his promises they are so awesome!!. Because we need to try to change the way we think and those hurt, blame, and shame will disappear. I will pray for you and your family. Most of all I will pray for your grandchildren. PS do not blame yourself as her Mom. You are only her mother by title not her keeper.

  • Prayingwomenonsite

    My Dearest Lisa, Your story helped me to realize that we have the power to change the way we view our reflection. When others forsake us Jesus is on your left or your right. I am not writing this to preach to you. But to say you can make it. I’ve been married twice and I chose my partners. On the day of my wedding This thought came while my daughter was zipping up my wedding dress. It said he is not for you. Well old Emma did not know how to back away from all my guests, nor from the most emotional abuser. I chosen my own path and lost. Yet I gain strength to ask the Lord Jesus to guide me and I promise to stop and listen. Let Jesus tell you who is best for you. Lisa please leave the depression train behind and look @ the bigger picture of everlasting and everlasting . Now you will have times to face your reflection and learn more those secret gifts Father God have given you. He want us to be HAPPY. Even money fame will not hug you or say Lisa I just LOVE YOU. That want happen. Cause that not real to hurt wounds. Forgive your ex-husband, forgive the other co-worker that talked about you, forgive your self. Then leave it open for our Lord to forgive us. Yes I may be alone right now. But I seek the knowledge  of Jesus and I am not really alone in this wicked world of lust, deceit, corrupt, shame and blame. Turn to your reflection (the mirror) and say I am somebody, I am beautiful, I will find a job and I am awesome. When you have times read Psalm 88. IT will make your hair stand  straight up on top of your head. You are special use your gift to help other women even young teen-parent who is lost within a negative relationship. I will pray for you.

  • Star

    Hi Lisa, Thank you for sharing. I must tell you I have started a brand new life myself at the age of 48. I left my home in Spain 32 yrs ago at the age of 17 to look for fame as an enetertainer in the US and thought I had reached all my dreams when all of a sudden it all started falling apart 15 yrs later. I was diagnosed with the Hepatitis C virus, lost my husband and my job. Had to live with my daughter and  fell into a deep depression working myself sick, trying to ignore that I was not going to get better without medical help. I was broke , sick and was reacing menopause. Finally I met a wonderful man whom tried to help me but didn’t want to marry me. That wasn’t going to help me for it would go against Gods word to live in sin. So I had to make the dicision to tell my family and leave him behind.That was the last thing in the world I wanted to do for I was ashamed of this illness.They took me in with love understanding that I was sick and needed help. Now I live in Spain again. I am in the process of getting medical treatment and have been assured that I will be cured. Through my long depression all I could do was pray to Our Lord for a new healthy life of peace. That meant I had to let go of my old life and let God do with me as he saw fit. I don’t know if I would be alive today if I hadn’t trusted God.  Keep your peace through this time and show your love to your family . Be grateful for God has a better future for you! Thank you my Lord for the grace and the peace to know that your allways on our side!

  • Roberta Simmonds

    I went through a dark time in my life… I was engaaged to a man.. I really cared for him.. I had my wedding dress bought.. Deep in my heart I sought God about it… I belive God always guides us..I prayed and fasted for days.. and God spoke to my heart…God told me that marrying a man who did not know the Lord was not his will for me…

     t was for sure one of the most difficult choices I had to ever make.. But know I am happier knowing I did what was ter will of God for me.. when we seek him surely we shall find him….

  • Mjburton525

    Thank you yes our god is good and he never turns his back on us may god bless you and your thanks again

  • Karin

    I have a friend that also needs this advice badly, thank you for such great advice and hope
    karin allers

  • Angela

    “When Everything Changes, Change Eveything” <=Wow How Powerful! Thank You, A Year and a half ago I lost my home (landlord foreclosure), my car, my health(I'm ok Now but on a disability), My $$$, Most of my Earthly belongings. I was 56 & homeless! I spiraled into the darknest depression i have ever felt…The Greatest loss was that of sense of purpose. I felt a failure. I prayed for a Mothers grace. Everything that i ever felt i knew was stripped away…I was Exhausted Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually.
    I Was "Soul Leaking" The Enemy told me i should commit suicide so I made the plans. At one point i thought that i was going to die. That God was finished with me…I had failed at this life
    Then One week before what i had plannd as my fateful day, i found an apartment & my 17 yo daughter moved in with me. Though she will never know, she saved my life! I Knew immediately that The Lord had sent her to me and had supplied a home for us…I have spend every moment in Gratitude & on my Knees asking for Angels to guide me. I Had To SURRENDER All to Him. I am learning to set boundaries with the help of a therapist which i just found. I am feeling better & know now that i would never plan to end my life again. I started to Thank God for everything that has happened to me and ask him and my angels everyday what they want me to do NOW…I am not sure where i am going or what The Universe has planned for my future But For now i see my Purpose as being a "Mother" & I am So Grateful. I Had a feeling "out of the Blue "a couple of weeks ago that i was gonna be OK. Don't know where i am going but I am WILLING to do or go Anywhere The Lord wants to send me…For now i have stopped beating myself up because i feel The Lord is asking me to REST so i can be ready for the next part of "The Journey". I Pray i will be Ready! "The Lord is never in a hurry but He is Always on Time" ! Blessings to you & I hope this helps <3

  • Dmarie

    Wow! That is so beautiful. I have been so sad. My sons fought 6 years ago and severed their relationship and our “family” stopped cold. They each went their separate ways – without me their mom. It has been like I can’t get a grip on starting over because I cannot let go of the grief. I don’t even know if my youngest son is alive. I unexpectedly lost my job, and friends who work are fading away – too much loss and I’ m 60 years old and feel like it was all for not. But this article gives me a place to begin. It has felt like so much changed without me and did change “dramatically” so I find this perspective of “your life would not have changed dramatically if you were not desirous of great change” fascinating. The only thing that has kept me going in this quiet, alone place is nature, the solice of nature. And I have been so confused as to how to start over from here, so alone. But if it is intended that I make changes here and from this place, this gives me a new perspective. I can’t thank you enough for your loving words! They made a difference to my circumstances.