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How Do I Get Rid of a Demonic Attachment?


Henry: “I have a problem with a spiritual demonic attachment. Why is it there and how can I permanently be rid of it? Someone close to me that can see these things says that I have chosen to carry a burden of guilt for something that is not my responsibility. I don’t know what this guilt or burden is.”

The Voice for Love: “My Most Precious Holy Child, I am so happy to hear your voice and to hear your question. This is a gift of such import. I want you to know that your every question, concern, trial or joy is infinitely important to Me because YOU are infinitely important.

“You believe that you are alone with your life, your worries, your questions. But, my dearling, you are most certainly not alone, ever. All you need to do is to ask for guidance, clarity, gifts, joy, peace. Why must you ask? It is the asking that opens the door to your awareness. There will come a time when questions and answers will not be the language needed to see the glory of yourself and your holy brother, but for now, questions and answers will suffice to communicate the deep and unfathomable love I have for you and you have for one another.

“Dearest One, you have asked about this thing called demonic attachment. Many of your brothers fear this thing and this very name, so let us take a moment to breathe and join together to answer your concern fully. Demonic attachment is one way to describe a very hidden thought cluster that you cannot even bear to acknowledge. This is a tight group of thoughts dedicated to a resounding fear-quality of alarm and disdain. It is the very nature of this group of thoughts that keeps you looking away and crying only for help.

“My Precious One, here is your help. Let us, together, look at these thoughts that are wound tightly around your heart, so tightly you dare not look them in the eye for fear you will surely die. Let us greet the I-Am-Not-Enough thought with a greeting of recognition and hope: ‘Dearest Not-Enough, you are here, we are so pleased you have joined us. Have we anything to say that will put your heart at ease?’ Listen, My child, and hear the deep longing of Not-Enough saying, ‘I want to be heard. That is all, I want only to be heard. Thank you so much for hearing me. Now I know I am worthy of your attention.’ And let us say in return, ‘Thank you, Not-Enough, for speaking to us and your willingness to come forward into Love’s holy embrace.’

“Precious, One, can you see now that all the fears you have that you have chosen to call ‘demonic attachment’ are but thoughts? Dearest One, thoughts cannot harm you. What is making you feel so constricted, lost and unworthy, is how you are responding to these thoughts. The next time you are feeling this seemingly powerful attraction of the fear of these thoughts, I want you to pause, breathe deeply three times, and ask Me to join you in blessing these fractious thoughts in any way that would be helpful. A new thought will come to you, a clear, unencumbered thought; let this be your gift and blessing to your fears. Notice now that your fears are less powerful, less intense, possibly even gone.

“Thank you, My Precious One, for bringing this question, for this is very helpful to ask and receive blessing, peace and joy, all your birthright to be sure.

“Go now in Peace, My brother, My son, My child.”

  • Andrewkowalski9

    My life has been hampered by such things too, it’s like a big ball and chain that goes whereever you go.I have times when I feel connected to the source and I love it , and none of this shit can bother you when you feel loved by someone,the only thing is that love did not stand a chance of lasting with that burden or co dependency on the demonic thing.I have heard that people can carry guilt simply by incarnating , it’s like they carry a stain they can’t get rid of when you shift from pure spirit and oneness with god into the physical. Also some souls could have persuaded other souls to incarnate and they see these souls struggle with life and as a form of self punisment take on their burdens too.love is the only cure and finding a flame mate to help you learn to love yourself . I guess that some people heal quickly once they find the right help and others have to heal themselves because they are the ones that have to learn about such things inorder to go on and help others. If you have a guilt complex or existential guilt the likelihood is you are an empath which can become a real blessing once you are free.

  • ntombazane

    I am currently renting in a house that is haunted by demonic spirits, where spiritual husband does everything to me,everytime when i sit on the couch there are 2 lizards always looking at me please help i dont enjoy being in that house anymore

  • charkee

    Yes, I am an empath, but not a very sensitive one. This message was actually given to me several months ago and I worked with it all I could. I was not born with this but caught it several years ago. My wife used guilt as her control tool over me and the kids.  I’m not longer with her but still have the ball and chain.  I have healed a great deal, but still I can’t seem to find exactly what burden of guilt it is feeding on.

  • Johnnysauceda

    There is a spiritual war going on all around us and we are in the mets of it.  There are real demons out there that do attach themselvs to people that are weak in the spirit or to objects and even homes.  We need to belive in Jesus that He gave us the power to tell thease demons to go away and never come back.  We need to clean up our act, grow strong in the spirit, in the Word of God, in order to tell them to go away.  We can also have someone help us to get them out.  Even the bible says that Jesus told them to come out of a person and they did.  With some it takes fasting, praying and qwoting scripture for them to leeve.  It is real, but they can be told to go away in the name of Jesus.  But you have to be strong, and with help from strong Christans helping you it can be done.

  • mgraf9

     Our demons are our thoughts and false beliefs stored in our subconscious. They can haunt us until we can release them and replace with truth. It’s good if you can discover what they are, but it’s really not necessary to know. God knows. Maintain your faith and ask God to release them and replace with truth. Sometimes it takes a while, but all is done in God’s time. Your own faith is important.
    A few years ago, there was a spirit in my house for about 6 months. At first I was frightened, but then realized he meant no harm. I had a deep feeling he was lost, didn’t know where to go. We communicated, and I told him to ask Jesus for help. Then I asked God to help him on his journey home, and he left. Occasionally, he briefly communicates with tapping, kind of like he’s just saying hello.
    There is much we do not see in our human form, so maintain your faith, keep love in your heart, and listen for God’s voice.

  • Mdjdois


  • Aarti

    but i know from bible that after people die it’s is just hell or heaven where they go and ‘no wandering around the earth’.

  • Aarti

    you should have a huge prayer in your house.

  • Andrewkowalski9

    I appreciate what charkee wrote and it makes sense that your wife screwed you over. Most men ,people with these demonic things (like me) deep down hate women with a passion even though to reach that understanding takes alot of inner work. I beleive the size of the demonic attachment is in direct proportion to how accepted you felt and wanted by your mum and your self worth is hanging on by a thread if your mum did not want you or even battered you as a baby. It sets up a pattern , a cycle of abuse fuelled by misunderstandings of the truth of who you are. I sort of know which sort of women to stay away from now and I beleive I will find a woman to restore my faith in and love of women .Some people go on about weakness and flaws in characters and they don’t really understand that this work takes time to get out of the mindsets of the expectation of abuse and to get the abuse out of the very cells of the body (cellular memory) and then the demon will lose it’s grip and you’ll be free.

  • simonpeter byarugaba

    hullo ntombazane, i would like you to mention this to JESUS CHRIS. invite HIM to be LORD of your House, call upon the NAME OF JESUS, THE BLOOD OF JESUS until they will be gone. i work with street children in Uganda and one time, one of the street children told me of a night mare he always had, during my Morning devotion, i dvised him to pray before he went to sleep and specifically  call on the Blood of JESUS and ask JESUS to keeep him and watch him during the night. after one week when i asked him if he still had the night mare, he mentioned that it was gone and no longer haunting him. the BIBLE says JESUS IS THE SAME YESTERDAY,TODAY and Forever. so this will work for you .let me assure you all demons fear the Name of JESUS because it is Fire to them.
    give me a response in a weeks time- Simon Uganda.

  • charkee

    Thank you Andrew,  you have a good understanding of what I’m going through. I have been doing a lot of deep work on what you are suggesting and I have gotten rid on one on my shoulder.  I still have weak one on the center of my back and I’m still trying to figure out why I’m attracting it.I have been asking Jesus for help and that makes it go away temporarily, but it comes back in a day or two. I assume you are an empath and we tend to attract women that need fixing, all too often we attract narcissists.  I’m also learning  who to stay away from.  People that don’t understand empaths can’t fathom the pain and damage bad relationships can bring us.

  • Winnie

    thanks for this posting, a message of freedom deep within.

  • Lilian Launay

    I love this message, sometimes I have the same questions! thank you for your answere, I’m passing a very difficult period, and it helps me a lot!!! God bless you!

  • Barbk

    Why in the world would anyone tell anyone else that they have a “demonic attachment?” These kinds of things are so rare that I would be suspicious of anyone (Such as a medium or seer of some kind) telling someone else they see a “deomonic attachment.” Wow, I am speechless. It is frightening to think there are practitioners out there who would do this. I do like your answer but it unfortunately legitimizes the premise of demonic attachment. I don’t know what to think here.

  • JoshuaT

    I’m unclear why you think the answer legitimizes that term…. Where does it do that? All it says is that “Precious, One, can you see now that all the fears you have that you have chosen to call ‘demonic attachment’ are but thoughts? Dearest One, thoughts cannot harm you…”

  • Bubblybarb49

    barbara just what i needed to hear THANK YOU  My thoughts have been like a ticker tape like the stock market and i been picking the wrong thoughts or feeting the black wolf Thank you again for the awareness Love and Light

  • Iza

    Hi, I would like sugest, demoniac thing is about fear, things we can’t see. Well, i have wondered why Chistian people put so much power in blood of Christ. I realized that durant early days men used blood sacrifice to call atention of divine for clean their sin. It became a strong symbol of purification of evil, and the instinctual  basic self understand and respond to it.
    People who feel victimized and do not know why, do it, use the Christ blood to clean your foot,(  simbolic ritul of course). Why, the foot are the only body’s member in contact with the earth, and all the victimization enter in the body find way in foot, cause it is close to astral level. Whatever it is,the victor get  in foot in direction the  sollar plexo ( center of power) reach the heart and  big fear crip in.  The foot  ground body in the neutral earth energy cleaning the system, so the secret of you fear is hiding there. Hope it helps people out there. Even though you do it one time you see  result. Give feedback  it work for non Christian too, cause this symbol is universal.