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How Can I Tell If This Is the Man I Should Marry?

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Brandi: “I am 24 and single. I have been dating for years but no one has ever wanted to marry me. Several months ago I fell in love and thought he was the one, but to my surprise he is marrying someone else. I was shocked but told myself that God has a plan for me. Just a few weeks later a man proposed to me. Now I am in a dilemma – could he really be the right choice? What should I do to find a good man for myself?”

The Voice for Love: “Thank you for opening your heart to be touched with the light and love of God. As you have stated, God does have a plan for you and it is your total fulfillment! Allow yourself to adopt a manner of patient gratefulness in all areas of your life. Expect blessings and patiently watch for them. Open your mind and heart to the gradual unfolding of your complete fulfillment and happiness.

“Your heart is very much concerned with marriage. A man has asked you to marry him. How does your heart feel when you gently go within? What does your heart speak to you about this man? If you allow your heart to open to him inwardly, what feeling comes back to you from his heart? This feeling will tell you whether or not to proceed. There is every opportunity to experience complete happiness with this man. You can decide. Do not force your feelings to behave in any certain way.

“Take some time to become calm and contemplative. Let your inner feeling, when you are alone and opening your heart to him, be your guide. Don’t be afraid to feel whatever it is you are feeling; and whatever it is, simply accept the feeling. Ask God to confirm for you that your feelings are real. He will confirm this for you. You can always ask Him to confirm your feelings.

“True, heartfelt feelings are wonderful guides, if you trust them. When you are alone, simply let your attention go into your heart. Just let it rest there for several minutes, and you will begin to become more peaceful. Allow this peace to overcome your being completely. You will feel the love God has for you. In this love you are always completely safe, completely cared for and known.

“From this peaceful place, you will be able to ask for and receive guidance from God on any subject. You may simply feel a definite inner knowledge, or you may feel a physical sensation, or you might sense comforting words arising in your mind. Trust your impressions and allow God to speak to you in this way more and more.

“Bless you, Dear Beloved One. Do not fear!”