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Guiding Ourselves into Our Greatness

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Jennifer HoffmanI’ll have to admit, I was a reluctant channel. And on that fateful day 7 years ago when I was visited by Archangel Uriel and asked to begin to work with him, my first response was ‘no, thank you.’ Not because I didn’t think I could do it, but because I thought that I was the wrong person for the job. There were surely other people in the world who were willing, committed to this path, who had already said they wanted to do this and who knew more than I did. After all, I had been working on developing my corporate career for more than twenty years and despite five layoffs, was committed to it. But Uriel was insistent and eventually I agreed.

In the years that I have been a channel and learned to connect to my inner guidance, I have learned a lot, shared with many and come to understand myself as a spiritual being. The world of spirit no longer holds mysteries for me, although I still find it painfully frustrating at times. What I appreciate is the infinite gentleness, love and compassion that the spirit world holds for me, its endless patience and willingness to stand by me as I struggle with connecting to who I am. It believes in my greatness and reminds me of it when I forget.

We believe the spirit world holds mysterious knowledge that we must pass through great trials and tribulations to acquire. I don’t know anyone who follows the spiritual path who has not struggled and suffered in some way as part of their journey. Spirit holds a vision for us that we eventually learn to connect to, believe and incorporate into our humanity. It is a simple, powerful vision and that is why we have such a hard time with it. Who are we to believe that we are great, blessed, supported, served and held in such high esteem? What about what we have done, said and thought that mirrored our powerlessness, insignificance and unworthiness? How can we be so great when we act so small?

Our inner guidance blazes with the light of our greatness that is never dimmed by our belief that we are insignificant. When we are willing to connect to the spirit within, these mysteries are revealed to us in flashes of insight that can, at first, overwhelm us with the love and acceptance that they hold. This is our truth, that we are loved, great and worthy beyond what we can imagine. As we release those things that block us from this connection, our distractions, fears, judgments, expectations and belief in our separation, we step into a world that resonates with us. This is who we are, at the core of our being, it is our ‘being-ness’ that holds our memory of connection and light. Within lies our memory of our power and greatness, that is why we must connect with it for without it, we will never come to that realization and be set free from our fear.

As we take the time and make the space to renew this connection we find our true self. And then we are in a position to serve the world through our greatness instead of our pain. While it is our mission to heal the world, that journey is so much easier when we approach it from our healed, whole self, fully connected to our inner guidance and working in partnership with spirit. The problems of the world may overwhelm our humanity but they are easily smoothed when we stand in our self that is partnered with spirit. Wherever we are scared, confused, doubting and in fear there is an answer within that can lead us out of this dark place and back into our light. Our willingness to connect to spirit allows us express our greatness, our light, wisdom and to find joy, peace and love. And as we make this our priority, we enable ourselves and the world to become a reflection of our greatness and light.

About the author

Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author of several books, including the acclaimed 30 Days to Everyday Miracles. She has been channeling the Archangel Uriel since 2004 and writes a weekly newsletter with a global readership of more than 2 million. As founder of Miracle Coaching, Jennifer has helped thousands find clarity, joy and know what they want in life, and then guided them in the manifestation process.

Jennifer is a celebrated intuitive whose clients include executives, scientists, celebrities, and people in all walks of life. Her ability to view the dynamics of the soul’s journey allows her clients insights into how to achieve their highest possible vibration, miracle mastery. Everything that stands in the way of this goal can be transformed with willingness to change one’s life story from victim consciousness to spiritual mastery.

Jennifer is the founder of www.urielheals.com, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer’s books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email info@enlighteninglife.com for information.

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