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God’s Puzzle – Completing the Puzzle that is Source


November 18, 1999

“It is not life experience that teaches a baby to laugh. She is born with a spark of God, and that part of her remains intact. She is whole in her totality, though God is incomplete without her. This is why each one of His children (sparks of Himself) must return to Him eventually to complete the Giant Puzzle that is Source, and in doing so, each piece will finally feel its completeness. What a happy day that will be. And yet, through the perceptions in one’s mind, it would be possible to experience this completeness as having already happened because, in Truth, it has.

“If each of God’s children must return to Him to complete the Puzzle, is it not true that you are a piece of that Puzzle? Is it not also true then that you have a vested interest in that Puzzle being completed? Does it do you any good to hurry back to Source when nothing can be accomplished until all of the pieces are in place? Is it true then that what would do you the most good would be to help the most amount of God’s children return Home? This is the way to live.

“If what benefits the whole ultimately benefits you, then serve the whole. And do it lovingly and humbly, knowing that you are only really serving yourself. You are not doing anyone else any favors in Truth. Your call to service, then, is to serve yourself and you do this best by helping everyone along the way get to the same destination with as much Grace and dignity as possible. Can you do this? Are you doing this? How can you do this better?

“Is it not essential then to slow down and see where you could serve yourself at every opportunity? Slow down so that you can notice when you are being called to service. Service can be as small as a smile or as big as a loving thought. It only matters that you are able to be of service to those who are trying to get Home, and that you know you are doing it for yourself rather than for the other person so that there are no debts incurred in the process. How can you do this better? Be aware of this question, asking yourself continually, how can I do this better?

(An excerpt from The Voice for Love.)

  • Ssilbermann

    Thank you, DavidPaul. Just what I needed to be reminded of today!

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you David Paul for reinforcing what has been my life’s path since 1965.  It is thrilling to see this wisdom coming from many sources now.  it is TIME for this to erupt in humanity.  May my every step, and yours, and everyon else’s who is walking this Way of Love be blessed and strengthened.  All blessings to you!  Elizabeth

  • Wolfgang Knoop

    Makes sense! Shows the way to fulfillment! Opens the door to real freedom! Great!!!

  • My pleasure 🙂

  • Tanya

    This idea of service to yourself and then to one another to bring ourselves and others back to the Heavenly Father is great advice.  However it is very hard to lead someone who has viciously murdered someone for “30 pieces of silver.”  On TV last night the talk show was  speaking about an impoverished young person who murdered a pretty young woman. A woman who volunteered her time helping  impoverished people( from whence he came) while going to school to become a physician. They found him on tape taking a huge amount of money out of her bank account! This young lady begged for the man to pray beforehand not to kill her, just take the money and run. But that  was not enough. I won’t go into the gruesome details.
    The Public Defender went on to say why this young man did what he did. He had a poor upbringing in every way and little money. OK. But there are numerous people who grew up in the same fashion and did not harm anyone. How do you lead somebody like this to the heavenly Father? I know it is a rather extreme example but these days this kind of story is becoming the status quo.
    I do believe that if somebody had reached this young man in his youth with the Gospel of Christ through giving of themselves and bringing God’s word into his heart he might have never done this horrendous thing. It might not have been guaranteed but then who knows what it could have helped him with in order to become a healthy, law abiding citizen who loved himself first and then others. Sounds as if he didn’t love anyone but the greedy dollar!

  • Cate Grieves

    This is a lovely message but I prefer to help others without any regard to what I can get out of the situation.

    I am not sure if this is the correct way to live my life, but my HS voice for love has told me to “Never Never give up”. I find it difficult to talk to anyone about my beliefs about the HS voice for love so I just practice loving acts and kindness for now. Maybe when I am more confident, I can then open up to others. I am worried about being ridiculed as in Australia, not many people believe in God.

  • Lisa

    I thank you for you giving us these messages. I know I want to follow more and not look at myself. Jesus is the way of life I want to live. He is everything, without him things seem impossible. 

  • khodani

    thats very true and i believe that if each and everyone of us can surely believe that indeed we are the pices of GOD’s puzzle and that without us the puzzle cant be complete i think that we could all start doing what is right, soul winning helping those souls which are lost for the lord says that “my people will perish because of lack of knowledge,indeed others are just strugling because they are lacking knowledge so it is up to us brothers and sisters and also parents to start taking the step of faith and help in bringing back all the pices of the puzzle so that we can have a complete piece may god bless each and everyone of u STAY BLESSED.

  • khodani

    greetings in the mighty name of jesus,i think you have to stand in the truth and stop worring about people who dont believe in god for they are still in darkness and as you are there and being in the light of christ you can shine upon those who dont believe in god show the way in christ start soul wining for if only one soul can be saved there is greatness,joyand hapiness in heaven start soul wining and i pray that the mighty GOD may help u as u star serving his nation the lord will do you good and the rest of the people in australia the lord loves you and he will keep on blessing you just stick to his word GOD BLESS am in South Africa

  • Joyful

    David, what do you mean when you write …”so that there are no debts incurred in the process” ?
    What kind of debts would we have if we did things just for others completely detached from the outcome or personal healing?