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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Getting Unstuck So Our Light Can Shine


Have you ever found yourself stuck, not able to move forward with something that you want to do, something that would be beneficial to yourself and others? It’s almost as if you’re standing at a precipice and the next step feels like leaping across the Grand Canyon. I see it as a pattern of procrastination and busy-ness that my ego mind uses to keep me from moving forward on my spiritual path.

I recently recognized this familiar pattern when I sat down to cover my hour receiving calls on the Voice for Love Hotline and realized I was actually hoping no one would call! I decided to meditate and ask Holy Spirit why I was experiencing this resistance.

This is what Holy Spirit said: “Isn’t the real question, why are you afraid to open your heart and share the love that is there with others? The ego has you believing that others will reject what you have to offer or find it lacking in some way. Know that when you truly speak the Holy Spirit there is nothing but love, and love only attracts love. Those who are asking for help are only seeking love. Of course their ego mind may try to discount what is said, but know that only Love can dissolve the qualities of the ego and break through to their true selves.”

I was then prompted to begin a conversation with my ego mind in which I lovingly addressed it as follows: “It is now time for you to step aside and let my True Self come forth, the Self that knows it is the divine, perfect child of God. This is necessary in order for me to serve my purpose here in this world – to help others to reconnect with their true self. The world is in need of love and healing now, and needs all its parts to be connected to their Source. It is time for our divine selves to stop hiding behind fear and excuses and let our lights shine.”

As things turned out, my first hour on the Hotline concluded without a single call and I was led to take this first step in opening my heart by putting my experience in writing. Often in the past when I have gotten messages from Spirit, I have thought I should write them down yet never got around to it — either I didn’t think it was worth sharing, or that others could say it so much more eloquently than I. Now I realize that was just my ego mind keeping me stuck in fear. Now I can let go of that fear and let the Holy Spirit speak through me.

  • Lyn

    Thank you Sue for opening up your heart and sharing. It is true we benefit from each others learning and growth, and yours has helped me!

  • Great post, Sue. Thank you so much for opening your heart and letting your light shine!! I loved reading this. Congratulations!!

  • MaryAnn

    Hi Sue, you have no idea how timely your message is for me here. I experienced similar misgivings (downright fear actually) when I started my time on the Hotline, but once the calls started coming, I found I could drop into my connection and trust the message…ego had me running scared the first time though, but I did feel good about what resulted.
    I recently volunteered to answer some or our community’s written questions and have been sent the first one about a week ago. As Spirit would work it, this particular person’s question and description of their situation is remarkably similar to my challenges in the past year. Once again, I am feeling the doubt as I make each attempt to bring a loving message to this person…judging my first few attempts and procrastinating around making the time to  just sit with Spirit in a full-on deeper meditation.  I arrived at the community page for some inspiration just now and WOW here you are with your beautiful post?  Blessings and Love to you xoxo

  • Helenstubbs

    Thanks Sue, this message really resonates with me as I am such a procrastinator! This is the first time I have ever written a comment for public consumption – perhaps I should say : that I have gotten round to writing such a comment- . You have motivated me.

  • Erika1

    Thank you Sue, your message also hits home with me too. Have been stuck physically and emotionally for the past year, but I am not giving up! Love and Light be with you!

  • Amy

    Thank you, Sue.  You are a great soul.  I hope I can open-up the way you did.  Yes, it is my ego, my fear.  I will try to open-up.  You are very special to the Lord.

  • Thank you Sue for your courage to share with me your struggle as this is a part of me too. By sharing your story I feel seen and felt by you. Have a wonderful day.Kris

  • Mercedesahansen