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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Finding Love Again

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Bella: “Will I ever find love again? I met my husband when I was 18 and we were together for more than 25 years. He was unfaithful a couple of times and eventually left me for another woman. I have since met other men, but it always ends the same way: they find someone else. Why do I always meet this kind of man? And will I ever meet someone honest and faithful?”

The Voice for Love: “Holy Precious Child, greetings and blessings to you this day. Thank you for your willingness to ask for your Self in this manner.

“Dear One, you are needing a time of rest and respite. You have long-toiled with ones around you who do not recognize your strength, your beauty and your inherent joy. This is a time for reprieve and complete rest from this thing you call the dating world. Give yourself the gift of not even thinking about how you may find a good and faithful friend. This is time for your own self.

“Give yourself three months of holiday from even giving this any thought. Allow yourself in this time to become aware of what is beating in your own heart. This is a time to give yourself the gift of becoming honest and faithful to your own heart. You have given so very much to others: children, your spouse and to many friends. Please give your own self the gift of your attention now. There is no need to fear this time of loving, self-attention. This will bear so much fruit of joy, you will not even remember why you ever asked this question of finding someone honest and faithful, for you will be surrounded by honest and faithful ones. As you allow yourself this time to listen to your heart, you will begin to draw others like your heart to you.

“This is your new practice for the next three months: when you awaken for your day, give thanks for your presence. That is all. Thank yourself for being right here, right now. Notice how you are feeling. Is your stomach rumbling and calling for food? Do you have a desire for a cup of water? Do you desire a clean mouth and body or do you wish to stretch your arms up to the ceiling and give thanks for the day? Listen each morning to your body, to your thoughts. You need do nothing else. Just notice them, imagine untethered balloons floating by. You notice a red one or a green one but you continue to let them float. In this daily practice of noticing what is going on in your own space you will begin to develop honesty and faithfulness in yourself.

“You need not judge the thoughts and feelings you will notice, for there will be nothing wrong with these thoughts. Just notice. If you feel an angry or hurtful thought float by on a puff of wind, just notice what color it is, thank it, and let it float on. You may have many days that very dark balloons of thought will float and gust by and you may acknowledge them each and every one with a thank you.

“You are a dear and holy child of God. Fear not this history you see of seemingly attracting faithlessness. You will now begin to give yourself so much notice and faithfulness with your daily practice of noticing and thanking your thoughts, that your feeling of strength and completeness will overflow. You will notice yourself smiling at others and giving thanks for them, just as they are. You will notice yourself being interested in others in a new way, not in what you can do for them but noticing how very grateful you are for their presence, or help, or nature. When you begin to see and feel this thing happening you will be ready to join again the world of gathering together in special friendship. In this way you will not only find love but you will be love.

“Thank you for your tender heart and willingness to go deeper into your very own self. We love you with a golden love from above, from within and surrounding you at all times.

“Amen and Selah.”