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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Feeling Disapproval from Others

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Barbara: “I live in a family-owned house and my younger brother administers the trust that has me living here. I only work part-time but he hasn’t pressured me that much about rent. My difficulty is that the only emails I ever receive from my brother have to do with business related to the house and things he wants me to change about it and/or my life. I rarely hear from him otherwise. He also talks negatively about me to our sister, which makes me a little suspicious of communicating with her as well. Why do people feel they have to fix or change others instead of listening and trying to understand? Granted, there are things we can all improve on. But when I get nothing but negatives, my tendency is to dig in my heels because I don’t feel accepted or appreciated as is.”

The Voice for Love: “Holy Precious Child, know that you are beloved and beyond compare. Your gifts are known and appreciated. You are experiencing a place of vulnerability in this situation with your brother and sister. Know they long to truly know you and be known by you. They too feel the lessening of trust in the relationship.

“Allow yourself to find a place that is quiet and undisturbed and sit breathing and simply listen to what you become aware of. Notice the sounds, the feel of a breeze from an open window, the thought of what to have for lunch. Notice if your stomach is gurgling or if are you blocked about something you are working on. Notice if thoughts of your brother or sister enter that space and just simply be aware of them. Let go of the need to judge them or shush then out of this quiet space or even try to analyze them. Just let these thoughts just be. Let them occupy space. Think to yourself, I need do nothing right now. I am extending love simply by letting my thoughts be as they are.

“Truly, you need do nothing. Let your heart rest from feeling like you must figure out who knows what and who feels what. Give yourself permission to let your family members think whatever they need to think. Know that you are beloved as are your family members. Trust that every bit of information you wish for them to know is winging its way to them. You need not continue to carry the burden of being the one to inform them. Rest your weary heart and believe the truth about yourself. You are my dear and precious child, in whom I am well pleased. Fear not this message. Argue not with this message. I am immensely proud of you, of your opening heart and of your willingness that is growing in you.

“Thank you, dear one, for taking the time to ask for wisdom and prayer. You have everything you need. Trust in your heart and let the appreciation you have for your family well up inside you and flow over the brim as a full ladle would overflow. Share this with your loved ones with joyous abandon.

“Go in peace.”