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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

When the One You Love Deserts You

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Edwin: “What do you do when your mate, the one you love, dumps you and says she does not want you anymore? Yet you want her to be with you. What do you do in this circumstance?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, your Love is real and deep and eternal. It is part of who you are and you long for an enduring relationship that allows you to continually extend and experience that Love. Yet, when you seek for such a relationship through only one particular person, it is like peering out at the universe through a tiny hole and believing that your Love can only be experienced in a very tiny and limited way.

“We tell you that who and what you are is infinitely vast, yet your pain at losing your mate keeps you from recognizing the wonderful experience of the Love you really are. The one who dumped you is as vast in dimensions of Love as you are. Yet you see her only as a means to an end, though it is a means which no longer serves you.

“Indeed, she is like a guide who has come to your life, to show you that it is time to broaden your vision of what Love is, and to open up your search to a deeper level of experience. We encourage you to connect with the Love that you are, in the deepest, often hidden, recesses of your awareness and memory. From that level of Love, look with compassion upon your pain in the seeming loss of the ongoing presence of the one to whom you are attached.

“Accept your grief, but realize that there is so much more than these feelings, waiting for your awareness and Love to manifest. We will hold your hand in this process, for you are beloved of us. Surrender to that quiet view of your pain, and know that you are safe, that you are loved, that there is a universe of opportunity for you to experience Love and offer it to others.

“Be patient with yourself as you grieve. Know that when you emerge from this experience, that the entire ocean of the universe of Love is available for your experience. Whatever way you choose to mold your experience will serve to move you forward in a direct manner, as long as you do it with the Love that you are. In that movement, you will come to be aware that you can never be separate from your Self, or from any other. All Love is eternal. All Love exists beyond the constraints of your imagination and perception.

“Blessing to you, who truly are a blessing!”