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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Deepening into the Atonement


Flying Holy Spirit dove by Wendy Moore

This past weekend, Candace and I were presenters at the Course in Miracles conference in San Francisco. It was our third time being presenters. It was a fabulous weekend, with over 450 people attending the three-day event.

Candace and I gave two talks over the weekend. To prepare for my talk, I wrote out bullet points and memorized them. Candace, on the other hand, wrote her "speech" out on paper before the event to help her organize her thoughts. She didn’t read it at the event but referred to it instead. Below is a copy of what she presented. I think you will enjoy reading it. Although I don’t have anything written out to share with you, I hope to deliver my speech for you in the coming months over video. In the meantime, enjoy Candace’s speech entitled "Deepening into the Atonement." Blessings to you…

"I don’t know of anything that is more important than listening to the Holy Spirit, learning the Truth of who you are from that Voice, and following guidance to correct your thinking. The good news is the only thing you have to correct is your thinking. You don’t have to do anything else. You don’t have to correct anything in the world. The bad news is, changing your thinking isn’t always easy, especially if you are in the ego mind while you are trying to change it.

The easiest way to change your mind is to literally change which mind you are thinking with. It is easier to move into the Right Mind than to try to make the ego think positively.

I have been hearing and sharing the voice of the HS for the past 16 years. For the first 9 years that I heard that voice, I didn’t believe everything the Holy Spirit told me. I heard countless times how loved I was and how precious I was to God. I really enjoyed those words, but I didn’t always believe them. That’s because I was identified with the ego and I was experiencing myself as the ego. When I believe that voice that tells me I will never be good enough, God will not love me if (fill in the blank), I am experiencing myself as the ego. I think that I am the one saying that to myself. And when I am identified with the ego, I cannot hear how much God loves me. No matter how many times the Holy Spirit tells me, I will not be able to believe it.

The theme for this weekend, Listen, Learn and Do, for me is about listening to the Holy Spirit, learning the Truth of who we really are, and then coming to believe that Truth in order to be part of the atonement. Not just knowing it, but really believing it and experiencing it.

Even after hearing and sharing this Voice for many years, I did not fully believe that God loved me no matter what. I didn’t fully experience myself as the love that I am. I didn’t fully perceive the holiness in my brother. How could I if I couldn’t fully perceive it in myself? I thought that I had gotten as close as I was going to be able to get to God and God’s love and truthfully I wasn’t always feeling the love. Over the years my state of mind went up and down, as I got hopeful and then disappointed, encouraged and then apathetic, hopeful some more and then depressed. I didn’t have a consistent experience of God’s Love.

And then about 7 years ago an amazing thing happened. The Holy Spirit told me how I could get into my Right-Mind, the Holy Spirit’s Mind, and stay there. Now this was good news, because the Right-Mind is the state of mind that allows us to hear and believe the Holy Spirit’s words. This was the state of mind that could consistently bridge the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. I could be in that state of mind when I was meditating, reading the Course, sharing the Holy Spirit with someone, but I couldn’t do it consistently in my day-to-day life.

The Holy Spirit told me that how I could get into my Right Mind was – in a nutshell – to start behaving as if I was the Holy Spirit. You just act as if – fake it til you make it. How many of you have ever done that? It’s a very powerful practice. When I was a teenager, my family was in family counseling. After a couple of years in counseling, my mother was ready to be done with therapy and asked the therapist, "When are we going to be normal?"

He said, "When you start acting like it."

She said, "How do we do that?"

He said, "You fake it til you make it."

We were paying this person good money for therapy, but amazingly, this was very good advice. At least for my mother. I didn’t get it at the time, although I remember that day very well. She started acting like a normal person, and her life started responding in kind.

Hmmm…so the Holy Spirit says, "Start behaving as if I am the Holy Spirit." What would that look like? How does the Holy Sprit behave? In a word, unconditionally. Unconditionally loving, unconditionally accepting, unconditionally forgiving – knowing there is nothing to forgive – unconditionally allowing. Unconditionally.

I believe all of us, but in the interest of avoiding an argument, I will say most of us, have never experienced this kind of love in the world. We might think we love someone unconditionally, but that’s usually because they haven’t done anything bad enough to really piss us off. I have the greatest best friend. We’ve been best friends for 25 years. I love her so much. I could even say I love her unconditionally. That’s because she hasn’t slept with my husband, she hasn’t been unkind to my daughter, and she hasn’t done anything to me to make me not love her. The Holy Spirit, on the other hand, loves us no matter what. Truly. There is nothing we could ever say or do or think or imagine that could keep the Holy Spirit from loving us more than we could ever understand. And I have put this to the test. I have avoided the Holy Spirit, blamed and attacked the Holy Spirit, ignored guidance from the Holy Spirit, badmouthed the Holy Spirit. You name it, I’ve done it. And you know what? The Holy Spirit just loves and adores me. Truly. It’s amazing and wonderful. And it takes getting used to in my experience. We’re not used to being loved in that way, and it takes time and experience – testing – to really trust that that kind of love is real.

Well, if I am going to behave as if I am the Holy Spirit, thinking about all of that makes it even harder to behave as if! How am I going to behave as if I’m unconditionally loving? But what the Holy Spirit has taught me is that unconditional love is our true nature. Behaving as if we are the Holy Spirit is actually not a stretch.

The Holy Spirit said just do what I do – relate to every single thing with love, no matter what it is. You don’t have to think about whether or not you like something. You don’t have to agree with someone or condone something – you just relate to it with love. And here is where the fake it til you make it really comes in. It’s ok to relate to something with love even if you’re not feeling it. The ego won’t even pretend to relate with love, so it is only with the Holy Spirit that you can be in a loving state or have the loving intention to relate with love. And what happens when you relate to something with love is that you are either already in a loving state of mind, which allows you to relate lovingly or you start to get into a loving state of mind. Either way, the result is love. And without a lot of effort, you are behaving like the Holy Spirit!

So how exactly do you relate to something with love? Even though this is our natural way of expressing, most of us are out the habit of doing it. Again, I won’t say all of us in the interest of avoiding an argument. But most of us are out of the habit of relating to everything with love. It’s actually very simple – you have a loving response in your mind to everything you become aware of.

We think unconditional love is difficult to achieve, but it’s actually the simplest form of love. It’s easier to be unconditionally loving than to love the way we’re used to loving, because unconditional love doesn’t discern. You don’t have to decide first if you like something or agree with something. You just react to everything in a loving way. You don’t draw any lines about what you’re willing to relate to with love. The Holy Spirit doesn’t say, I’m willing to relate to you with love, but not the IRS. If the Holy Spirit doesn’t draw lines, and if we’re behaving as if we are the Holy Spirit, then we don’t have to draw lines either. That actually makes it very simple. Just relate to everything with love.

The Holy Spirit does this naturally, but since we’re out of the habit, we have to put a little more awareness into it. We have to consciously react to everything with love. When we become aware of something, say someone’s cell phone goes off in a workshop, normally we might react to that interruption with irritation. We might have judgment that that person didn’t turn off their phone. We might think that people who don’t turn off their cell phones are inconsiderate. We might stop paying attention to the workshop, and focus on what we think about the person who left their cell phone on.

But there is another way…the Holy Spirit would react to the cell phone ringing with love. The Holy Spirit wouldn’t think the phone or the owner of the phone was bad. What that might look like as a practice is: we hear the phone ring, judgments start to arise, and then we consciously react with love. In our mind, we could say to the ringing phone, "I love you." Or, "Bless you." Or, "Thank you." Or, "You’re welcome here." And then the owner of the phone panics, digs for the phone in their bag, turns it off (or maybe even takes the call) and in our mind judgments continue to arise, and we continue extending loving thoughts to the whole situation. (What’s the alternative?!) Being pissed off. And the ego loves that because who couldn’t justify being pissed off at a ringing phone in a workshop?

But if we extend love instead, an amazing thing happens. We feel more loving afterward. Instead of feeling irritated and distracted after the phone rings, we feel peaceful and loving. We might even feel grateful that the phone rang to give us the opportunity to extend love and to feel more loving.

Just to clarify – There is a big difference between loving the phone ringing and extending love to the phone ringing. I’m not saying, "Oh, I love when a phone rings in the middle of a workshop." I’m saying that I’m happier when I relate to what is in a loving way. I’m not saying you have to love the IRS. I’m saying that when you relate to the IRS with love, you feel more loving in general.

And what I know is, that’s when miracles happen.

The Holy Spirit isn’t saying the IRS is good or bad. The Holy Spirit is simply relating to the IRS with love – and without discernment. You don’t have to love anything you don’t want to love, but you can relate to everything in a loving way and give yourself freedom from judgment and freedom from separation.

Some of us think we have a duty or a moral obligation to not love certain things. For example: Hitler, pedophiles, the banking industry, the war in Iraq, and the list goes on. But it is only the ego that is telling us that we should separate from these things and not extend love to them. What the Holy Spirit has told me is that if there is one person, place or thing that I am unwilling to extend love to (doesn’t mean I have to feel love toward them, hug them, live with them – it just means I am willing to extend a loving thought to them) if there is one thing I am not willing to extend love to, then I am not in my Right-Mind. I am not thinking with the Holy Spirit’s Mind. Only the ego thinks we should draw lines. Because when we draw lines, we separate. That’s all a line is – a separation. When we don’t draw lines, we are free to relate to everything with love, like the Holy Spirit does.

Who thinks it’s starting to sound easier to behave as if they are the Holy Spirit?

If you think you have no business pretending to be the Holy Spirit, that’s just the ego talking. If you think the Holy Spirit might be offended by your attempt at imitating the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit says, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." If you think it’s too hard to do this, remember how hard it’s been pretending you’re not a holy and beloved child of God. This is actually way easier.

The theme for this weekend comes from a section in the Text on Atonement and Miracles that reads: When you have been restored to the recognition of your original state, you naturally become part of the Atonement yourself. As you share my unwillingness to accept error in yourself and others, you must join the great crusade to correct it; listen to my voice, learn to undo error and act to correct it.

How many of you have felt like that is out of reach?

I certainly did for many years. I thought it might take lifetimes to be restored. But I’ve been practicing this for the past 7 years. Not always, not perfectly, just a lot. Very early on in this practice, what happened was I fully and completely experienced God’s Love for me and I have never doubted that love since. Yes, I’ve had difficult times in the past 7 years, but not because I doubted God’s Love. I may have forgotten for a moment, but I never doubted.

Being restored to the recognition of our original state is not something that we do once and we’re done. It’s something that we do over and over and over again. We are restored in each moment that we are able to remember the Truth. Not finally restored once and for all, not perfectly restored in our awareness in every moment ~ yet. But restored in every moment that we are able to remember. These moments start to get strung together. They start to create a pattern. They start to create an experience for us that begins to make our Restoration a reality instead of a dream.

Only the ego says you have to be restored perfectly in all moments to be restored. The reality is, we can only be restored in this moment anyway. There is no other moment.

When I behave as if I am the Holy Spirit, when I don’t draw lines about what I will love and not love, when I extend love indiscriminately to anything and everything in my awareness, I find myself restored to the Child of God that I am. The more that I relate to everything with love, the more I relate to myself with love. The less lines I draw out there, the less lines I draw toward myself. The more I behave as if I am the Holy Spirit, the easier it is to see the Holiness in my brother, and ultimately in myself. When all of that starts to come together, now I’m part of the Atonement.

The Course says that the Atonement is the natural profession of the Children of God. If that’s so, I say, "Let’s get to work!" The Course says, "We are all joined in the Atonement here, and nothing else can unite us in this world."

If that’s true, how do we do that? By behaving as if we are the Holy Spirit. Here is what the Course says about what it looks like when we do that:

Each one (brother) you see you place within the holy circle of Atonement or leave outside, judging him fit for crucifixion or for redemption. If you bring him into the circle of purity, you will rest there with him. If you leave him without, you join him there. Judge not except in quietness which is not of you. Refuse to accept anyone as without the blessing of Atonement, and bring him into it by blessing him. Holiness must be shared, for therein lies everything that makes it holy. Come gladly to the holy circle, and look out in peace on all who think they are outside. Cast no one out, for here is what he seeks along with you. Come, let us join him in the holy place of peace which is for all of us, united as one within the Cause of peace.

All we have to do is be willing to pretend we are the Holy Spirit and behave as if. We don’t have to figure anything out. We don’t have to understand anything. We don’t have to know anything. We don’t have to be right. We just have to love indiscriminately, and it turns out, that’s our natural state of being."

  • Blini45091

    Profoundly expressed, pragmatic guidance and reminder to BE the holy son of God. Thank you. Diane

  • Blini45091

    Profoundly expressed, pragmatic guidance and reminder to BE the holy son of God. Thank you. Diane

  • Mysticsommer

    Wonderful article! Many blessings to all.
    Peace, Joy and Love,

  • Ariel

    Last 5 sentences represent a magnificent formula :).
    Thank you.

  • Robbie

    Dear David & Candace, Thanks for the wonderful guidance and wisdom. I intuit I will be able to apply these wonderful lessons (hopefully sooner rather than later). I’m glad we were able to meet at the conference. Peace and blessings! Robbie (Cookie guy)

  • Indigo

    just perfect…thank you Holy Spirit!

  • It was great finally meeting you in person, Robbie! I appreciate who you are and I’m glad to know you. Thanks for your comments above!

  • Barbara Cooper

    Dear Candace, How your light does shine. Thank you for sharing this perfect message so clearly with us. We are truly graced to be reminded to listen, learn and do. Blessings dearest one, in the Light of Love, Barbie

  • Alex Gill

    Thanks Candace..thats what they told me at AA you know..in 1977..fake it to make it……privately i scoffed..but here i am 34 years later..a library of wonderful books about the Truth (truth ABOUT the Truth) and ACIM sitting on my desk for 7 years now but recovered recently and started again..and bless you you come along and tell me what i heard so long ago…i believe it now..and thankyou for telling us about the difficult bits..if YOU have demurred then its ok that i have..Triple chocolate soda blessings to you..I lived in SF in the 60’s..loved it then would still love it now..i realised recently that all the things i loved i destroyed or took away from myself ..thankyou again for your address..its a very good one. Alex Gill..Hove England.

  • Mdumbarton

    Your suggestion ‘to pretend we are the Holy Spiri’t initially got a reaction of ‘say what?’. As I sit with this though I feel joy
    and inner peace. My heart is open wide. Thankyou. Maggie D

  • Laura

    Thank you, DavidPaul, for sharing Candace’s presentation with us. I think it is a very beautiful message, and so true in its simplicity. As a therapist myself, I’ve often told clients to “fake it to you make it,” but I never thought to do the same vis-a-vis with my intention to be in that stage 2, or loving space, or acting like I am the Holy Spirit to get there. Excellent message, which I will use and take to heart! Thank you Candace and DavidPaul:) ~ Laura

  • Marigold

    Thankyou for this today! It came as part of a lesson I have been receiving this past few days. I’m quite blown away by the content here…twice recently I have found myself advising others not to judge, and have seen soon after how the judgement I need to take care of is within myself…and that what I can do is to extend love to myself when I shut myself out of my holy relationship with all others by my judging them! It is I who suffer when I judge another! I got present also to how the healing and reuniting of the human family is actually a real, non-negotiable desire wihin my heart. When i feel petty, weak and all too human, I seem to be such a long way from this lofty ideal. This is a goood time remember who I really am, and love who I think I am. Amazing. Again, thankyou so much !

  • Thelma_manlulu

    thank you so much for the wonderful guidelines,it help me much.more power and god bless.

  • Anonymous

    thanks, Diane!

  • Anonymous

    and simple too! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    cookie guy! i thought of you yesterday as i put homemade (by my stepmom) chocolate chip cookies into my daughter’s lunch. it was wonderful to meet you, and yes, you will be able to apply this!

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    aw, thanks, Barbie!

  • Anonymous

    thanks, Alex. we’ve all demurred – it’s our human nature. then we get back on the horse.
    congratulations on your recovery today. (And, of course, we can only be recovered in this moment. :))
    triple chocolate soda blessings right back atcha!

  • Anonymous

    thanks, Maggie
    so glad you were open to sitting with that thought ~ what a gift your open heart is.

  • Anonymous

    thanks, Laura!
    keep on fakin’ it!

  • Anonymous

    thanks, Marigold!
    it’s seems a long way away only when we are looking with the other mind. in truth, you are already there. i love your “non-negotiable desire”! what would the world be like if we were all in touch with that?

  • Anonymous

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  • Ilja

    Nothing fake about this beautiful message 😉 Thank you Candace for this simple yet powerful speech and thank you DavidPaul for sharing it on the internet! From the 30 day course the extend Love to your thoughts ‘step’ was one of my favourites and now seeing it put like this, makes my heart sing even more. Love & blessings to you and everyone

  • chisa

    Thanks so much! this is beautiful

  • Anna

    “Fake it til you make it” That saying has been offered to me almost every day from different people in my life these past 9 months. Last April, I discovered that my husband of 25 years had been having an affair with a much younger co-worker for the past two years. We are in the process of divorce. He says she is his soul mate. He just took her to Colorado to go skiing. He’s 52, she’s 39. Her kids are 6 and 8, my kids are 16, 14 and 11. As practicing Catholics, this infidelity and family betrayal was very hard for all of us to accept. The Holy Spirit has said to me over and over “Trust in me and I will see you through” He also said “Let him go, I have something better planned for you”. I am trusting in the Holy Spirit, and I am faking it til I make it through. I just wish the pain of this betrayal wasn’t so intense. Please ask the Holy Spirit to continue to watch over and speak to me. I promise to listen and do what I can to let the Right Mind take over from the Ego.

  • Dranderson1234

    This was a complete and total blessing to me today. I appreciate your sharing. The holy spirit is so wonderful and loving and to be able to share that gift and be in my right mind is a goal I have set for myself starting today

  • Simon

    Thankyou very much Candace for this holly truth that is never preached. You have opened my eyes, and have started to fake it untill i make it. Today is my day. Iam tired of living like a defeated christian knowing the power that was given unto us, through you i have known where i have lost it. Thank big , God bless you

  • Elvirasaet

    I thank God for these awakening message from you.” Fake it til you make it” It^s a matter of our wise dicision and our choice if we realy want to do it, surely we can make it. By the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, who is more than willing to release His DIVINE PROVISIONS in our lives.More power to you.

  • Wendy

    This is so amazing – I seem to be getting the same messages of “love” from all over – friends, spiritual articles and a book I’ve recently started to read called “The greatest secret in the world” by Og Mandino.
    My husband & I have been having marital problems for a long time and I wanted to leave. He has now changed into a much nicer person and is trying very hard to be loving & kind. I have found it very difficult to learn to ‘trust’ him & love him again, but now with your message which I will reread & reread, hopefully I can start that process. I am very scared to trust a man in the first place as my father left my mom & I when I was 6 and never told us that he was leaving, so I think my scars go deep.
    Thanks so much!! I am so glad my friend Carole told me about your website. 🙂 Wendy

  • Mosese Vuetimaiwai

    Its powerful, the first step is mine, Fake it til you make it. Its faith @ work, hallelujah
    Suva, Fiji Islands

  • Agnesngetha

    Thank you for the word with revelation,that the Holy Spirit unconditionly and sometimes we fall short of the glory of the Lord but he loves us the way we are without limit.May He gives us the fruit of love so that we may bear good fruit that will please Him.Thank for that great insight.

  • Almira Sharp

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is Jesus’ radical message of Love Thy neighbor as Thyself worded in a new, very practical way. Extending love is something I certainly want to do.
    Love, peace and joy,

  • vicky/vanaja

    This is an amazing message, a new revelation.

  • Lyn

    Candice, your speech was beautiful, and just what I needed. Thank you for sharing such an effective yet simple way to stay “in spirit” I will practice this with gratitude. I found my first application to be amazing. I applied loving thoughts to a difficult, ego driven legal battle going on in my life ( I have sent many prayer requests through your website regarding this ). As I practiced loving thoughts towards the judge, the attorneys, I saw the separation felt a shift in energy and such peace. Thank you, God bless you!
    Lyn Wilson

  • Simon

    I have read this massage again and it has blessed me again, how could i thank you Candice, you are used of God just to bring me to this new revelation. God bless you Candice.

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    thanks, Simon. you can thank me by being the Holy Spirit! 🙂

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    wow, that’s wonderful! here’s praying for a miracle.

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    thank you, Simon. so glad today is your day!

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    wow, Anna, what an amazing job you are doing. i’m so glad you can hear the Holy Spirit’s loving guidance. The Holy Spirit wants nothing more than to walk with you and talk with you. indeed, the Holy Spirit will see you through.

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    thank you! so grateful that your heart is singing…

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    thanks, Wendy
    start by trusting the Holy Spirit and the rest will happen naturally

  • Emily

    Thank you for the message, giving us a simple practice for deepening into Atonement. I love its simplicity and applicability. Thank you for explaining it so well.

  • ChristopherMeachamPhD

    This is a message that is encouraging and so hopeful. Thank You.

    Chris Meacham, Cincinnati

  • Joiceflorence

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  • Agnesngetha

    The Holy Spirit he is a our true friend when you surrender all to Him, He will guide you, direct you,empower you and also show you how to love any howly to love also your enemies and to pray for them,you will not struggle in every area of your life,because He is our Helper and our intercessor He intercede for for us with groaning that can not be Uttered.God bless you.

  • Beautiful, Candace. Much love, my sister, and it was ONEderful joining with you in San Francisco. ~ Lisa Trevino

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