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Creative Questions (Good-bye Affirmations)

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Monica GaraycoecheaHi, DavidPaul Doyle here. As a longtime practitioner and admirer of the Work of Byron Katie, I’ve always believed that curiosity was a quality of Being, one of the many qualities available to us for developing a holy relationship with our thoughts. Recently my friend, Dr. Monica Garaycoechea, sent me an article on creative questioning that I wanted to share with you. It may just open a door within you…

“Creative QUESTIONS: The New ‘Feminine Way of Thinking’ …(Good-bye Affirmations)

You have probably heard that your thoughts are responsible for your experiences. I have spent many years working with affirmations, focusing on changing the way my mind or my thinking is programmed. After the exciting discovery of my personal, True Essence, I understood how important it was to align my mind with my True Nature. For example, it is one thing to ‘Know’ from experience that I am One with everything; that I am One with Love or Beauty. It is another thing to move my mind to become habituated to think Love or Beauty, Freedom or Oneness.

To wake up from a consciousness of powerlessness, failure and scarcity can be a one-second process or realization, but to overcome the identification our minds have with scarcity and separation is a huge awakening process!

I felt very empowered the day I discovered Affirmations and thought I could change anything! After many years of writing them in journals, posting them on the bathroom mirror, carrying them in my pocket, etc. – I can honestly tell you that I gave up. I was left with a deep feeling of frustration and disappointment that I was not disciplined enough or intelligent enough to do what other people were so successful at doing. What was wrong with me?

As you know there are no accidents in life. In 2001, my beloved life partner came to me shared a deep realization that questions would stimulate creativity in a way affirmations can’t.

By then, I was very tired of the ‘mind thing’. I wanted to focus more on getting RID of the mind. I wanted to simply wake up spiritually. I discovered that questions are the expression of our curiosity and that Curiosity is a quality of our True Nature which is always evolving and always creative. I discovered that QUESTIONS would open us in a way that ANSWERS never would.

The difference is ‘linear thinking’ vs. ‘feminine thinking’. Linear thinking is based on statements and affirmations or declarations. It affirms that which already is, period! There is no embodiment in an affirmation. We all know that we need to believe in and ATTEMPT to feel our affirmations in order to create what we are supposedly affirming. It can be frustrating because to believe something (when your mind is addicted to believing in the opposite) is not an easy transformation.

After having encountered the aliveness and innate create-ivity of Creative Questions, I can say that linear thinking is like dead thinking vs. QUESTIONS, which activate your mind’s Creative Power! You tickle Consciousness and open the door to your unlimited potential and unlimited responses! With Creative Questions you will experience and understand how your left (linear thinking) and right (intuition-feeling-connection) sides of your brain are working together.”

About Dr. Monica Garaycoechea

Dr. Monica Garaycoechea is the teacher and coach of the “Feminine Way” She supports women to “Discover their True-Self, Liberate their Shadow-Self and Enjoy their Creative-Self” while respecting their Feminine Essence and trusting their Masculine qualities, so they can naturally radiate their inner Beauty, Light and Love to their world. She inspires and empowers women to open their hearts and have a true happy, passionate, fulfilling life and relationship with themselves and partner based on authentic attraction, trust and growth.

Monica Garaycoechea, MD
Coaching The Feminine Way Founder
Creative Questions Co-creator

(USA) 1 – 772 233 6971

PS: You can purchase Dr. Monica’s Creative Question Cards at http://bit.ly/QuestionCards

  • Ednajanepoole

    I believe to a certain extent what you say. But it sounds so tedious.
    I remember coming too a place where it seemed an endless task.
    I sat down and cried with the hopelessness of changing myself so completly
    I found it easier as i learned to see the voices within me that cared about all life
    When you find the Love that comes out from within you, you have no true need for what the world calls education
    for you have found what you were searching for since the beginning of time
    The only thing left to do is to share that with others until only Heaven remains The journey for me has had some guidelines I was given at the time of asking God to let me cease this unbearable living to let me die there was no death except as a Change from physical to spiritual from mortal to immortal from death to life all this happened in a instant but learning to listen only to myself has taken me as long as it took me to reach a place of death I started off quite simply to search for myself
    but like all others i looked outside myself
    when I was here within all the time

    Remember the song
    I overlooked an orchid while searching for a rose isn't that delicious you are what you search for.
    You are an educator because you are drawing the Essense from another out to meet and communicte and recognize SELF
    We see examples of this manifesting in consciousness autism is not a disease it is an example we are all autistic to one degree or another it appears in an child as a inability to communicate easily who they are or who you are
    they appear to be partly sleeping and unaware of the outside world although it is the extreme example of part of themselves or how they think of themselves as separate from what they think and separate from others
    Inside/within your self is the Kingdom find the kingdom and all else will come along with it