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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Coping With Separation

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Rose: “My husband and I have separated. We have a 3-month-old daughter. He suffers from anxiety and rejection issues that he refuses to be treated for. I get a lot of mixed signals from him as to whether he is coming back. I pray for his healing each day. Now he says he is having dreams, visions and seeing apparitions that are signs from God. I feel that God is dealing with him. Is our marriage over?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, we want to reassure you that the love that you are is never diminished by your experiences in the field of life on earth. Your love for your husband and child is forever real because it comes from who and what you are.

“Yet it is important at this time for you to realize that the version of life which your husband perceives is indeed configured by his own makeup and history. It can never be controlled or fixed by another from within individual perspectives. As you respect yourself and the love that you are, in spite of the most severe challenges you face within your own view of life, also respect your husband’s true reality. With that in mind, anyone who opens themselves to the practice of inner guidance can turn the direction of many individually held views of life toward the awareness of our mutual love and creativity.

“While you cannot step into the world your husband has configured for himself, you can know his infinite worth as the creator of his own world, as well as part of us. While his fabrications may prevent him from having effective communication with others at the level of his worldly interactions and yours, that does not diminish his reality as God’s child.

“We ask this of you. For now, allow your love to shelter yourself, your child, and ultimately your husband, by seeking assistance yourself. You cannot force him to take this step, but you can take it for yourself. We will guide you through this extension of love, both through your own inner heart and the hearts and minds of professional counselors. Our helping-hand is free to you through many sources.

“Take time to feel our love and let it be your guide. What becomes of your marriage is up to you. Yet wisdom and guidance in that respect will unfold in time, as it becomes unlocked in your heart and you become aware of where your true capabilities and perspectives lie. Though you are eternally safe in spite of life’s challenges, it is helpful to be able to feel that safety and know its source within you. We can tell you of this inner love and balanced perspective, but it is up to you to really know of it by allowing yourself to experience it, to feel its tenderness within.

“We love and respect you as you journey your chosen path through life. Our guidance is twofold at this time and more will unfold for you as you move to choose it. Seek our help through others, through whom we can and will reach out to you. Build your own inner practice to feel the love that you are and the loving perspective inherent in that awareness.

“We love and respect you. You are eternally precious to us, and we welcome this chance to connect with you at a real level as you increase your ability to apply your divine perspective to the problems of your world.”