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“American Idol” for Authors!


Check this out. This is cool….

You know about my upcoming book, When God Spoke to Me, coming out this March 17, right? Well, the buzz about it is building and spreading, and out of the blue yesterday, I got a call from rockstar promoter Robert Evans who happened to be in Ashland Oregon where I live. Robert said he wanted to take me out to dinner to talk to me about a cool project he’s working on.

While we were out, he told me about this program that he and New York Times best-selling author James Twyman have put together, and it sounds really cool. I wanted to share it with you right away. As it turns out, Robert and James asked if I would be willing to be one of the judges for the competition! Pretty neat hah? I can’t wait! So read below to learn more about it. Robert told me about all of the incredibly valuable things people are going to learn and get as part of this opportunity. I was so inspired by what he said, I’ve decided to create some of my own training videos for all of the participants as well. If you’re an aspiring writer, I hope you go for it! It’s a great opportunity.

Are YOU The Next Top Spiritual Author?

It’s time to find out….

Best selling author James Twyman and the creator of the Messenger Mini-Book Concept, Robert Evans, have created an amazing program for spiritual authors. It gives every day people the chance to win a book contract from one of the top spiritual publishers and learn all the steps necessary to present your book to a publisher.

The Next Top Spiritual Author is a competition to find the next amazing spiritual message to publish and share with the world. Here are some of the details:

  • Anyone who has a message they believe will make a great spiritual book can join this competition 
  • If you have already written a book, then this is ideal for you. If you haven’t written a book yet but have a message, then this too is also ideal for you 
  • The winner of the competition will receive a book contract from a leading spiritual publisher – Hampton Roads Publishing. 
  • The winner will also receive a promotional package worth $50,000to use to sell their book once it is published 
  • The three runner ups will have their book presented to other publishers by James Twymanusing his experience and connections in this industry 
  • You can choose an optional 8-month course that will guide you through the publishing world process and give you suggestions from experts in the industry, through each round of the competition, from best selling authors, publishers, agents and marketers.

The Next Top Spiritual Author competition is now ready to receive author sign ups. If you are interested in becoming the Next Top Spiritual Author, click the link below to learn more..


  • Robyn M Speed

    I will be participating in the competition and would really like see the training videos you are thinking of doing for participants.
    (Keep an eye out for me! Robyn M Speed, I will be submitting 'Dimension's Doorway'.)

  • I am also entering this contest. I am so excited to think that the message I have can be brought to the whole world. I will look out for Dimension's Doorway, you look out for Rebecca Anne, title to come in the Next Top Spiritual Author.

  • Robyn. You will be given access to the training videos as part of the program, so stay tuned! http://budurl.com/wdkl

  • Robyn. You will be given access to the training videos as part of the program, so stay tuned! http://budurl.com/wdkl

  • I'm all set for the competition. Well almost… but I'm ready to have fun with this! Looking forward to connecting with everyone.