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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

A New Year’s Resolution from Holy Spirit


With a new year come new resolutions to change and better ourselves. Yet we more often fall short of those resolutions than fulfill them. So I asked Holy Spirit, how can I love myself when I’m not meeting any of my expectations? Here is the message I received:

“Dearest One, you are eternally loved and precious in My eyes.

“Just rest in that thought. You are loved without condition — whether you do anything at all, much less whether you ‘get it right.’ You may be encountering a period of frustration right now, dashed hopes and unmet expectations of yourself and others, and so you are feeling discouraged and unhappy with yourself.

“Remember this: each day you set high goals for your being and doing. You make the intention to be tolerant, compassionate, and accepting, to complete this task or that task. Your intentions are pure and your efforts are in earnest, yet you lose steam when you begin to judge yourself as not enough — not good enough, not quick enough, not productive enough, not successful enough.

“Enough, My child! Right now, be still. Slow down and take three deep breaths. Appreciate your very being. You are the child of the Most High God; you are The Beloved. If you could only see yourself as I see you! Savor the good in your being and doing, in your wanting and hoping and dreaming. Reconsider how quick you are to judge yourself against some arbitrary measuring stick, your A-B-C-D-E grading system, your pass-or-fail, black-or-white thinking.

“Imagine yourself as your own beloved child, one you wish to gather up in your arms, hold close and love dearly. That child need not do anything. That child is heart of your heart. That child is a gift of the Universe. And you are the steward who cares for that child, as your gift to the Universe.

“Consider how beautiful, good and precious that child is.

“Now, remember that feeling — the warmth, depth, breadth, and peace of it. Your love for that child is the same unqualified love you can have for yourself at any moment, on your good and not so good days. Be still and be with the image, idea and feeling of that wonderful child. Be still and know the truth. Beam with the joy this child within gives you every day of your life. Rejoice in the beauty, innocence, and yearning of that child. That beloved child is You.

“Remember this loving moment and return to this feeling and image of holding your beloved child whenever you are tempted to disapprove of yourself. Ease your mind. Relax your hold on having to judge. Release that tension. Revel in the delight you, yourself, are in the world just by being yourself. If that’s a stretch now, consider someone you love and recall the delight you feel when you are with them. Over time you will grow to enjoy that delight in your own being.

“Put away the measuring stick and punishing rod. Embrace yourself. Comfort yourself. And as you love yourself more easily and deeply, you will love Me and others more easily and deeply as well.”

  • Klange

    Where is JESUS CHRIST in all of this?

  • Carolyn

    Thank you for this is just what i needed to hear. your friend Carolyn

  • Kellersheba

    Wonderful message. Much too much, we are so quick to judge ourself harshly. We are our own worst enemy. We need to tell ourselves, remind ourselves of the very special beings we are and get conected with Our Loving source, our Jesus!

  • Five27

    Is this woman allowed to speak to Jesus only!

  • Our work is not focused on Jesus. It’s focused on helping people to hear the Holy Spirit within them, the Voice of God within all of us. We all have the ability to hear that Voice within, just as Jesus demonstrated. That is the purpose of our work.

  • Johnnie

    That was awesome and timely.  At a time when there is so much on my plate to fulfill, yet my plate is a long way from being balanced or partially full.  I know God has purpose for me, why else would I be here, and why would he plant the seeds that he has within the heart I’ve been so graciously given. Thank you for your ministry and filling your plate.  God bless

  • Eva Lisle

    Thanks Mimi, a beautiful reminder to start our new year.

  • Naisorotabua_m

    Thanks for initiating my new year with a spiritual and healing message. Hoping to hear more from you.

  • When Jesus ascended, He said he was going to send us the Holy Spirit to counsel, guide, comfort and live within us. The Holy Spirit is the most precious spiritual gift and reception of the Spirit of God empowers, enlivens and fills us with the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, patience, faith and self-mastery. See John 14: 15-28; John 16:5-7

  • April


  • Helma

    thank you ….. just what l needed to hear and to stop my tears……Helma

  • Joanmolly

    thank you, it is very encouraging indeed

  • Rajujohn

    thank u n god bless

  • Jarinsens

    Thank you so much. It encourages me for New Year.  It is impossible to love others without loving ourselves. How we give love others if we refuse the Love from God.

  • Wigginse25

     Words are inadequate to express how profound and beautiful the words you wrote here are, and how encouraging! bless you, may the Holy Spirit continue to  use you and work through you in may wonderful ways.

  • Asq_1973

    . Appreciate your very being. You are the child of the Most High God; you are The Beloved. If you could only see yourself as I see you!!!

    wow! what a wonderful message.

    thanks and God bless…

  • Mimi Ruth

    This is my view, Klange:  Jesus is in your heart and mine as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. As both Divine and human He provides the Light of how we are to be in the world–one with the Father, mindful of the truth and power of the resurrection, willing to take up the cross of what is ours to be and do in the world, and then ready to celebrate the victory of eternal love and transcendence to eternal life.  He is the example of the perfection of the Beloved and leads by His example.

  • Anonymous

    I’m very grateful for your comments.  Led by the Spirit, your sharing and questions remind me of the grace and blessings of building community.  I needed this message from Holy Spirit.  So I asked and received–then shared.  Your investment of time and effort in commenting and asking questions are affirming.  I learn from them.  They remind me of the Scripture, “See how they love one another.  Much love and courage to you all, Mimi

  • Hi its wonderful what the Holy Spirit is doing around the globe. In fact the Holy Spirit is God so just as God the father loves us, so also is the Holy Spirit, loves us. We are living in the time of the Holy Spirit, who also is living in us. Just as our Lord Jesus said when he the Holy Spirit of truth comes he will lead us into all the truth. Thank you very much for your massage. Have a blessed New year,   

  • fwy

    Thank you. I had alot to do but no resources are available for me right now.  I will just pray & wait for God to stir me to where I am suppose to go to….

  • Sonya66ear

    Thank you for your testimony…for the lord has shown me the things I need to do for this year and I ask for prayers from all that I will do what is in god’s will…!!:-) GLORY TO OUR AWESOMEST GOD!!!

  • Yafa

    Thank you darling for this very useful, simple and authentic message.
    May you be Blessed.

  • Thank you Mimi for this beautiful rimander:-) With love Kris