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A Message on Mother’s Birthday


This month I am remembering my Mother’s birthday, August 18. Mother died last January and this is the first birthday without her. I was at her side when she passed, which didn’t feel like a death, but more like she was birthed into eternity. I asked the Holy Spirit for a special message about her, and this is what I received:

Precious Most Holy Child,
Greetings and blessings on this day of remembering Carolyn Constance.
She is well, you know.
She is immensely happy, full of life and vigor.
She knows of your minister qualification and is most delighted.
She says that is what she always thought of you, “The Littlest Minister”-
Even when you were a child you ministered to the sick and poor and starved of Spirit.
You never stopped, with all around you.
What you had to learn to do was minister unto thy self:
Listen; honor; be guided by; adore; treasure; be with;
Share; speak; voice; undoing the cluster of thoughts that spoke so fiercely of ‘sacrifice is the way to salvation.’
You always thought your Mother taught you, but it was you who led your Mother
in loving guidance to the freedom of trust and joy of her Holy Spirit as she was loosed from her body.
Without your calm assurance and steady love being voiced again and again,
She could not have let go – she was SO ready and SO desiring but a toe-hold kept her in place until
You joined with her fully where she was and set her free.

Precious One,
You are just making real in your own awareness that no one, indeed, is left out of God’s plan
For salvation of happiness – you can appear to be left out only when you have left your own self out of the equation.
These past years you have been steadily adding to your awareness of your own holiness.
In learning to write and speak consciously from your Holy Spirit you have ceased the subtracting from
Your awareness in making God an altar in an OTHER.
In this way you can join easily and with complete and prick-free trust.
You do know who you are.
God is but the name you have used, along with your brothers, to mystify the Presence.
This is perfectly okay for it allowed you to truly honor, believe, trust and cherish the Presence
before you could allow yourself to remember it is your very own Presence.

Be glad today as you remember what your Mother represents in you.
She was that part of you so loving and honoring and worshipping of the Presence of God,
She taught the essence of honor, respect and cherish.
It was your complete joining that allowed the honoring of the Presence to be brought
Home to your one Heart.

Amen & Selah.

  • Eva, I just love this message. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

  • Gail Gallagher

    Thank you, Eva, for seeking God’s Voice in your life. Beautiful!

  • Laura James Johnson

    Wow! Thank you so much for this beautiful message. I loved it.

  • Rizwan Rahmat

    Dear pastor thank you for sending me such a nice message

  • gloria

    What a wonderful message. When my mother passed I also wanted her to be with the one she loved most and now she is… I can’t wait till I also am in the Lords world of peace and love.

  • MaryK

    August 26th, today is my Mother’s birthday she would have been 77. She left earth and joined our Father in Heaven October 3, 2007, and every year I still wish her a Happy Birthday and everyday a little memory of something here or there will pop up. I am so happy that  I know she will remain in my daily life and my thoughts. I know that she is in THEE most wonderful, glorious place ever and I am so happy that she is no longer suffering, but every now and then I just wish I could just pick up that phone dial her number and hear her voice because although her image is clear and memories are clear, I’m 46 and I can’t stand that I’m losing the sound of my mom telling me she loves me and that I’ll be okay and I really miss her hugs and kisses. I love you so much Moma ~ Happy birthday from your daughter PS. thank you for loving me so well.

  • Delphinechisulo

    My mother passed on when I was 6 and I cant remember heow she she used to look coz there are no photos of her around, but I lawys remeber, her birthday and wish she is hearing up there but still have hope that we will meet again and I will see her face

  • Tania

    My mother and I had a very rocky relationship for many many years but I asked God to give me a deep abiding love for her and he did. I am so happy because when she passed away two yrs. ago we were both in a right place with one another because we both forgave some yrs. before. In fact I wasn’t sure that I could go on without her. But God in his wisdom gave me his grace.

  • Orithea

    HS had me read this, it brought tears to my eyes, (joyful) thank you